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Easy Sudoku for 20/February/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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G'day mates. Here's today's medical daffynition:
Plaster cast - The drunk roadies backstage at a rock concert

...and here's today's factoid:
The life span of a tastebud is about 10 days.
20/Feb/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen all!
Karen - glad your MIL is home and doing better.
Sue - take care and feel better soon.
DoA - had to look up Claude Choules...thought maybe he was the guy in the picture, but he was a handsome, clean-shaven man his whole life.
20/Feb/13 12:01 AM
Welcome back to your designated position, Kayo.
Didn't know I continued to grow tastebuds!
20/Feb/13 12:02 AM
Well...while I have the chance...
20/Feb/13 12:02 AM
20/Feb/13 12:02 AM
My one word description for the day is 'unique'. It was either that or 'interesting'.
20/Feb/13 12:05 AM
Hello, friends!
No today.
Rain, then snow later, I guess!
I'll take whatever!
20/Feb/13 12:13 AM
I love this photo! Great contrast. I think this fellow's face is an expression for the anticipated incoming tide!
20/Feb/13 12:17 AM
oops! that last one was for you, my little friend!
20/Feb/13 12:18 AM
A 'Sculptures by the Sea' return, maybe?
20/Feb/13 12:22 AM
Was today's 'Easy' puzzle harder than usual or was I just mentally disorganized this morning?
20/Feb/13 12:32 AM
20/Feb/13 1:32 AM
The easy puzzle did start a little harder than usual, so had to start in the middle somewhere before it got easy. Once I got on the roll and moved a 3 I was done in a jiffy.
20/Feb/13 1:34 AM
Good morning people of the world.
20/Feb/13 2:00 AM
Remember yesterday or the day or sometime recently, when I said, I will see what next life event will come, or something like that? Well, it happened and I really did not want another person in the hospital, I was hoping for the lottery or something along those lines.

Anyway, now my 4 month More...
20/Feb/13 2:09 AM
Chocolate Mint Day
20/Feb/13 2:10 AM
Serena, what is happening that you are having a unique day?
20/Feb/13 2:11 AM
I should, get up and do something to occupy myself, but I keep flipping over to TOS, to see an update. Man keeps calling too, to see if I have heard anything else. Generally, when there is a crisis, my house gets really clean, after MIL's incident, my house should be really spotless.
20/Feb/13 2:15 AM
Prayers for the little one, Karen. Frustrating for parents when they have a sick baby too young to tell them what's wrong. Get well soon!
20/Feb/13 2:15 AM
How is MIL doing now, Karen?
20/Feb/13 2:16 AM
20/Feb/13 2:16 AM
Hello, Keith!
20/Feb/13 2:16 AM
OH, I could tell you, the dangers of cute, little cake balls.
When a normal cake is prepared around here, either retangle or bundt, at least half of it is thrown away. Yesterday, the girls and I, used our new gadget, a cake ball maker. I was hoping it would be so easy, which it is, that the More...
20/Feb/13 2:19 AM
Just after the nick of time.
20/Feb/13 2:21 AM
The real danger, of the cute, little cake balls is, they disappear, instantly. We made two batches, of the balls and I sat them in a platter on the counter, then made the rest into a retangled cake. I think the bad thing is that the FPA is in the middle of the house and you have to walk through it More...
20/Feb/13 2:24 AM
Keith, timing is everything. :)
20/Feb/13 2:26 AM
Shiela, have not heard from MIL this morning, but knowing her, she busy doing something.
20/Feb/13 2:27 AM
Now today's pic looks like HalT..!
20/Feb/13 2:51 AM
Karen, I was describing the picture. My day should be normal.
20/Feb/13 3:03 AM
What is that like? Normal?
20/Feb/13 3:10 AM
Those amazing little people.
At 5, this morning, Taryn was listless, and having a difficult time breathing. Five hours later, she is playing with her Daddy, with big happy giggles. She is still in the hospital, being observed.
20/Feb/13 3:13 AM

Poor little Taryn. I hope she improves very quickly! I truly think it is always worse on the parents than the child in some cases. When my daughter was around 2 yrs. and in the hospital, the nurse convinced me to go home More...
20/Feb/13 3:21 AM
Yes, Hal, I got your answer! Speaking of which, how DID you get it?

The answer to yesterday's poozle: 150 miles

So winners, Serena, Shosho, lonewoof, HALT, and Mr. Cee will never have to rely on their Great Aunt Bernie for gas money, I present them with this mode of transport
Hopefully, Auntie Bernie has plenty of hay.
20/Feb/13 3:28 AM
And for today.....

Rebus time!

What is this showing?

'Mr____, you're sacked.'
'Miss _____, contract terminated.'
'Mr_____, it's the can for you.'

Answers to the ''He's in the can??'' inbox, please.

20/Feb/13 3:42 AM
Good afternoon to all! An interesting photo. Is that a memorial sculpture of some kind?
20/Feb/13 4:02 AM
Kathy, thanks for the WORD puzzle! I've sent you my answer.
20/Feb/13 4:04 AM
20/Feb/13 4:05 AM
Kathy, have no idea how you left your baby, apparently, that was not easy, since you were traumatized.

My mom left me too, but I was slightly older, I believe 6. She worked in the hospital, and came up to visit, but all I remember is being in that big room all by myself, even at night, for 14 days. During the day, was not so bad, but I still remember those long nights.
20/Feb/13 4:05 AM
Well, I should be doing other things, but you know me....
20/Feb/13 4:06 AM
Bye bye page one.
20/Feb/13 4:07 AM
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