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Easy Sudoku for 20/October/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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20/Oct/10 12:04 AM
Wow!! I have NEVER done that before!
20/Oct/10 12:05 AM
Good morning, Sunshine! You're up and about early this lovely day!
20/Oct/10 12:06 AM
Kathy. Nice sunset.
What happen to The Phantom yesterday?
20/Oct/10 12:06 AM
Good Maen! Congrats on the early bird honor, Kathy!
20/Oct/10 12:06 AM
...or is that the "Early Bat" honor?
20/Oct/10 12:07 AM
Beautiful sunset. So golden.
20/Oct/10 12:07 AM
Hi, Judy.
20/Oct/10 12:08 AM
Even The Phantom gets a holiday!
20/Oct/10 12:08 AM
'Mornin', Vici, Heidi, and Old What's His Name!
20/Oct/10 12:10 AM
Those Hawaiian sunsets have a very unique and special feel to them.
20/Oct/10 12:12 AM
Don't usually catch you (Judy) and "Old What's His Name" going at it here on Easy. Most often that is a feature of the Medium and Hard puzzles.
A welcome treat here on Easy!
20/Oct/10 12:14 AM
Uh, Vici ... I may be easy ... but I don't usually go at it right here ...
20/Oct/10 12:15 AM
So that's what goes on here in the early hours???
20/Oct/10 12:20 AM
(Late today... 9 AM snuck up on me! That happens when I'm reading e-mails!)
20/Oct/10 12:28 AM
Lil' ole' Sunshine was up and about at a ridiculous hour this morning because her granddaughter and her SO are flying in from Texas on Thursday morning. Baths cleaned, sheets changed (in BOTH their rooms ), etc, etc.
20/Oct/10 12:28 AM
You miss a lot of fun while you hang suspended by your pedicured toes, Batty! Maybe you'll drop from your perch earlier once the time changes ...
20/Oct/10 12:28 AM
I bet SO just loves you, Kathy.
20/Oct/10 12:35 AM
I re-read that post exactly the same way, Judy! Should get more people over to Medium and Hard to see what you two are up to over there!
20/Oct/10 12:40 AM
Yoo Hoo! where are you?
Someone was mentioning how they went about capturing/getting rid of crickets yesterday. Neil, maybe? He said he uses an applied glue at door threshholds. Here you can buy glue traps. The ones I use are flat cardboard More...
20/Oct/10 12:42 AM
Yeah, the sticky traps are great. We use them up at the cabin for the bears ...
20/Oct/10 12:45 AM
Even with the time change, I won't unfurl my wings any earlier than I absolutely have to, Wonder Woman!
20/Oct/10 12:46 AM
First to post AND 22??? My work here is done.....
20/Oct/10 12:47 AM
If you used a bear sized sticky trap in your cabin, that would be ALL that was in the cabin! Not even room for the bear to get in and be "glued".
20/Oct/10 12:50 AM
Oh, the traps don't stop the bears, but they sure p*ss them off!
20/Oct/10 1:00 AM
Good Maen, all! I can't believe I slept until 9:30 this morning and am just having my first cup of coffee! Jaime and I both slept well last night - for the first time in I can't remember when. And it looks like I won't be having to change the bed linens every couple of hours like I was last week because last night is the first night he didn't run a fever! Life is G D !!!
20/Oct/10 1:05 AM
GREAT news, Jane. I hope Jaime keeps improving.
20/Oct/10 1:09 AM
HI all! After yesterday's riddle disaster - thank you John, I see you're hiding yourself away today - I had the ultimate proof that a very large number of you don't read the posts as lots of answers came in repeating what had just been said...never mind, I won't mention any names! As to the second riddle, only Greg and Kathy got the right answer I believe. It was a bad riddle day altogether!
20/Oct/10 1:09 AM
Honolulu sunsets... just a happy memory for me now.
20/Oct/10 1:11 AM
Here's today's one - answers, please, please, please, to the 'Phantom's having a day off???' inbox.
While riding in the car I saw a license plate that read like this:


What occupation did the man in the car have?

20/Oct/10 1:13 AM
Good morning people of the world.
20/Oct/10 1:16 AM
Jane, happy to hear you and Jamie got some much needed rest. Personally, I would not move unless I absolutely had to today.
20/Oct/10 1:17 AM
20/Oct/10 1:18 AM
maen all y'all.
20/Oct/10 1:19 AM
Had to "make do" w/ text. Didn't want to miss while looking for the graphic..
20/Oct/10 1:20 AM
As for sticky strips and cats. No it is not a fun experience. Not one bit. No fun. Not at all.

Well, unless you are Man and while your precious cat is having to deal with sticky paws he adds tape to your tail. Just for entertainment purposes, of course.

After that horrific More...
20/Oct/10 1:21 AM
Made a fresh pot this am, but it's half gone. First come, first - - -
20/Oct/10 1:21 AM
The cat trained You, Huh?
20/Oct/10 1:22 AM
Thanks Jerry. I will take it no matter how green I turn. My toxic waste producer is also, speedy and had many hands today and enjoying her climbing abilities.

I just thought I had a good night sleep.
20/Oct/10 1:24 AM
House sitting. Trapped. Three dogs on the floor blocking my way out. Cat wants out. Another dog wants in...
20/Oct/10 1:25 AM
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