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Easy Sudoku for 20/April/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen!
20/Apr/18 12:00 AM
Well, I closed out 'yesterday' and started today - now I have to go get ready for geometry kids. Have a wonderful day, all.
Guess I will do the Easy puzzle before I leave.
20/Apr/18 12:01 AM
Lonely this morning. It WAS an easy today - for me. I can't break 2 minutes, but took 2:17 - that means some of you will probably be pushing the 1-minute mark.
NOW, have a great day.
20/Apr/18 12:04 AM
Well, I became cavalier with your EASY description, Jamie, so I made many errors! Worth it all to see such green greenery for that caribou - will we ever have that summer green here??
20/Apr/18 12:36 AM
Have a good day everyone!
20/Apr/18 12:36 AM
Morning all.
20/Apr/18 12:39 AM
20/Apr/18 12:47 AM
Thanks everyone for the lovely birthday wishes, so delightful to have so many greetings. I am enjoying my big present as it arrived a couple of weeks ago, a pianola (player piano, roller piano) building stamina slowly, I once could do an entire 2 hour singalong at the pub with little more than a More...
20/Apr/18 12:48 AM
20/Apr/18 12:51 AM
20/Apr/18 1:21 AM
TftD: I got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory.
20/Apr/18 1:22 AM
I know, I know. I left myself wide open.
20/Apr/18 1:23 AM
It's just nice to bask in the sun! Ahhhhhh!
20/Apr/18 3:27 AM
Happy Thursday!
20/Apr/18 3:45 AM

Sorry you're lost, Hal. Can you see ANY familiar landmarks?
20/Apr/18 4:10 AM
20/Apr/18 4:13 AM
Good afternoon to all! Super photo today!
20/Apr/18 4:15 AM
The doctor (GP) I go to retired recently. I had an appointment for a follow-up to bloodwork with a nurse practitioner in the practice yesterday. She looked about 20 years old. She seemed very knowledgeable and was easy to talk to. She even had a great sense of humor. But, she looked More...
20/Apr/18 4:21 AM
Question is... can hubby look handsome and in need of a nurse at the same time?
20/Apr/18 4:31 AM
Great Caribou photo! Love his long antlers.
20/Apr/18 4:45 AM
Gpod mAen, good people. Nice day for a bit of banter. Weather conditions for my trip are better than forecast. Even better, Ive traveled just far enough south that I see green grass! Willows are bright yellow with leaf buds and maples are blushing burgundy. The sky is a definite blue pale as if shy and uncertain if it's safe to commit to color yet this spring.
20/Apr/18 5:29 AM
Morning all,great photo, Eve.
We had three separate storm fronts come through last night with lots of rain. This morning the sky is clear as far as we can see.
20/Apr/18 5:50 AM
Just got back from a Dr. appointment ... right after the nick of time.
20/Apr/18 6:12 AM
1:31. Good morning everyone.
20/Apr/18 7:22 AM
20/Apr/18 9:26 AM
Today has been a really good day for me. Tomorrow has every promise of being better. I'm really glad we decided to make this business trip.
Now it's time for .

It's not often I post that emoji before HalT does.
He's probably already fallen asleep!
20/Apr/18 1:01 PM
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