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Easy Sudoku for 20/November/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi everyone.
20/Nov/11 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
n. A cat with a drinking problem.
20/Nov/11 12:00 AM
20/Nov/11 12:01 AM
1:29. Good night all.
20/Nov/11 12:02 AM
Good Maen all! Well, the snow landed a bit up the mountain from us, so I had to change my avatar from my snow cat. It was for the best as my fruit trees haven't lost their leaves yet and I don't want them to be damaged.
Submitted some new avatars and smilies...haven't done that in a LONG while. More...
20/Nov/11 12:04 AM
Just on and planning to do the puzzles, but just up and just woke the computer up and it seems to need "it's" cup of coffee to get started.
20/Nov/11 12:04 AM
Kayo - cats with drinking problems means peeing problems - YIKES!
Chris - I see you are still celebrating!
Hey Dorthea
20/Nov/11 12:05 AM
You computer is a lot like me, Mary! I need my coffee, too! Anyone else?
20/Nov/11 12:06 AM
COVERING MY EYES, RUNNING IN OPPOSITE DIRECTION: "Boy, 13, Caught Driving with Loaded Guns, Dead Donkey" -- Northern Territory (Australia) News headline
20/Nov/11 12:09 AM
Lovely view, Wendy. I sure enjoy our travels with you!
20/Nov/11 12:09 AM
Well, the computer worked well, and my mind seemed to work well also, so, have to "check" my sites, do the checkbook and off for errands - having to think about the "Big" day - food, when to take the turkey out, but I'm still thinking of going out to eat on Thursday ----
20/Nov/11 12:10 AM
YIKES (again) Kayo!
20/Nov/11 12:10 AM
I went out to eat with my bowling gals this past week - 2 of them offered a dessert that was served in a very very tall and very big glass - it was wonderful - but the rim of the glass came up to the level of their chins -- you had to reach up and over to get to the treat --- it was really good - More...
20/Nov/11 12:19 AM
Rowan and Martin's Laugh in -- I knew it was very simple - as I am -- okay - life can go on now - enjoy your day
20/Nov/11 12:25 AM
I also, enjoyed Sonny and Cher - I was always doing my homework when it was on - but at 7:25 -- george carlin was on -- alway had to take a break --
love him --
20/Nov/11 12:27 AM
Remember it well, Mary - gosh that takes me back further than I care to go!
20/Nov/11 12:28 AM
Road? What road?
20/Nov/11 12:59 AM
I adored George Carlin back then, too. I never missed him, tho' I thought the rest of the show was inane.
20/Nov/11 1:11 AM
Good morning people of the world.
20/Nov/11 1:24 AM
World Toilet Day (needs to be celebrated twice)
Have a Bad Day Day.
20/Nov/11 1:25 AM
Did I see things correctly?
How in the world did I get last post yesterday?
20/Nov/11 1:26 AM
And now this?
20/Nov/11 1:26 AM
Am I in the twilight zone?
20/Nov/11 1:26 AM
World Toilet Day again? I wonder if Karen has seen the latest picture on my page? Or perhaps she is experiencing her own version of the movie Groundhog Day?
20/Nov/11 1:54 AM
mymare -- your post(s) brought back many memories!!
20/Nov/11 2:05 AM
I had not seen your picture, Kayo, but now I have. That is cute.
20/Nov/11 2:16 AM
How do you keep a turkey in suspense?

I'll tell you at Christmas.
20/Nov/11 2:24 AM
Did you hear about the gobbler who bounced around the barnyard?

He was a perky turkey!
20/Nov/11 2:24 AM
What would you get if you crossed a monster with a turkey leg?

A dumbstick!
20/Nov/11 2:24 AM
Just bought a new HO game from Big Fish. That takes an hour of trying it before buying. Hi Vici
20/Nov/11 2:34 AM

I loved Laugh In. It was Lily Tomlin who played Edith Ann, the little girl in the big chair.
She also did Ernestine, the telephone operator.
20/Nov/11 2:38 AM
Lily also is the voice on The Magic School bus. It's fun, I sometimes watch during dinner when I'm alone
20/Nov/11 2:44 AM
The answer to yesterday's puzzle: Time flies when you're having fun.

Speaking of flying.....it's time for a weekend beach getaway for winners, Eve, HalT, Captain J, Grass-hopper, Greg, and Peter. Buckle up for your flight on Poseidon Airlines! More...
20/Nov/11 2:44 AM
And for today.....

I'm named after nothing,
Though I'm awfully clamorous,
And when I'm not working,
Your house is less glamorous.

What am I?

Answers to the "No name, clamorous house" inbox, please.
20/Nov/11 3:00 AM
Good afternoon to all! Where's the damn road?
20/Nov/11 4:12 AM
Love your tuxedo cat avatar, Vici.I have one, and what a sweetie.I'll have to put a red bow tie on him for Christmas.
20/Nov/11 4:17 AM
20/Nov/11 4:19 AM
I am thankful for today, for where would we be without toilets!
20/Nov/11 4:20 AM
The Texas people should be on the lookout for a brightly colored mythical bird today. You need not be alarmed..it is harmless with a football in its hand.
20/Nov/11 4:21 AM
is this where we go to...
20/Nov/11 4:33 AM
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