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Easy Sudoku for 20/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Thanks for the advice, 'secret admirer'.
Did it in 29 seconds.. {{{{yawn}}}}
2:14, How did you do it in 29 seconds???
So andre, are you a comic writer by any chance? Lisa you can have a rest for now! A beautiful storm - thunder/lightning and some rain. Mini gruff and mini hormone were so excited about the possibility of the power going out and having to use candles. Mum could only think about how to get to the drinks fridge downstairs in the dark.
Morning Bucko, how nice to be here so early. I think I had better book in for some serious counselling.
Where's fall gone? Yuck weather! Thank goodness for my Sudoku fix. 16 year old Gruff finally got up, let's see if he'll talk over cereal! Good day all...
We know Ted S - you were just trying to be the first to post!
4:10. If nothing else I'm 3rd. 29 seconds. I'm in awe.
Susan do you need help with that fridge honey??

thought/joke for the day:
'Never tell a woman you're unworthy of her love. She knows!
Well, I WAS 3rd albeit briefly
hello everyone. 3.42 back over 3mins again I knew it was a fluke yesterday. Going to bed now see you all later. Hey Bucko I always knew you were special!
I managed to lighten the fridge('s contents) all by myself - thanks for the offer though. With dictionaries being updated all the time -('bling' to be one of the new words) - I wouldn't be surprised if the new definitions of gruff and hormone make the next edition with the international exposure they're receiving. You'll be famous andre.
1:59. Home from work to paint the house, but had to do a puzzle first.
3:07 Just came in from a lovely shower outside. Roll on Crimbo{plz give me more god ugly weather}
.Lovely pic too! iv'e often wondered how they cook there fish though.Must be hard to hold a frying pan with those huge talons,oh well, another one of natures mysteries.
2:26 Back in good from today... and a hawk for a reward
G'day all.... 3.21
have a nice day!!!
As you may have guessed from my absence yesterday - I was a little busy! Liam Walter was born on 10/18 at 2:08 Toronto time. He was a healthy 8 lbs 11oz and 22' long! Mum and baby are both doing great. Any wishes, please post to the July 13th med board. I'd love to have them for his memory book!
Anyone like to hazard a guess as to the most popular innovations of the last 20 years? What about the new products that have made life more difficult. Max, are you there??
WOW I'm going to be first. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Will go to July 13 later
I have some photos I'd like to send in but they are well over 50 kb. Anyone know how to reconfigure them?
Hi from sunny Devon, well it is at this very moment. 3.34pm on my afternoon off! I was just wondering, as you do, do arachnaphobes have their own website?
now that is a wicked picture
Back over 5 minutes again..boo hoo hoo.
Here's a funny but true story for all you nurses(courtesy of my dad): A nurse was checking on her patients after breakfast one morning, asking the usual questions: How are you? How did you sleep? How was breakfast? Are you in any pain? Etc, etc. Anyway, More...
Congrats congrats congrats Liam you beauty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
4.38...pretty good for me...
3.16, good evening!!
(Story cont) The nurse couldn't stop laughing when she realized her patient was referring to a packet of KY Jelly on her bedside table.
Hope that gives some of you a chuckle today!
Hey Lisa,congratulations,so it was a boy.Good to hear mother and son are well.
Congratulations Lisa and Welcome to the world little Liam. May God Bless you both!!
Tina oh golly the thought!!!

Brian from Wales My sudoku is the only Stoke City supporter (Ifeel in the world) its a sad and lonely life...
4:29 to slow again! congrats lisa
I guess someones got to do it Andre.How much do they pay you to go watch Stoke city then? Jokes aside,look out for my City team the Swans.They'll
be top of the premiership in a couple of years{eh BIG MAYBE}.Isn't it great news about Lisa.
4:04 Pretty good for me-YEAH LISA!!! :)
3:50. Hmmm... Congrats to Lisa..I'm off to July 13th...hello to all the regulars (and the newbies!!)
Dear Liam Walter,
I live far away and will never meet you, but that doesn't stop me from wishing you a beautiful Life here on this planet.
Brian pay him Brian pay him as if I would watch Stoke City...now Everton not that that is a braggable team at the moment well different matter please don't ask me in depth questions about them cells are few and cannot store info on my team but i am there for them if at bottom or close to the edge More...
Congratulations Lisa and hubby!!!!!!! Welcome Liam, glad you made it in good form. God bless yall!
B R I'm also from Cove, Hants, England we live in the same little village wow!
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