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Easy Sudoku for 20/February/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
20/Feb/20 12:00 AM
1:51 Good night all.
20/Feb/20 12:48 AM
2:28 (very fumbly!). Good Morning, Wolf, everyone.
20/Feb/20 12:49 AM
And good night to you, Anne!
20/Feb/20 12:50 AM
They are still trying to figure out a solution to Wally's breathing difficulties. They did do a shunt revision yesterday and he came out of the anesthetic like a champ. Hopefully, that will be it, but, again, wait and see....
20/Feb/20 2:01 AM
Wolf, tom, Kathy & all who follow!! Sleep well Anne!
20/Feb/20 2:18 AM
I am here to tell you if you screw up one word in Wombat's puzzle, it will take awhile to get that lovely little in and out flow that looks so neat when typed.

A big to Wombat AND Sarah for their efforts!
20/Feb/20 2:42 AM
20/Feb/20 2:49 AM
''In and out flow'' ... maybe ... I keep telling Wombat that the completed puzzle looks like the profile of a perky woman's *****!!
20/Feb/20 2:58 AM
20/Feb/20 4:28 AM
It's a gloriously day. This morning when I when for a run (mind you, a slow run) everywhere was sunny but in the marsh there was a thick mist that was 4-5 feet/1.2-1.5 meters tall and spread out over the grassland area, so thick that it was very white and not see through!
20/Feb/20 4:33 AM
I could see fingers of mist crossing my path and when I ran through it, brrrr! Suddenly I went from fairly cool to very cold and damp! In the Los Angeles county we have low-lying areas which make up our marshes which we have severals made into nature preserves. No swamps like in Florida because this area doesn't have any forest/
20/Feb/20 4:37 AM
I meant to end that sentence with a period!
I dedicate this post to Queen Anne
20/Feb/20 4:39 AM
And a CP!!!
20/Feb/20 4:40 AM
Good mAen, good people. Home. Sunny, colder and less snow than ‘Up North.’
20/Feb/20 4:41 AM
20/Feb/20 4:47 AM
Skye’s job shadowing went well. I’ll explain for the Australians and then they can tell me what they call it instead. I think most teens and young adults in the US during the last few decades have been expected to do job shadows.

When one job shadows one is assigned to observe a More...
20/Feb/20 4:56 AM
So, Skye wanted to do at least one salon shadow in Traverse City since it’s where her sister lives. Traverse City is one of the best places in Michigan for a service industry job because it attracts hipsters, foodies and vacationers with money to spend on themselves. It is a low crime small town More...
20/Feb/20 5:06 AM
I have to go let a puppy out of jail. Poor thing has been in a crate with fewer free hours while I went traveling. Good news is that my FIL will be transferred soon from a Kalamazoo hospital to a local nursing home. So my MIL and their puppy will be spending more quality time together.
20/Feb/20 5:19 AM
Interesting photo today! Kate.
20/Feb/20 5:28 AM
Morning all, beautiful stained windows,thanks Kate.
Plum, over here it is called 'work experience ' in the last years of high school/college they do what Skye is doing.
20/Feb/20 5:29 AM
1:09, an easy 1->9. Good morning everyone.
20/Feb/20 6:04 AM
Just did Wombats puzzle and sent it on its way !
20/Feb/20 6:10 AM
Thanks, Amelia. Here there’s a distinction between shadowing and work experience. Here when you apply for a job they will ask you about your work experience. They don’t mean job shadowing. In shadowing you observe only. When we say work experience it means actual job employment or, to a slightly More...
20/Feb/20 6:48 AM
1.10 A bit late tonight. My grandson Jasper has just gone, he keeps me busy.
20/Feb/20 7:07 AM
Yes. The insurance industry runs the USA.
20/Feb/20 7:23 AM
Easy 1-9.
20/Feb/20 7:46 AM
Well Plum, just to play 'the devils advocate', you could protest - cancel all your policies and live with whatever comes your way...
20/Feb/20 7:49 AM
. I’ll do things per insurance companies, thank you, DorA.
20/Feb/20 8:06 AM
It’s the same here, Plum, when you apply for a job and are asked about your “work experience” the expectation is that you talk about what you have actually done in your previous jobs. What you describe as job shadowing, we call work experience and is essentially organised More...
20/Feb/20 8:08 AM
Shosho - would the marshes you’re talking about be fresh water, brackish or salt?
20/Feb/20 8:09 AM
Lori - when it comes right down to it, I think Phantom was just worried about the term “job shadow,” as it may be too Phantomlike. Does he feel his place here in Sudokuland is in jeopardy?
Or perhaps he fears a gaggle of young women with crayon colored hair and sharp scissors peering over his shoulders when he gets his haircut?
Only The Phantom knows. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha.
20/Feb/20 9:46 AM
33. Here’s a drink that may soothe any ruffled black capes in Sudokuland. The Phantom: equal parts vodka and Licor 43 from Cartagena, Spain over ice topped with ... milk? It will either hit the spot or set you on your ear. An appropriate cocktail namesake for our very own.


20/Feb/20 9:55 AM
By the way, color me intrigued by the description of Licor 43. Has anyone here any actual experience with the concoction?

20/Feb/20 10:08 AM
For all Wombat lovers try this
20/Feb/20 11:33 AM
We are having friends round for dinner tonight Plum and it just so happens we have '43' in the drinks cupboard. Don't normally drink anything other than straight in shot glass size. Has been known to make the wife say some silly things
20/Feb/20 12:45 PM

Thursday 20th February.
The usual mob or malcontents start the day.
Kathy – Wally is still having issues but the hospital team are working on him and the support team is positive about the outcome. Gooooooo Wally!
Now she’s into dog grooming but More...
20/Feb/20 1:01 PM
Kathy we have shearers in Oz who do that sort of work. Just think you could watch a sweaty shirtless man groom your (house snatching) dog. Life would never be the same
20/Feb/20 3:18 PM
Oh Judy. At the average age on this site perkiness is a thing of the past
20/Feb/20 3:19 PM
Kathy tell young Wally enough of this messing around. Get well quickly
20/Feb/20 3:21 PM
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