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Easy Sudoku for 21/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, everyone!
21/Oct/09 12:02 AM
evening all
21/Oct/09 12:06 AM
Good Maen everyone. Hope it is a good day/night for all. Got here surprisingly early for me today. A busy day ahead.
21/Oct/09 12:18 AM
Good evening, Rolanda. Hello Hazel. Everone must be tired out from yesterday! Missed coming yesterday due to a funeral and couldn't even get through all the posts this morning!
Funeral of a wonderfully sweet (but seemingly crusty) man who lead a long and productive life. You always knew if he liked you. He used to squeeze you so hard your eyes almost bulged out! RIP, Ed.
21/Oct/09 12:20 AM
Good morning /night everyone
21/Oct/09 12:20 AM
2:57 I must be tired as I kept making mistakes.
Good evening all!
21/Oct/09 12:21 AM
A happy dog face to greet the day! And a beautiful fall day it is here.
21/Oct/09 12:31 AM
2:23 Good Maen, all. The sickies in my house are resting and recuperating nicely, but I still have a lot to do, trying to keep surfaces disinfected so the other half don't come down with the flu.
Nikki is behaving very well. Here's a doggy treat ...
21/Oct/09 12:47 AM
21/Oct/09 12:50 AM
There's nothing better than a well trained dog, or worse than an ill-behaved one.
21/Oct/09 12:51 AM
irma, Kate & Anne


21/Oct/09 12:58 AM
Today's "Famous Birthdays": 21 - Oct - 1956 Carrie Fisher & 21 - Oct - 1917 Dizzy Gillespie
21/Oct/09 1:02 AM
Couldn't resist saying Good Morning even though for me it's just past midnight and I'm off to bed. Have a nice day all and happy birthday to Kate, Anne and Irma.
21/Oct/09 1:06 AM
Good Maen everyone! Hello Nikki - you look like a very good dog...come on up!
21/Oct/09 1:23 AM
The first cup from a fresh pot. How much better can it get?

21/Oct/09 1:30 AM
HI all! Hope you're all enjoying your day wherever you may be. I have had an exhausting one working my little socks off to prepare my rentrée. Time to relax now. Ok, yesterday's riddle only brought correct answers from Greg and Kathy; seems everyone, except Mo, was on the net looking for More...
21/Oct/09 1:31 AM
Jerry, my grandmother always said the second cup was the best. I don't agree, too strong by then.
21/Oct/09 1:32 AM
Wow - this is a hard one today - who's up for it and no cheating please!! Answers to the first cup or second cup inbox please!
Each of the following sentences has three missing words. The first missing word of each sentence is 6 letters long, the second missing word is 5 letters long, and the More...
21/Oct/09 1:35 AM
Or, to put it another way...

The first cup from a fresh pot. How much better can it get?

21/Oct/09 1:35 AM
Fiona, Strong, as in coffee, isn't necessarily bad. Bitter is bad...
21/Oct/09 1:39 AM
21/Oct/09 1:41 AM
21/Oct/09 1:42 AM
...and the platypus wins!
21/Oct/09 1:42 AM
21/Oct/09 1:43 AM
I want all ya'all to notice I've been good lately. It's been nearly a week, I think, since I last "stirred the pot". I'm stretching my self control to the limits of my endurance.
21/Oct/09 1:43 AM
A good dog photo. It has all the things one needs: A caption whichs catches the scene, it is in focus, background which makes sense, and most of all a great subject, showing true doggish behavior!
21/Oct/09 1:46 AM

A dawg
21/Oct/09 1:49 AM
We've been pretty relaxed and sedentary lately. So, without further ado,

21/Oct/09 1:49 AM
I got a new camera in January, and I am just now posting some of the best photos. I posted a Little Blue Heron, Common Moorhen, and Roseate Spoonbill photos, and I will have more coming in the following days. The moorhen may be best:

21/Oct/09 1:50 AM
Get Up, Get Up, Put The Body In Motion. It’s Time To Start The Commotion…
21/Oct/09 1:50 AM
Nobody's dancing....
21/Oct/09 1:54 AM
just enjoying watching you Jerry!
21/Oct/09 2:02 AM
Happy Tuesday!

Hullo, Nikki!

Fiona: got the 4-letter words, not sure if my poor little brain can work out the 5- and 6-letter ones... maybe I need to see about my own cup of coffee...
21/Oct/09 2:04 AM
21/Oct/09 2:07 AM

I saw a post late last night with a joke about barnyard fowl. I think it was your post. Afterwards someone suggested that a male hen should be called by another term, but you said the filters would not allow you to use the proper term.

What is wrong with the word "rooster?"
21/Oct/09 2:17 AM
We don't have roosters in Britain, Glenn. Well, at least they're not called that.
21/Oct/09 2:20 AM
Reminds me of a fun restaurant in Louisiana: C0ck of the Walk! I think it referred to the top man on a river barge. They would toss corn cakes up and over the rafters before serving them. You could always see the misses stuck up on the rafters...
21/Oct/09 2:40 AM
What was that word that you could not get through the filters?
21/Oct/09 2:41 AM
I can remember hiking and getting a lot of c0ckleburs stuck on my trousers when I lived up in the Rockies...
21/Oct/09 2:42 AM
I just can't remember the word you might have used in that joke...
21/Oct/09 2:43 AM
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