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Easy Sudoku for 2/April/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen. Okay, Heidi, now you can wear a K and not show preference.

Oh, shazbot.....life changes an hour later now.....and I have to wait.....

02/Apr/12 12:00 AM
G'day mates, here's today's daffynition:
n. The price after sundown.

I also want to thank the following for all the lovely birthday wishes I received: Vici,

Karen, Sarah Beth, Jerry, HalT, Sue, Heidi, Kathy (V), June, Linda, Canuk Greg, shosho,

mymare, More...
02/Apr/12 12:00 AM
02/Apr/12 12:00 AM
Good morning. Pretty mauve flowers
02/Apr/12 12:01 AM
Good morning people of the world.
02/Apr/12 12:14 AM
National Fun Day
International Tongue Twister Day
April Fool's Day
02/Apr/12 12:16 AM
02/Apr/12 12:21 AM
Good morning.
02/Apr/12 12:24 AM
I have more time today to get on the pooter here at work.
02/Apr/12 12:25 AM
The daffynitions for ladies should be ready in two more days. Stay tuned.

To celebrate Tongue Twister Day, here's an old standby: "Who slit sheets with the sheet slitter's daughter, while the sheet slitter's daughter slit sheets?"
02/Apr/12 12:26 AM
Do you know all about April 1?

Yes, I'm fooly aware of it!
02/Apr/12 12:26 AM
Have been busy making some itinerary tweaks and booking a hotel or two for my North America trip.
02/Apr/12 12:26 AM
What's the difference between Thanksgiving and April Fool's Day?

On one you're thankful and on the other you're prankful!
02/Apr/12 12:27 AM
There's really only 2 sleeps to go.
02/Apr/12 12:27 AM
What monster plays the most April Fool's jokes?

02/Apr/12 12:28 AM
What do you get if you cross a dog with a prankster's holiday?

April Drool's Day!
02/Apr/12 12:28 AM
Why is everyone so tired on April 1?

Because they've just finished a long March!
02/Apr/12 12:28 AM
What would you get if you crossed Halloween with April 1?

April Ghoul's Day!
02/Apr/12 12:29 AM
What's the best day for monkey business?

The first of Ape-ril!
02/Apr/12 12:29 AM
Knock, knock!
Who's there?
Noah who?
Noah fooling this time . . . it's really me!
02/Apr/12 12:30 AM
02/Apr/12 12:39 AM

02/Apr/12 12:48 AM
Well, once again I didn't look at the number of comments.
02/Apr/12 12:50 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: "No siree"(Sir E is missing)

HalT, Shosho, Grass-hopper, and Plum get the coveted Bat Crown for their winning answers! Yessiree!
02/Apr/12 12:58 AM
I still can not delete any smilies. I sent an e-mail to Gath about that and my creepy message from whoever it was. I did not hear back and nothing was done about either. Has anyone actually heard back when they've sent a message to Gath, or whoever is in charge now? I certainly feel annoyed at being ignored.
02/Apr/12 1:03 AM
Well, Happy April Fools day to you too, Miss
02/Apr/12 1:04 AM
At any rate, until I can delete smilies,(whenever THAT may be), the Bat Crown, it is!
02/Apr/12 1:10 AM
Keith, that looks great! Good job! I truly didn't try to take your 22. I expect to see it in it's rightful place tomorrow!
02/Apr/12 1:12 AM
everyone. March Madness really gave us basketball fans a lot to talk about yesterday. It was probably pretty boring for others - sorry.

Keith - love your new cropped Matheny 22 Smiley! Have you had any luck trying to find a jersey with that number?

Baseball More...
02/Apr/12 1:14 AM
I'm not a big basketball fan, Kathy, but it was nice to have a blow-by-blow commentary and not have to turn on the TV.
02/Apr/12 1:17 AM
Kathy - do you get the feeling that maybe Gath is no longer the one overseeing this Sudoku site?

Fool - thanks for the cute April Fool's jokes. I will have to tell my grandson, Cool Sten, to come & read them today.
02/Apr/12 1:19 AM
Funny story about that. My assistant varsity baseball coach (I was the head coach) from the middle 70s had a cottage industry making personalized jerseys for local teams. I brought him a blank SF Giants T-shirt and asked him to make me one saying Matheny 22. He did, except he spelled it Matheney 22. Oops. We've only known each other for 30+ years ... couldn't expect him to have it memorized yet.
02/Apr/12 1:23 AM
Heidi did a great job with the running commentary. I was so nervous during the Kansas game I could barely type on my little Smartphone keyboard. I was also busy texting back & forth with my daughter Kyley who was 1 year old when we lived in Lawrence! Monday night is going to be even more nerve-wracking for us!!
02/Apr/12 1:24 AM
Missed by "that much".
02/Apr/12 1:27 AM
Maen all Y'all.
02/Apr/12 1:28 AM
Gath currently shows as logged into Facebook, so I sent him a chat message asking if he was paying attention, but he hasn't answered it yet ... so apparently, he isn't. I have not Sudoku emailed him recently, but expect I will be soon, so I'll let you know the outcome.
02/Apr/12 1:31 AM
Got so excited about Keith's "Matheny 22, I almost forgot!

Today's poozle:

Complete the words below using three consecutive letters in alphabetical order, e.g. _ _ A _ U S; add A B and C it would become ABACUS.

1. D O _ I _ _

2. _ R A _ I _

3. _ O U More...
02/Apr/12 1:32 AM
& I was just a tad too soon, Jerry.
02/Apr/12 1:32 AM
02/Apr/12 1:35 AM
02/Apr/12 1:36 AM
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