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Easy Sudoku for 20/March/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
hangover — The wrath of grapes.

...and here's today's factoid:
In Haiti, those hit with a hangover make a voodoo doll from the offending bottle of alcohol. The cure consists of sticking 13 black pins into the bottles cork.
20/Mar/13 12:00 AM
Oh my goodness ... 12 minutes in and Kayo is the only post. Maen.
20/Mar/13 12:13 AM
Painful either way, Kayo!
20/Mar/13 12:15 AM
20/Mar/13 12:17 AM
Oh well... off to bed.
20/Mar/13 12:17 AM
Round em up ... head em out.
20/Mar/13 12:20 AM
from Middle Tennessee. It appears at the present time we will have a sunny day, spring is in the air and the trees are budding out. Now, if we don't get a hard freeze in April (as is usual) our fruit trees may have fruit to offer this year. Hope springs eternal in the human breast.
20/Mar/13 12:23 AM
Forgot to say 'Hello'!
Nope... no needed today!
Flakes in the air, but they don't seem to be landing anywhere!
20/Mar/13 12:24 AM
I am soooooo jealous, GmaJackie!
20/Mar/13 12:25 AM
I also hope everyone will have a super happy day.
20/Mar/13 12:26 AM
Warning: Don't demonstrate leg wrestling for your grandies.... hopefully my neck will recover soon!
20/Mar/13 12:28 AM
Ouch. Apparently, they won?
20/Mar/13 12:36 AM
No, Keith, I was demostrating it to them with hubby! Grandpa took it seriuosly and likes to win!
20/Mar/13 12:41 AM
There's a lesson in there somewhere ... or several.
20/Mar/13 12:54 AM

Shiela, there isn't much we wouldn't do for the grandies, is there? Hope you heal quickly!
20/Mar/13 12:56 AM
There have been a lot of cute doggies lately.
20/Mar/13 1:02 AM
Ahem. Not one measly answer to yesterday's poozle.

Shall we try again? Yes, we shall.

Within each of the following five groups is one member that, when combined, create a sixth group that share a unique characteristic. What are More...
20/Mar/13 1:05 AM
Good morning people of the world.
20/Mar/13 1:08 AM
National Chocolate Carmel Day
20/Mar/13 1:09 AM
Karten's here but is Keith?
20/Mar/13 1:10 AM
Oh Keith, where are you?
20/Mar/13 1:10 AM
After Spring like weather for the last week, I had a thought of packing up all the Winterwear. So glad it was just a thought, it is a little chili this morning.
20/Mar/13 1:10 AM
You should know, Karen will never wait for you.
20/Mar/13 1:11 AM
Was off doing the Hard ... the snatcher strikes ... er ... snatches.
20/Mar/13 1:11 AM
Nope. Karen waits for no man.
20/Mar/13 1:12 AM
Thanks for the push, Serena.
20/Mar/13 1:13 AM
I am not a good wait person.
Besides, what is the fun in waiting? We must charge on.
20/Mar/13 1:14 AM

fellow puzzlers.......
The simple reason I dont answer your puzzles Kathy is they are too hard for this mere mortal. Cant even work them out some days when I know the answer :(
20/Mar/13 1:19 AM
Carmel or caramel? Am I in California or eating a candy?
20/Mar/13 1:19 AM

to Derwen Jim.......have a great day and hope you are spoilt within reason!!!
20/Mar/13 1:20 AM
Lizzy, I post no restrictions on answers.
20/Mar/13 1:21 AM

I know Kathy will get there first!
20/Mar/13 1:21 AM

Ive got a few hours to ponder this one, but suspect the answer will be the same.......blank but thanks for the encouragement Kathy ........
20/Mar/13 1:24 AM
Ffffffreezing today. Hands can't get warm. Nice to have a hot bath, but ... oh yeah, no tub!
Shiela, there's nothing worse than a pain in the neck--on so many levels. Heal quickly!
20/Mar/13 1:26 AM
Okay, Sudoku-ites, anyone out there ever built their own website? How difficult is it (for a tight-budgeted technophobe who doesn't want too many bells and whistles) ...
Advice? Expertise? Cautions?
20/Mar/13 1:35 AM
You are correct Kathy, must've got excited over the word chocolate. But if memory is still working, I did the same thing last year.
20/Mar/13 2:06 AM
Cathy - try going here for info on sites that will help you build a website:
http://www.webhostingfreereviews.com/10-best-website-builders/?ad=msn_build2&k=creating%20 website%20for%20free

Be sure to check for spaces in the link.
20/Mar/13 2:08 AM
world. Warm today the weather predictors say, we will see.
20/Mar/13 2:08 AM
Going to my nieces in a little while, my sister is in town.
20/Mar/13 2:09 AM
The almost 2 year old just called Harry, some day that niece will get a shocking phone bill.
20/Mar/13 2:10 AM
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