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Easy Sudoku for 2/August/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning on this sunny day on the Atlantic Coast.
02/Aug/07 12:00 AM
good Maen
02/Aug/07 12:00 AM
Hello Perthokuans,

Prior notice for the arrival of our most esteemed Jazzy wazzy from way over there, is coming over here…
So brekky it shall be at the CBH (Cottesloe Beach Hotel- obviously at Cott Beach, obviously a(n) hotel (but an old one)).
On Saturday, August 18th at 9.30am (to More...
02/Aug/07 12:00 AM
Good day all, sunny in the middle of the USA
02/Aug/07 12:01 AM
Where is everybody???
It is a beautiful sunny day here.
02/Aug/07 12:03 AM
2.38 That cannot be for real. Too cute!
02/Aug/07 12:05 AM
Ahhhhh - Yes, So Cute
02/Aug/07 12:08 AM
Eve, left you a note on yesterday's easy, last page, re your query about odd words and their translations.
02/Aug/07 12:10 AM
Morning all - at work but not busy. what was someone saying yesterday about August not being a month of many birthdays?
02/Aug/07 12:16 AM
that is a cute picture for sure! so relaxing.
happy birthday to cathys husband today. looks like rain today. muchly needed. hope you all have a wonderful day friends.
02/Aug/07 12:26 AM
Good MAEN Red Hot in Ohio today.
02/Aug/07 12:38 AM
02/Aug/07 12:44 AM
Oh my goodness, how can anything be so cute!!!
02/Aug/07 12:56 AM
1:56 All that dog needs is a beer and a newspaper.
Gonna be another hot one here--potted plants are already watered before they get fried. Lawn is a gorgeous shade of straw yellow, but the weeds are sure green.
02/Aug/07 1:03 AM
2:28 Good evening everyone.
02/Aug/07 1:06 AM
Ahhh! The pup's so cute and doing what I'd like to do this afternoon as soon as I can find an empty hammock! Need a small table within arm's reach for the iced tea and noshes!
02/Aug/07 1:22 AM
A slow 3:51.but greeted with a very cute picture.nice sunny day for the 1st of Aug hope this month is going to be better than last month.
02/Aug/07 1:36 AM
2:16 How sweet. My puppy wouldn't do that, she's too hyper.
02/Aug/07 2:04 AM
What a cute picture!
02/Aug/07 2:36 AM
CP - while it is true that August is a month of not many birthdays on this site....mine isn't on that list - August 15th
02/Aug/07 2:46 AM
everyone from sunny So. Oregon...
02/Aug/07 2:57 AM
02/Aug/07 2:59 AM
Yesterday you were looking for B-days in Aug - I have one - but will be going down to So Cal to spend time with the person who most remembers that day - my Mom, and staying for a family wedding 3 days later. Between my B-day and the wedding Mom will be flying up to Portland for her 68th HS reunion More...
02/Aug/07 3:11 AM
Ah, come on, EVE ... do we have to coax? What is the date of the blessed event? :)
02/Aug/07 3:32 AM
2:17; its a dog's life!
02/Aug/07 3:34 AM
Angie - you share a birthday with my youngest nephew and a very old friend from my schooldays in England!
02/Aug/07 3:51 AM
Good afternoon to all! Dog day afternoon? Siesta time?
02/Aug/07 3:59 AM

One of my all time greatest hits for you today as a treat. ''Duke of Earl'' performed by Gene Chandler wearing his top hat, tails, evening cape and swinging his cane! Enjoy!
02/Aug/07 4:02 AM
Either that is a really BIG puppy, or a really SMALL rope hammock. Cute!
02/Aug/07 4:04 AM
Little Bruce and Jenny are only 10 years old, but they just know that they are in love. One day they decide that they want to get married, so Bruce goes to Jenny's father to ask him for her hand.

Bruce bravely walks up to him and says, 'Mr. Smith, me and Jenny are in love, and I want to More...
02/Aug/07 4:04 AM
By Golly, in just 9 more days, I intend to be doing a heck of a lot of that for a little while, until Wifey finds out where I'm hiding.
02/Aug/07 4:11 AM
Canuk, that's too funny!
And yes, Eve, no fair teasing us--there's always next year.
02/Aug/07 4:15 AM
It's a dog's life.
02/Aug/07 4:21 AM
This is a good joke .
Where is hugh these days
02/Aug/07 4:29 AM
thats good greg!
02/Aug/07 4:51 AM
Very interest picture.Keep relax.
Nice time to everyone.
02/Aug/07 5:10 AM
all. That picture is soooooo cute. Great joke Greg. Not often I get on the first page.
02/Aug/07 5:23 AM
Very cute picture.
Weather here in UK is warm and sunny, so different from the rain that we have had for what seems like nmonths
02/Aug/07 5:55 AM
Good one, CG.
02/Aug/07 5:56 AM
Have spent my very quiet night entering the birthdays on a calendar in Outlook Express. MMnn - but now what? I don't seem to be able to send it to anyone (like Gath) - or convert it to a word document. Any clues, anyone - please?
02/Aug/07 5:58 AM
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