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Easy Sudoku for 20/April/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen beautiful day
20/Apr/07 12:00 AM
hi all..G'day/nite to everybody...
20/Apr/07 12:02 AM
cute sleeping baby. lots of hair. good
20/Apr/07 12:03 AM
2:22 Good Morning Jennifer. What an amazing amount of hair you have!
20/Apr/07 12:03 AM
1:54 Maen! Sleepy time for cute little Jennifer...
20/Apr/07 12:04 AM
2;55 Good evening everyone. What a cute baby Jennifer is.
20/Apr/07 12:05 AM
2:40, that's how I feel and it's 9:15 AM
20/Apr/07 12:06 AM
But hair is not important, that's what I've figured out as I've gotten older
20/Apr/07 12:07 AM
Good Morning everyone. Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Who does teh adorable Jennifer belong to? She does have a lot of hair, doesn't she.
20/Apr/07 12:08 AM
NOw that's a beautiful baby - mine were all bald! For years!
20/Apr/07 12:10 AM
That won't last long, enjoy it while it does.
20/Apr/07 12:11 AM
MAEN ! Beautiful Little Angel!
20/Apr/07 12:15 AM
Morning all! Beautiful little angel! The sun is shining!!!!!
20/Apr/07 12:16 AM
well,its bright and sunny with the day temp likely to be in lower 50s today..so i brought the sun shine with me to Boston!even dare a stroll to the super store down the block!
20/Apr/07 12:22 AM
Good maeN Jennifer! Looks a lot like my girls did when they were babies, although with a lot more hair!
20/Apr/07 12:23 AM
Oh! How precious. You are beautiful, Jennifer.
20/Apr/07 12:27 AM
Cute, as are all babies. Too bad they grow up.
20/Apr/07 12:29 AM
Rose, that was a great idea of Victoria's! Let MIL organise the postwedding party and sit back and enjoy it. After reading your latest post, I take back my advice of letting MIL make some less important wedding decisions. I assumed she was thrilled about the wedding and getting carried away, but More...
20/Apr/07 12:30 AM
Is this let sleeping babies lie???
Or is Jennifer having a BAD HAIR DAY?
20/Apr/07 12:40 AM
Stayed up to say Hi, but my eyelids are drooping badly so I'm off to bed right now!
20/Apr/07 12:46 AM
Everyone, hope you all have a great day/night where every you are.
After doing the puzzle I just had to update my you tube to:
John Kincaid - Jenny Jenny, dreams are ten a penny.
Em, common its kinda of cute!
20/Apr/07 12:47 AM
And yes Linda before you say it...its
from me.
Have agreat one!
20/Apr/07 12:49 AM

Good Angie, don't make me tell you again!
20/Apr/07 12:53 AM
20/Apr/07 1:03 AM
Woo Hoo, I have my wine avatar back
20/Apr/07 1:08 AM
Sweet girl, congrats she is a beauty!
20/Apr/07 1:21 AM
20/Apr/07 1:22 AM
Jennifer is a beauty! All my kids had this much hair; it's always a surprise for me to see a baby who's bald!
20/Apr/07 1:28 AM
Sigh. Little sleeping angel (and they are all angels when they sleep).
20/Apr/07 1:34 AM
First??? How 'bout that!
20/Apr/07 1:36 AM
What a pretty baby!

I am with you Karen from N Ridgeville Ohio. All my kids had a ton of hair too.
20/Apr/07 1:45 AM
Beautiful baby, Miss Jennifer!
20/Apr/07 1:46 AM
I had a dark-haired girl with TONS of long hair, and a blond son we called ''cue ball'' for two years!
20/Apr/07 1:51 AM
The word tousled comes to mind. Very cute.
20/Apr/07 1:59 AM
2:07; what an angel, whoever spread the myth that babies don't sleep take a peek at Jennifer!
20/Apr/07 2:01 AM
2:24 We all rush to the hair salon and ask for that 'unstructured' look and behold, Jennifer already has it! A real trendsetter and a beautiful child.
It's a gorgeous sunny day here, with a slight breeze--perfect for the long walk I took.
20/Apr/07 2:41 AM
It is too sad to feel that you had lost a very close relative and specially if that loosing will be for ever.
I got this feeling by loosing my Mother in Law Yesterday.Her last words still in my mind ,her voice in my ears and her face sill in my eyes.
Sorry to tell You that ,but it is my feeling.
20/Apr/07 4:29 AM
I am very sorry for your loss, WAGDY. Keep her voice, her words, and her face in your heart, and she will always be with you. God bless you and your wife.
20/Apr/07 4:38 AM
Wagdy, sorry for your loss and wishing you much strength in coping with it.
20/Apr/07 4:59 AM
Wagdy, I'm very sorry for your loss. Thinking of your mother in law will help keep her alive for you. I still miss mine, and she's been gone 11 years.
20/Apr/07 5:04 AM
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