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Easy Sudoku for 20/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Welcome to a new (and snowy) week everyone. I might be first but I can't seem to get this touch pad on my laptop fired up - 5:27
YOU FELL FOR IT!!!!!! Roll about the floor laughing!!! Actually 'apparantly' is similar to 'definately' in being one of those words often written as above, i.e. wrongly. Similarly 'accross' instead of 'across'
3:05 Not bad for being on the ship Alas all the parties have gone and I am just here on watch… all alone. Just dreaming of those wonderful sweets and the lovelies that made them.
from your conniving with col, am I supposed to try to guess who you are? I'd say Ted as he's the only one on this site who owed me an apology in the past and never got round to giving it, so that would make two! See my maths isn't too bad either!
Beautiful picture of beautiful cat.
I hope this cat too has a Merry Christmas! :) :)
Long time today - I had a cat that looked like that when I lived in Fort Wayne In. - many years ago.
3:52 Pretty slow this morning. Its cool and drizzly here, kind of gloomy weather. House smells good though, I'm making apple cookies for the neighbors.
Dennis, don't think of being alone as long as you have access to this site! Have a wonderful day all!
Woohoo! It is early, but it is done...I love this game, and think I am secretly addicted.
:-) I have only two vices...coffee & Sudoku!
Enjoy the memories! Have a happy day

pretty straight forward...

happy monday ;)
Have a great day all! Off to the gym.
4:09 very slow. We seem to have seen a few cats lately.
Hello Chegan from Albany. How have you enjoyed the weather the past few days.
Oh belive me I am hanging out here most of the day!!!
yikes - 6:22. not so good this morning. can I blame it on being cold? lack of blood circulation to the brain?
6.18 with a phone call in the middle. Nice cat. Have a great day
3:01 not bad for a cold Monday morning here!
5:32 Careless mistakes - must be tired...
maybe we should get rid of phones & distractions Catherine ,so they dont interfer with our game ?
4:47 slow, nice picture
Je souhaite de très bonnes fêtes de fin d'année à tout le monde !!!
3:16 morning all
3 even, fairly slow but I am using the alcohol for an excuse. 1:15 am in Australia and I am very drunk and have had a Christmas party and now it is my birthday so going to continue all night and all day HOPEFULLY.
As from yesterdays comments, yes it does give me some tea ideas, how could I forget the salmon and asparagus. Cheers Jim. lol
3:12, not bad, our snow is melting and no more in the forecast this week, eldest came in from CA last night, we get 2 weeks visiting with her.
original and nice end! thanks
I got 3:43 today. About the same as before. I jsut can't move and click at the same time. Really pretty kitty today. Could be my cat's sibling, she's looks just like that.
Finally, under 5:00, am getting better - just need to have coffee first - to wake up some.
3.07 - best time ever I think. Enjoy your time Diane - my middle is home from CA Wed. They get so independant - but I miss him when it goes too long between visits.
in 2:52 i am the master
Happy Birthday Jim from Tyabb!
No more sudokuing while baking for me .. burnt the cookies.
Happy birthday, Jim.
5:03 but i was answering on telephone for my job...
Jim, happy birthday!
Dennis, you're never alone with us!
fiona, Spellmaster is Paul from Hobart judging from yesterday's posts - ask col Now I can't remember my time... having a craft day...can't remember a f****** thing!
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