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Easy Sudoku for 20/December/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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A Thought For The Day:

When spelling, they say you should use i before e, except after c. That's weird!!!
20/Dec/13 12:03 AM

Christmas mayhem must be catching up with everyone...not often there is only one comment this early in the morning....
20/Dec/13 12:38 AM
Weird! And thus... Shiela!
20/Dec/13 12:39 AM
20/Dec/13 1:00 AM
Need 'em today!
20/Dec/13 1:13 AM
Christmas MUST be catching up with everyone, Lizzy!
Weirdly... (Have to use that word, you know!) I am way ahead of schedule this year! I am finished shopping and usually I am just starting at this time. It's rather nice!
20/Dec/13 1:23 AM
Are those mountains in the background?
20/Dec/13 1:26 AM

1) devote, denote, demote
2) spy, sty, shy
3) pant, rant, want
4) glade, glaze, glare

In the today we have Canuk Greg, Kathy, and Doug W.

Hi shosho.
20/Dec/13 1:30 AM
Let's get logical:

John wants to send an email to everyone in his family, but he is having computer troubles and due to his slow dial-up connection he can only send out one email. His family consists of him and his brother, and their parents, his aunt and uncle on his Dad's side, their two More...
20/Dec/13 1:31 AM
Good morning to all! There's no snow on those branches.
20/Dec/13 2:43 AM
Ah, the ''i before e '' rule. I agree it's weird. Something of a foreign concept to my way of thinking. Either you get it or you don't. Neither spelling looks right when typing some words. Too much for my little brain this More...
20/Dec/13 3:02 AM
Keith doesn't follow the rule, either.

Nice picture today, and makes a fun jigsaw.
20/Dec/13 3:35 AM
I should have worked Keith and Sheila to my post!
20/Dec/13 3:42 AM
or, INTO my post.
20/Dec/13 3:43 AM
Hi Keith (and All),

Neil doesn't fit that rule either.

If you're interested in the differences, you should check the etymology of the word.
20/Dec/13 3:44 AM
Happy Thursday day off!
20/Dec/13 4:03 AM
Lovely, relating picture today. I would love being out in that solitude.
20/Dec/13 4:04 AM
I hope to get to Serena's logic puzzle, but today is getting REALLY hectic. I will work it, maybe not in time to send her an answer.
20/Dec/13 4:20 AM
20/Dec/13 4:22 AM
Looks like close enough to me.
20/Dec/13 4:23 AM
One more.
20/Dec/13 4:23 AM
20/Dec/13 4:23 AM
Thank you, Serena! I'll share my luck with you! Here's some flying your way!!!
20/Dec/13 4:23 AM
Whoa that was fast and sneaky, Keith!
20/Dec/13 4:24 AM
Quick puzzle clarification:

John's email can only go to one person, so no CC, BCC, or loading the to field.
20/Dec/13 4:24 AM
Problem is that the English language is a mish mash of other languages too. Being a small island it was conquered so many times and each time it was conquered some of the language was changed as the conquering tribe colonized England. So there are rules that are followed only by the words that belonged to that language!
20/Dec/13 4:27 AM
Saxons, Romans, Vikings, French, and more all wreaked havoc with the English language as their words were incorporated into English. I read 'The Adventure of English' by Melvin Bragg. It's a fascinating book going back to the first Friesian influence.
20/Dec/13 4:36 AM
Well, you're no fun, Serena.
20/Dec/13 5:44 AM
These puzzles are supposed to be fun?
20/Dec/13 5:52 AM
Morning all,I like this pic.
I have Bridei again today, his Mum was asked to work extra days this week.
20/Dec/13 6:15 AM
20/Dec/13 6:29 AM
1:43. Good morning everyone.
20/Dec/13 7:12 AM
Good morning everyone. I'm going to throw a bit more weird stuff into the ring here. The full spelling rule is: i before e except after c when the sound is ee. My mind does gymnastics when I try to work that out!
20/Dec/13 7:24 AM
Serena's logic puzzle is so, so easy today. John doesn't have to send any E-Mail at all. He just needs to tell my wife. I guarantee that within 24 hours, the whole world will know !!!!
20/Dec/13 7:31 AM
There was discussion on 'ei' rule on QI the other night and Stephen Fry said that there were more exceptions to the rule than there was the use of the rule. I do not remember the numbers he quoted.
20/Dec/13 7:45 AM
I posted about 90 snail mail cards about 2 weeks ago but I still have to do my Email ones. I wonder if I can use Serena's puzzle to send just one???
20/Dec/13 7:48 AM
I saw that June, but he didn't quote the full rule.
20/Dec/13 7:53 AM
You'd better be careful, Doug. If your wife gets wind of what you wrote, you might be suffering from a very painful wedgie ...
20/Dec/13 8:30 AM
We used to hear ''i' before 'e' except after 'c', or when it's pronounced like 'a', as in 'neighbor' or 'weigh''. Still doesn't account for 'weird' or 'seize'.
(There was w whole episode of 'The Lawman' [a Western --go figure] MANY years ago, that spent the WHOLE hour with nearly every cast member wandering around reflecting on the spelling of 'seismography'...)
20/Dec/13 8:33 AM
20/Dec/13 8:37 AM
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