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Easy Sudoku for 20/October/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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20/Oct/08 12:00 AM
to me.
20/Oct/08 12:00 AM
Good Maen
20/Oct/08 12:00 AM
Hi John
20/Oct/08 12:03 AM
20/Oct/08 12:06 AM
Congrats, Keith! Let's see how lucky you are today!
Cute pup...wish we had this guy's name.
20/Oct/08 12:06 AM
I like that picture. It is so ... bad.
20/Oct/08 12:07 AM
Good Maen, all! Beanie Baby - thanks for the coffee (I'll come back for the yummy brekky a bit later)
20/Oct/08 12:09 AM
Yea, well ... the way posts are coming in, it could be another couple of hours before we get there.
20/Oct/08 12:10 AM
I thought the smell of coffee and the eggs and bacon would wake people up...
20/Oct/08 12:12 AM
Hi everyone.
Have a nice day to all of you.
20/Oct/08 12:13 AM
Good day to all.
20/Oct/08 12:19 AM
It always gets me going, BB - especially the coffee.
20/Oct/08 12:19 AM
Hello Wadgy Kamel, Lee & John...didn't mean to ignore you with all my babbling about coffee
There's enough on this page to get us all buzzing!
20/Oct/08 12:21 AM
Yup Keith, its.... bad. All the prerequisites: it is blurry, has an unnamed dog with eye reflections, an unattractive background, its aspect ratio appears to have been changed, the boots near the wall leave us wondering if that is a person or snowmobile suit, and of course, the trash can. Pulitzer prize? Nope.
20/Oct/08 12:29 AM
Morning Jim! A beacon of brilliance!
20/Oct/08 12:33 AM
Keith? You still around??? I'm suspecting some lurkers are lining up for the race ...hope you aren't off doing other puzzles!
20/Oct/08 12:42 AM
Maen Sudokuland! I made it in time for the race?
20/Oct/08 12:45 AM
I'm here ... watching.
20/Oct/08 12:45 AM
Thank goodness you showed up MzT - I was about to embarrass myself with some CPing!
20/Oct/08 12:47 AM
Best keep a good eye on it Keith. I see lurkers about!
20/Oct/08 12:47 AM
Watching and waiting!
20/Oct/08 12:47 AM
20/Oct/08 12:47 AM
20/Oct/08 12:47 AM
20/Oct/08 12:47 AM
Way slow. Grats, Vici.
20/Oct/08 12:48 AM
YIPEEE! I'm so glad you got up early and got it, Keith! Now I'm gonna have to go get another cup of coffee so I won't be a step behind today!!!
20/Oct/08 12:48 AM
but no cigar
20/Oct/08 12:48 AM
No Vici, it's yours.
20/Oct/08 12:49 AM
What a DUNCE!...it all happened so fast I was sure you had it, Keith!
I humbly accept - sorry Keith...really wanted you to have it.
20/Oct/08 12:51 AM
All. Just enjoying my morning coffee and a sudoku puzzle. What a great way to start the day. I will be grading papers the rest of the day.
20/Oct/08 12:52 AM
But good job jump-starting the page, Keith!
Now we need all those lazy lima bean topsiders to wake up and come play here today...afterall, it is Sunday (sorry Down-unders...Mondays stink! - I need Hedonistic Heidi's skunk here)
20/Oct/08 12:53 AM
VV, unfortunately Sunday is the day I do the most work. I always leave everything for tomorrow and Sunday always seems to be the tomorrow.
20/Oct/08 12:55 AM
Good morning everyone! The last time I had a laundry stain dilemma the site helped me out, I have another one today. Any ideas on how I can get sparkly chapstick out of polyester uniform pants?
20/Oct/08 1:30 AM
Not much help, but ... I'd switch to cotton and a non-sparkly chapstick ... problem solved!
20/Oct/08 1:36 AM
Linda, I did a websearch for you and the closest I can get is for lipstick. They said to pretreat, rub gently and then launder. Hope it helps. If you need more help google "laundry stain removal" It will give you a lot of links.

Who got the sparkly chapstick on polyester pants???
20/Oct/08 1:37 AM
Keith, but I thought you would look great in the sparkly chapstick.
20/Oct/08 1:38 AM
Only when I'm wearing my tiara and boa.
20/Oct/08 1:40 AM
Don't forget the high heels.
20/Oct/08 1:43 AM
Unfortunately the stain was not discovered until after they came out of the dryer . It is my daughter using the sparkly chapstick and she had it in the pocket of her law enforcement academy pants! I checked the pockets before I laundered them, missed it some how, there was also a black sharpie in there but luckly the cap stayed on.
20/Oct/08 1:48 AM
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