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Easy Sudoku for 2/April/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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02/Apr/15 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
02/Apr/15 12:01 AM
Another sunny, pollen full day here.
02/Apr/15 12:02 AM
Got my not-a-morning child up this morning and as she was going through her whine session I announced, 'No school today,' her whines instantly turned into squeals of glee. When the tone level came down, I then announced, 'April Fools.' I was rewarded with a look and a 'You are so not right, Mom.'
02/Apr/15 12:05 AM
The other girl seems to have a major enemy and it is effecting her head. So medicated her up and sent her out the door. Yesterday's allergens had the girl sent home from school, I am sure it will be a repeat today. You know for 5 years that child has been right beside me and all we had was running noses and the heart scare, send her off to school and we have had more than running noses.
02/Apr/15 12:08 AM
Another cloudy, pollen full day here. My blue car is yellow with pollen!
02/Apr/15 12:21 AM
That photo looks very much like the Kimberleys in West Oz.
Good night one and all!
02/Apr/15 1:04 AM
I'll take it from here, Anne! ... Good Morning one and all!
No pollen here yet, Wolf! Still too early for us!
02/Apr/15 1:18 AM
(Arrived right on Shosho's number!)
I'll save you a bit of luck, although I might use some of it myself first!
02/Apr/15 1:21 AM
, y'all! ...Good one Karen, at least they're still small enough that they wouldn't hurt you badly if they slugged you .
02/Apr/15 1:41 AM
I could relax there.
02/Apr/15 2:19 AM
Well, had to go to the school to pick up a child, for the second day in a row. Any suggestions, at this point to ease the child's pain, would be much appreciated. I have been doping her up on Benadryl, Tylenol and today, I gave her Claritin, but she is still complaining of a headache. For the More...
02/Apr/15 3:05 AM
Wolf, my blue vehicle is yellow too. Looks like it has been sitting up for years, untouched.
02/Apr/15 3:06 AM
Silvergal, I think I put my eldest in shock, because I was playing this morning and according to her I am way too serious in the morning and at bedtime. But I do keep my distant, because that look she gave me, hurt.
02/Apr/15 3:08 AM
April Fools stories that 'look real', but aren't.


02/Apr/15 3:10 AM
Happy April Fools day. Lynne and I don't prank each other. I appreciate that.
02/Apr/15 3:23 AM
02/Apr/15 3:36 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's flying your way!
02/Apr/15 3:37 AM
My students would always try to play an April Fools Day joke on me but golly their imagination is old and trite! I usually avoid their pranks because not only am I on the alert for it but it's usually the same pranks that last year's kids had played!
02/Apr/15 3:39 AM
Getting close to Keith's number so I'll move on to medium level and let him catch up!
02/Apr/15 3:40 AM
everyone. Do any of you drink Snapple iced tea? We drink a lot of it, especially the peach & raspberry flavors. They come in glass bottles with a metal cap. On the inside of the cap are printed 'Real Facts'. Some of them are quite interesting. The one I found yesterday was about More...
02/Apr/15 3:43 AM
Oh what the heck.....
02/Apr/15 3:43 AM
02/Apr/15 3:46 AM
Got here just too late to help Kathy and shosho.
02/Apr/15 3:47 AM
02/Apr/15 3:56 AM
My cousin passed away this morning. I am glad that he is no longer in pain and suffering.
02/Apr/15 3:57 AM
Karen, I hope your little precious gets to feeling better. And I hope the other one forgives you!
02/Apr/15 3:59 AM
Sarah Beth, may your cousin rest in peace.
02/Apr/15 4:18 AM
Morning all,a peaceful picture to start the day.
02/Apr/15 5:17 AM
So sorry for your loss,Sarah Beth.💐
02/Apr/15 5:19 AM
A River Somewhere.
02/Apr/15 5:30 AM
Birthday wishes go to K(Brissie) ,Judy and Sarah.🎂🎂🎂
02/Apr/15 5:30 AM
May your cousin Rest in Peace, Sarah Beth. I'm glad the pain is over and he's no longer suffering.
02/Apr/15 5:50 AM

My crocuses started to bloom today. And tulips and daffodils are popping through the ground. Maybe Spring will actually arrive! It's supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow, but then chance of snow the following day.
02/Apr/15 6:19 AM
Sarah - My condolences go out to you and your family on your cousin's passing. But as you said, he's no longer in pain. Hugs to you.
02/Apr/15 6:20 AM
Sarah, prayers of grace and comfort as memories fill the empty spot left by your cousin's passing. I'm sorry for your loss.
02/Apr/15 6:27 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
02/Apr/15 6:57 AM
Good morning folks! Hope you all have a great day.
02/Apr/15 7:30 AM
Looks like I'm back just in time.
02/Apr/15 8:04 AM
02/Apr/15 8:04 AM
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