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Easy Sudoku for 2/June/2012


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G'day mates, here's today's medical daffynition:
Fibula: n. A small lie.

Shiela, Vici & Kathy - I'm pleased that you're enjoying these.
02/Jun/12 12:00 AM
NO today.
Rain, rain... don't go away! We need it!
02/Jun/12 12:01 AM
Kayo, it's a great way to start the day... with a laugh!
02/Jun/12 12:02 AM
Good morning people of the world.
02/Jun/12 12:09 AM
Donut Day
Go Barefoot Day
02/Jun/12 12:13 AM
Today is a big day for our family, MIL's retirement party.
Just got off the phone with her and she says she is so nervous she thinks she is going to be sick. In the next breath, she said, she is taking off at 11, so she can go get her hair done, so she looks nice for her party.
02/Jun/12 12:15 AM
Another biggie, for me. A year ago, I had my head worked on and everything turned out normal. Yes, that is what the papers say, I am normal.

Anyway, since then, I have not left the house without a hat on. Last night, had my hair done and the lady assured me the new growth is blending in and More...
02/Jun/12 12:19 AM
A big day and a big change for her, Karen! Congratulations to her! And ...'Enjoy!'
02/Jun/12 12:19 AM
Thank you, Shiela.

The hair lady and I discussed the color my hair is coming back in. Since, birth, it has been light brown, to dark blonde, the new hair at the top end is coming in really dark, but turning totally white. No, not gray, white. According to here women are paying tons of money More...
02/Jun/12 12:28 AM

Good news, Karen. Glad to hear you're 'normal.'
02/Jun/12 12:32 AM
Why, HalT, couldn't you tell?
02/Jun/12 12:40 AM
02/Jun/12 12:59 AM
Eerily beautiful picture.
02/Jun/12 1:00 AM
It is still cool and rainy here today. And the combine is still down. The parts may come in today. Sure glad I wasn't operating it this time.
02/Jun/12 1:01 AM
02/Jun/12 1:02 AM
Last night's grilled flat iron steak was WONGERFUL!!!!! I will attempt to post the recipe for the marinade on the recipe page.
02/Jun/12 1:03 AM
Glad to hear you are now hatless, Karen.
(I love that look! Just too chicken to do it myself!)
02/Jun/12 1:05 AM
Happy first of
02/Jun/12 1:13 AM
We will be cool one more day so the weather people say, then back to the 90's.
02/Jun/12 1:15 AM
Going to a Birthday Party tomorrow, this is for a 80 year old friend. Sounds like it will be a BIG party.
02/Jun/12 1:16 AM
Karen, this must be my day. Wish I could have a donut every day but I do go barefoot every day.
02/Jun/12 1:18 AM
Kare, you are normal?? I would never have guessed.
02/Jun/12 1:21 AM
Kare = Karen
02/Jun/12 1:25 AM
Time to do some work
02/Jun/12 1:26 AM
Shiela, I am not a hat person either, but I am more vain, so it was either the hat or the bald spot. I don't do bald.
02/Jun/12 1:34 AM
You are funny people.
I have many papers stating I am normal.
Not that there was any question about it.
02/Jun/12 1:35 AM
Recipe posted. Off to do damage on TOS.
02/Jun/12 1:37 AM
Happy Friday!
Karen: glad to hear you've be certified 'Normal'--that's more than most of us can say
02/Jun/12 1:41 AM

I have an easy puzzle to start with today.

How can you throw a ball as hard as you can and have it come back to you, even if it doesn't bounce off anything? There is nothing attached to it, and no one else catches or throws it back to you.

Answers to 'follow the bouncing ball' inbox, please.
02/Jun/12 1:42 AM
I can't imagine going out hatless. I'd feel nekkid! I started wearing hats in my early teens and have never stopped wearing them.
02/Jun/12 1:46 AM
Good mAen, all. Mid 60's, cloudy and a bit overcast in WNC today. A good day to stay indoors and work on reports. I'm happy to hear one among us is normal. I wonder what I have to do to get certified like that?
btw, I think ladies in hats are fine, as evidenced here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4b04jq7NB1s&ob=av3e
02/Jun/12 2:10 AM
Good Maen, good people. Cold and rainy. Once again I wish we had firewood left. All we have is out in the field for next season being rained upon. June shouldn't be cold enough for a wood fire, but it is.
02/Jun/12 2:25 AM
Guess Y'all are waitin' on me for the 33...
02/Jun/12 3:55 AM
02/Jun/12 4:02 AM
Good afternoon to all! That's quite the tide coming in.
02/Jun/12 4:36 AM
Karen, certified as normal? Just what in the world is normal nowadays?
02/Jun/12 4:37 AM
02/Jun/12 4:46 AM
Now, now Greg!
02/Jun/12 4:53 AM
I didn't know that there was a 'normal'.
02/Jun/12 5:00 AM
Unusual photo, almost looks like a painting.
02/Jun/12 5:26 AM
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