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Easy Sudoku for 2/January/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Now a very Happy New Year to everybody!
02/Jan/19 12:00 AM
1:56. Happy New Year Wolf, and to all who follow!
02/Jan/19 12:34 AM
Good Maen, good people.
Happy Birthday, Danstell!
Happy New Year.
02/Jan/19 1:29 AM
and all.
02/Jan/19 1:44 AM
all. to us topsiders! I can't wait for tomorrow. Our a/c has been broken for a week and is being replaced tomorrow. We've been setting high temp records with extremely high humidity. I know, I know. We come south to get away from the snow, ice & More...
02/Jan/19 2:35 AM
Evidently, my fat bat indulged a little too much over the holidays. His New Year's resolution is to lose some of that extra weight. It may take awhile.
02/Jan/19 2:45 AM
I'm with you, Snowbird. I don't like heat and humidity but can handle it except at night when trying to sleep.
02/Jan/19 2:50 AM
I mentioned that my family was coming to dinner on Sunday. They brought a surprise with them. It seems they have a new puppy to add to their zoo.
So new, in fact, that he didn't have a name yet. They had a list of possibilities and I got to pick his forever name! I was holding the little fur More...
02/Jan/19 2:59 AM
Okay, there are a few photos of him on my page.
I have never known a Corgi before. I can see why Queen Elizabeth is such a fan.
02/Jan/19 3:10 AM
02/Jan/19 3:27 AM
Wellll....Sunny on the inside???
Hope your's is for real!
02/Jan/19 3:52 AM
02/Jan/19 4:13 AM
to all.
02/Jan/19 5:21 AM
Once again,
02/Jan/19 5:22 AM
Snowbird, the humidity was the main reason I could not wait to move from Florida, 5 years was more than enough for me.
02/Jan/19 5:23 AM
That was 15 years, not 5.
02/Jan/19 5:24 AM
Today is my BIL birthday, we are the same age for 6 months
02/Jan/19 5:25 AM
Very sad news for Harry and I, a military friend of over 40 years passed this morning. RIP Mary
02/Jan/19 5:28 AM
Time to go to a Birthday party!!! to BIL
02/Jan/19 5:30 AM
everyone! Eileen for a lovely photo .
02/Jan/19 5:43 AM
Morning all, topsiders.
We spent the day with David and his family for BBQ like we normally do only this time he finally realised just how much Narrelle did to to prepare for the day. He ended up asking for help with salads that we were happy to take with us.
02/Jan/19 5:49 AM
Happy New Year.
It's been a while, but we've moved to northern New Hampshire in retirement. Many adventures, including getting chased by wildfires, the toal eclipse of 2018, a fractured right fibula in a freak hiking accident, and learning a bit about astrophotography.
02/Jan/19 6:06 AM
2.04/ Welcome back Jiminoregon. Happy new year!!
02/Jan/19 6:27 AM

In honor of the New Day in the New Year -

(lyrics from a favorite tune)

Rise up this mornin',
Smiled with the risin' sun,
Three little birds
Perch by my doorstep
Singin' sweet songs
Of melodies pure and true,
Sayin', ('This is my message to More...
02/Jan/19 6:52 AM
Happy New Year to JimnolongerinOregon and everyone else, too.
02/Jan/19 7:14 AM
Well sort of. New Year joy has been tainted ever since ESPN stole my Rose Bowl. The Rose Bowl was the only game I never missed.
02/Jan/19 7:24 AM
Happy New Year to every one, may this year be the best for all of you.
Thank you very much for your Birthday wishes. it's been very good start for me....
02/Jan/19 8:05 AM
thank you devilorangel for the tune... worries are always different when I look at it from a different angle! Be happy all....
02/Jan/19 8:21 AM

This is one beautiful voice singing Auld Lang Syne...

02/Jan/19 9:03 AM
'Bout time for dinner - Ham, black-eyed peas and collards, with corn bread and wine.
02/Jan/19 9:30 AM
Forgot to time the puzzle twice!! I am rusty no doubt.
02/Jan/19 10:08 AM
🙋🏼good maEn and Happy 2019. We had an early surprise on the 31stn - Juliana came into this world a kicking and a screaming - she wasn't due for another week. I'm a 'great' aunt once again !
02/Jan/19 10:15 AM
I've no idea what you're eating Hal but I hope you enjoy(ed) it.....I understood the ham and the wine bits....the rest....huh?
02/Jan/19 10:23 AM
I'm late but I'll have a Boags anyway.
02/Jan/19 10:24 AM
Batty, Tucker in Aus is food.....ya cudda called him dishlicker!
02/Jan/19 10:26 AM
Happy New Year everyone. No heat and humidity here - only fog and frost!! Due some sunshine tomorrow, but a nasty Northerly wind... Hope 2019 is a really good year for you all. x
02/Jan/19 10:26 AM
Bet you understood the 'wine' part also, Peter.
02/Jan/19 10:39 AM
I must Say I entirely agree with Peter, even down to the wine Black eyed peas keep coming up in these pages and although I have heard of black eyed Susans that probably doesn't have any connection to the black eyed peas.
02/Jan/19 10:47 AM
It is great to see so many people who used to be regulars on this site, posting again. I am particularly glad to see that Bean from Melbourne where I lived for 35 years back. We see Jeb, Cynb and Pam occasionally, but not enough.
02/Jan/19 10:53 AM
Are there any 'licenced' page turners around or should I just go ahead and move on to page 2.
02/Jan/19 10:56 AM
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