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Easy Sudoku for 2/August/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good bye, Thursday.

Welcome to Friday. all.
02/Aug/19 12:00 AM
Hal, and all to follow!
02/Aug/19 12:05 AM
2:24. Good Morning, Kathy, HalT and all yet to come.
02/Aug/19 12:24 AM
Everybody!! See you are back in your normal spot HalT!
02/Aug/19 1:07 AM
02/Aug/19 1:15 AM
Tonight is my last Obon dance practice. Then next weekend, not the one coming up, is the festival. Both my sons and their families will be coming. I love dancing with my grandkids! And of course we'll have to eat some Okinawan dangos (a plain dough nut but oh so good!) A treat I get to eat twice a year.
02/Aug/19 1:18 AM
so close . . .
02/Aug/19 1:18 AM
02/Aug/19 1:18 AM
And one more for a CP!!!
02/Aug/19 1:18 AM
Now that shosho's done ... good morning.
02/Aug/19 2:00 AM
Not done!!! giggle!
02/Aug/19 3:29 AM
02/Aug/19 4:11 AM
02/Aug/19 4:32 AM
Very pretty purple flowers!
02/Aug/19 4:32 AM

Such beautiful purple tassle flowers
Lovely photo thanks Wendy
02/Aug/19 5:59 AM
Morning all,beautiful flowers I've never heard of,will have to google them.
02/Aug/19 6:11 AM
1:43. Good morning everyone.
02/Aug/19 8:01 AM
'mornin' all.
02/Aug/19 8:53 AM
Good morning all
02/Aug/19 8:56 AM
from Sunny Queensland
02/Aug/19 9:32 AM
Such a great place to be in Winter.
02/Aug/19 9:33 AM
Well places to be and things to do so Adios for now.

And a 22 for Keith.
02/Aug/19 9:34 AM
2:25 Very slow this morning. Good morning all.

It is lovely to see so many photos of Western Australia today.

02/Aug/19 11:06 AM
Hi IMP. Good to see ya ''jumping right in''.
02/Aug/19 11:12 AM
Anne, good luck, not, in the footie. The Cats are coming, you'll need it.
Go those Cats!
02/Aug/19 12:29 PM
Hi, IMP! I noticed a new name and see you are listed as a new member on the right side. Welcome.
02/Aug/19 12:38 PM
Good to see you posting a comment, IMP.
02/Aug/19 12:57 PM
Peter, the way the Dockers are playing lately I don't have much faith in them to beat the Cats.
02/Aug/19 12:58 PM
Welcome IMP, It is great to have a new person posting. I guess that is Forrestfield in WA.
02/Aug/19 4:33 PM
Blowin' a bloody hooley down here!
02/Aug/19 9:48 PM
Blew the milk clean out of my tea!
02/Aug/19 9:49 PM
Think I'll relocate tote bar ......
02/Aug/19 9:52 PM
I think I'll have a good tot of rum. Coin on the bar, help yourselves.
02/Aug/19 9:54 PM
My 'coin on the bar' comment reminded me of the days when one could go to the pub and put your money on the bar. The barman would serve you and the rest of your mates and put your change back on the bar. There it stayed. Next time it was your shout the barman just took enough to cover the cost. More...
02/Aug/19 10:05 PM
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