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Easy Sudoku for 2/November/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi all! Had a nice birthday yesterday! Thanks!!
02/Nov/18 12:00 AM
02/Nov/18 12:04 AM
Wolf & HalT... and everyone!
Overcast - again!
Hope someone brings sunshine into your life today! If not, take some into someone else's!
02/Nov/18 12:12 AM
02/Nov/18 12:15 AM
1:45. Good Morning, everyone.
02/Nov/18 12:42 AM
everybody. And goodnight all
02/Nov/18 1:02 AM
02/Nov/18 2:10 AM
02/Nov/18 2:10 AM
02/Nov/18 2:13 AM
Good morning all. Perfectly dreary day to day.
02/Nov/18 2:36 AM
Slow today. Interrupted by an 800 call from 'Microsoft Refund Dept.' Yeah, right!!! Cannot believe the number of scam calls we are getting. Probably 3-5 for every legit one.
I hang up quik.
02/Nov/18 2:37 AM
Better a Wallaby in the grass than a Snake in the grass...
02/Nov/18 5:00 AM
Morning. Hope everybody survived Halloween.
02/Nov/18 5:05 AM
Happy ''pre-Birthday'' to Jiminoregon.
02/Nov/18 5:07 AM
1:41, not with it this morning... Hi everyone.
02/Nov/18 6:23 AM
02/Nov/18 6:25 AM
Morning all,the Wallaby is watching you,Vici.
We are expecting a hot day but have cloud cover at the moment. Hope it stays that for a while.
02/Nov/18 6:40 AM
Jiminoregon .
02/Nov/18 6:42 AM
Good Morning everyone! I am enjoying the morning cool!
Happy Birthday Jim!
02/Nov/18 7:14 AM
Good mAen, good people.
02/Nov/18 8:04 AM
I wasn't going to post more than that ^ BUT, seeing as how we're SO close to 22 ...
02/Nov/18 8:05 AM
I may as well try for it.
02/Nov/18 8:06 AM
Well, claiming 22 was easier than today's Easy which I did 9->7 then when 6 wasn't a straightforward complete solve I dropped back to 1->6.
02/Nov/18 8:13 AM
Evidently no one else is around, so I'll take my cp and be on my way. I hope Jiminoregon (or perhaps Arizona by now) stops in to enjoy his birthday greetings.
02/Nov/18 8:15 AM
I really like that wallaby in the grass photo - as if he is considering himself concealed - haha!
02/Nov/18 1:06 PM
Our sunshine has disappeared... & we're beginning to think it may never appear again! This must be the 3rd week of non-stop rain; it's mighty tiresome too!
02/Nov/18 1:09 PM
I lived on Phillip Island as a boy! Lots of koalas then, fairy penguins and plenty of snakes. Life was OK then.
02/Nov/18 2:53 PM
'Wiki', in the Phillip Island 'wildlife' section, doesn't mention snakes. Wonder why...
02/Nov/18 6:33 PM
Plenty of tigers and browns, DoA.
02/Nov/18 8:32 PM
To Denny from Napa Valley and all others who may have the same problem with incoming calls: I used to have that problem also until I learned about call blocking. I my area, simply by dialing *61 the latest incoming number is added to a list of blocked numbers and you will never hear from them again.
02/Nov/18 11:06 PM
Similar here DotCom. My phone was a work phone, I've had it for many years, I blocked many numbers. Since I retired I cleared out all work related numbers, now I have more blocked numbers than contact numbers
02/Nov/18 11:35 PM
My phone was a iPhone 4 one of the first and I still have it. My son keeps saying I need to update it, I say why it's a perfectly good phone. I have a computer & iPad to use Google & YouTube
02/Nov/18 11:43 PM
And now I'll have a VB as a nightcap Cheers and goodnight
02/Nov/18 11:44 PM
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