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Easy Sudoku for 2/October/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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02/Oct/18 12:00 AM
Is that the gum tree in the background?

02/Oct/18 12:33 AM
Wish I had such a wonderful view from my balcony!
02/Oct/18 12:42 AM
Now the kookaburra song is going through my head.
02/Oct/18 12:59 AM
That's more appropriate than the sun. It is definitely not sunny here today.
02/Oct/18 1:00 AM
Everybody!! Played in four cribbage tourneys this last weekend. Ugh! Cards were really bad! Oh well, maybe I will do better in tourney next Saturday.
02/Oct/18 1:05 AM
Not a shadow in sight.
Hope your day is full of reflections of sunlight!
02/Oct/18 1:21 AM
2:10. Good Morning!
02/Oct/18 1:22 AM
(Saved for Shosho's great thoughts!)
02/Oct/18 1:22 AM
Tried, anyway!
Hello, Tom!
02/Oct/18 1:24 AM
Good cribbing to you Denny.
02/Oct/18 1:27 AM
It must be October!
The heat has finally been turned on this morning. It has been running about 62 F (16 C) degrees in our house for several days.
02/Oct/18 1:27 AM
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
02/Oct/18 1:31 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!!!
02/Oct/18 1:32 AM
Oh no, Joe and Serena! Now I've got the darn earworm in my head!!! And yesterday, I saw Dr Who with the 11th Doctor (David Tennant) where the alien possessed girl sang that song to get herself in control!
02/Oct/18 1:36 AM
A day off during the week to make up for working the weekend. Of course, there never really is such a thing as a day off!
02/Oct/18 2:09 AM
Those Kookaburras sure are cute! Wish we had some here.
02/Oct/18 3:15 AM
Hello to all who have preceded me & good wishes to those following along!
02/Oct/18 3:48 AM
02/Oct/18 4:09 AM
02/Oct/18 4:09 AM
02/Oct/18 4:20 AM
Hello Keith!
02/Oct/18 4:24 AM
The birds turn their backs to that lovely view!
02/Oct/18 4:24 AM
Good mAen, good people. Our home is host to a flurry of varied activity. Great things are being accomplished ... except, it seems, by me. I am attempting great things but it's been more like trying to spin straw into gold without what's-his-name's magic touch. I'm a bit frustrated but I think I More...
02/Oct/18 5:07 AM
Holy Cow! Are my eyes deceiving me? Did Serena post a comment???
02/Oct/18 5:12 AM
I now have fast as lightning internet speed! I was so used to elevating my blood pressure while sitting at my computer, with the vast improvement, I am calm and somewhat giddy with pleasure. Happy dance!
02/Oct/18 5:17 AM
Morning all,those kookaburras are waiting to see what food is being offered for breakfast.
02/Oct/18 6:15 AM
Tami !
Jyrki !
02/Oct/18 6:17 AM
Kathy - I'm hoping I get the promised lightning fast internet SOON! It just took me hours to get two documents and four photos sent. Yes, the photos were a humungous file size, but that's the point since they are to be published.
02/Oct/18 6:43 AM
Thanks, Amelia, for bringing my attention back to the important things, like birthdays! Have happy celebrations, Jyrki and Tami!!
02/Oct/18 6:45 AM
1:59, made a silly mistake and needed to backtrack. Good morning everyone.
02/Oct/18 7:26 AM
02/Oct/18 7:31 AM
Time to jump in and claim a beer. Carlton Light would be good, but Hal's Flat Tyre sounds fascinating.
02/Oct/18 9:59 AM
All well and good, Wombat. But it's Fat (not Flat) Tire (not Tyre).

The name comes from the earlier days of bicycles, when the tires (not tyres) were over twice the size of today's tires (not tyres).
02/Oct/18 10:25 AM
See: https://www.newbelgium.com/beer/fat-tire
02/Oct/18 10:28 AM
2:10 Good morning all! I have my granddaughter, her partner and my Great-grandson staying with me. He is so cute.
02/Oct/18 10:41 AM
Hi, Anne.
02/Oct/18 12:08 PM
Hmmm, 'bout time to...
02/Oct/18 12:09 PM
02/Oct/18 12:10 PM
the page.
02/Oct/18 12:10 PM
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