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Easy Sudoku for 20/October/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
20/Oct/07 12:00 AM
2:53; not so great. Pretty little girl.
20/Oct/07 12:04 AM
Ha Two pictures for the price of one game. Cool!
20/Oct/07 12:05 AM
2:45 good evening everyone. I hope you have a lovely weekend ahead of you.
I thought the photo looked familiar, looks just like her Mum! A beautiful daughter, Fiona.
20/Oct/07 12:08 AM
2:11 - Lovely child! To whom does she belong???
20/Oct/07 12:14 AM
Fiona - Your daughter is very beautiful! I love her blue eyes!
20/Oct/07 12:14 AM
Fiona - your daughter is beautiful!
20/Oct/07 12:15 AM
Good Maen everyone. We have a beautiful Fall day here in Michigan. The trees have "Peaked" and everything is glowing.

My heart goes out to the families over in Lansing who are cleaning up after the storms last night.
20/Oct/07 12:17 AM
Gorgeous pic of Carla, Fiona.
20/Oct/07 12:20 AM
Good morning all! Your daughter is beautiful Fiona and her eyes are gorgeous!
Been away for a week, so Happy Birthday to Aileen and anyone else I missed this past week.
Hope everyone is doing well.
Have a great weekend!
20/Oct/07 12:27 AM
What a cutie pie. It's only 9:30 a.m. and I am eating veggies. I must be loosing my mind.
20/Oct/07 12:27 AM
all, I've had a rather energetic day so I'm off to bed.
20/Oct/07 12:30 AM
Ahhhhhhhhhh Jane

It's Bucawwwwwwwwww NOT Bugeeeeeeeeep

Thanks for clearing that up - now I'll know it's a chook, not a kookaburra, in my tree!

Do chooks go in trees?
20/Oct/07 12:38 AM
2:00 Good night, Anne!
Fiona, your daughter has the most wondrous eyes--what a precious girl.
A soggy day here--looks like an all-day rain ahead, though the sky is supposed to clear for the weekend. A daunting task ahead--the first round of cleaning things out of my mom's house, which I dread. Yuck.
20/Oct/07 12:38 AM
but kookaburras dont go bugeeeeeeeeeep either.

I think I'm confusing myself
20/Oct/07 12:39 AM
Beautiful blue eyes. My children inherited my brown ring anround the blue.
20/Oct/07 12:40 AM
Goodnight all

I'm sure you'll all agree that it woudl be a very good idea for me to go and get some sleep now.
20/Oct/07 12:40 AM
20/Oct/07 12:42 AM
Pretty blue eyes
20/Oct/07 12:48 AM
3:00. Good Maen to All.
20/Oct/07 12:51 AM
Carla is beautiful ... just like her mum!

Yes, CATHY, a daunting but necessary task. Save some of her things ... I am still wearing a couple of my mom's robes, and I smile every time I put one on. XO
20/Oct/07 12:54 AM
to everyone! Fiona your daughter is gorgeous! Have a great weekend!
20/Oct/07 12:58 AM
Could you all please hold thumbs for SA in the rugby world cup final!! PLEASE!!
20/Oct/07 1:02 AM
Excuse me Helena but some of us might just want to support ENGLAND.

For those who saw the picture of the kittens I rescued last week the lady who adopted the tiny creamy siamese type one sent me a photo so I scanned it to show you all. Steve says it is a good job we found a quick home for her or our travelling days would be over. you will see why if you go to my page!
20/Oct/07 1:11 AM
I'll be doing exactly that, JUDY. I've already got one of mom's overnight bags here, complete with slippers, crossword puzzle book, a change of clothes. It's beside the bed she slept in when she came to visit. There's always a place for her in our home.
20/Oct/07 1:19 AM

Wishing your Darlin Little Charlie a very special and amazaing Birthday!
20/Oct/07 1:21 AM
It is with great sadness that I let you all know of the death of my husband Geoff from Dapto or G from D as many veteran Sudokites knew him, however most recently many of you knew him as Geoff from Windang because he moved. Geoff had been a regular here since July 2005 when the site first started, More...
20/Oct/07 1:22 AM
My YouTube is the theme music from the Rugby World Cup sung by singers and players of many of the nations. The title " The World in Union" sums up this whole season of rugby.
Helena - may the best team and may they come from the northern hemisphere!
20/Oct/07 1:23 AM
10 mins 22 sec :(... Woho 5th sudoku and 2nd time with out getting a error!

Hmmm I wonder how many I will need to do before I get in the 2/3/4 minute vicinity :p
20/Oct/07 1:24 AM
Dear Lynne my thoughts are with you.
20/Oct/07 1:25 AM
That's terrible, Lynne. Love and prayers to you. XO
20/Oct/07 1:28 AM
Fiona, wht an absolute stunner your little girl is! Thank you for sharing the pic with us.
20/Oct/07 1:35 AM
My previous comment to Helena should read May the best team win and may they come from the northern hemisphere!
20/Oct/07 1:37 AM
Lynne, 59 is far too young to leave us. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
20/Oct/07 1:40 AM
Life so fragile
Loss so sudden
Heart so broken in side
In the wake of such a loss
We’re haunted by things we
Do not understand
Yet the solace we seek
May not come in answers
So we look for comfort
In the believe of
Love’s everlasting connection
May that More...
20/Oct/07 1:42 AM
Fiona, congratulations on that beautiful photo of your precious little girl. She is very very pretty.
Have a good day everyone !
20/Oct/07 1:51 AM
How beautiful You are and your smile .
Even Today is October 20th I will consider that It is June 21.
to You.
to You.
FIONA Congratulation to you Daughter Birthday ,hope that will pleased you.
20/Oct/07 1:57 AM
Good Morning everyone.

Fiona: your daughter is beautiful.

Lynne: I'm not sure I knew Geoff, but you are in my prayers for his sudden and much too early death. God Bless.
20/Oct/07 2:08 AM
Hello Everyone! This is my first comment! 3:59...I'm much faster on paper! Will have to get used to doing it on the computer!

What a beautiful girl!
20/Oct/07 2:32 AM
Helena, I've got my right thumb firmly grasped in my left fist and my left thumb grasped likewise in my right fist. Now what?
20/Oct/07 2:34 AM
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