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Easy Sudoku for 2/September/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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02/Sep/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen
02/Sep/13 12:00 AM
Two 'Johnny on the dot' and then nothing for 15 minutes? Strange.
02/Sep/13 12:15 AM
Of course, a holiday week-end in 'the states'.
02/Sep/13 12:16 AM
1:56, on a strange computer (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!.) Good morning everyone.
02/Sep/13 12:34 AM
Good Morning, all. We had a night of pouring rain and thunderstorms, which at least cooled it off here. I got back from Florida 2 days ago, and was rather unhappy to find it hotter here than there.
02/Sep/13 12:37 AM
Good Maen all. Glad you got some rain, Heidi...we had some showers last night, too. Love how it cooled down. Starting to feel like Autumn.
02/Sep/13 12:48 AM
Good morning people of the world.
02/Sep/13 12:59 AM
Calendar Adjustment Day
02/Sep/13 1:03 AM
White Rabbits, White Rabbits, White Rabbits!
(It is the 1st, somewhere.)
02/Sep/13 1:12 AM
A collection of pictures from the southern Oregon coast - at or near Gold Beach.

02/Sep/13 1:25 AM
Happy Sunday!
So glad to have 2 days off in a row
02/Sep/13 1:37 AM
And this I dedicate to Queen Anne!
02/Sep/13 1:41 AM
Not feeling like summer is ending, more like it's beginning!!! Came back from my run dripping wet! After a cool shower I'm finally staying dry!.
02/Sep/13 1:56 AM
Not very far along for almost 2 hours into the day.
02/Sep/13 1:57 AM
Thankfully, it looks too big to do as a jigsaw.
02/Sep/13 2:12 AM
what a shocking night at work, thankfully my weekend is coming up!!! Still got a long way to go to the bottom of page 1....
02/Sep/13 2:23 AM
What happened, Lizzy?
02/Sep/13 3:30 AM
to all
02/Sep/13 4:00 AM
I guess we few are the ones who don't have any going away plans for the holiday weekend.
02/Sep/13 4:02 AM
It's not as convincing when she's looking at the camera.
02/Sep/13 4:02 AM
means I shouldn't have to work, then why did I fix breakfast. Now they are wanting lunch, next it will be dinner.
02/Sep/13 4:05 AM
Keith, Serena made me do it.
02/Sep/13 4:05 AM
Ah well ... missed it again.
02/Sep/13 4:07 AM
Why am I being blamed?
02/Sep/13 4:08 AM

Sorry Heidi, just had time to notice you message. Just one of those nights, dealing with the public isn't always easy.....but things have taken a turn for the better now, less than 2 hours til my two days off !!! Yipeeeeee
02/Sep/13 4:14 AM
02/Sep/13 4:15 AM
Nice pix, DOA.
02/Sep/13 4:28 AM

if you are from the Northern Territory! I guess that's cheating. Never mind.
I'll send Mr. Cee what I have, but one is driving me nuts!!
I have errands to run More...
02/Sep/13 4:51 AM
Good afternoon to all! Is that chap in the photo blushing?
02/Sep/13 4:56 AM
Yes Kathy, one of them is driving me crazy too!
02/Sep/13 4:59 AM
Super photos DorA. I particularly liked the sunken ship.
02/Sep/13 5:03 AM
Morning all,I think she is taking the photo.
A very slow day, still on page one.
02/Sep/13 6:25 AM
Good Morning everyone!
02/Sep/13 6:59 AM
Good morning everyone. Another beautiful day coming up.
02/Sep/13 7:08 AM
Grass-hopper I did try to copy a couple of your smilies yesterday. When I submitted them they were too big - 5kb. Never mind when I'll just use the stock standards until I can come up with a solution.
02/Sep/13 7:12 AM
Take 'when' out of that last sentence.
02/Sep/13 7:13 AM
Hello everyone!!
02/Sep/13 7:18 AM
Who's going to turn the page??
02/Sep/13 7:19 AM
No one seems to be here...
02/Sep/13 7:19 AM
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