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Easy Sudoku for 21/February/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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2:30 I wuv the widdle babies!
2:26 Hello everyone - I'm not sure what Jenny has all over her face.
Good morning everyone. Woke up to temps above freezing. Must be a holiday. It is, Mardi Gras.
Pretty Baby!

Len, I was surprised to see the snow melting when I woke up this morning. Maybe Spring is around the corner! They said it was 36 deg. F in Detroit. I believe it!
Hope everyone has a great day/night where ever you are.

Hey Jenny, have you stolen the Zinc from Little Charlie on parents page?
2:02 Hi Jen! Maen!
Hi Jenny! 2:39 Looks like a paint by numbers...not sure what may have happened to the photo.
Hi, Jenny.
How beautiful you are Jenny,and what beautiful silver hair,nice face and wonderful colour dress you have.

Good mAen to everyone.
Hello, Jenny!
2:01. Nice Jenny.
Just came back from watching the Queen Mary 2 sail oput through Sydney Heads. She went through the Heads about midnight , lit up like a Christmas tree and so HUGE. The Queen Elizabeth 2 also sailed into Sydney tonight and I think half the population of Sydney has made an effort to see QM2 sometime today. We did not go into the City so did not see the fireworks.
June - that even made news over here them being in port together.

Good night all.
I submitted that before I had checked it properly. Apart from the out (oput). I should have remembered that it is now Wednesday and people saw the ships YESTERDAY.
1.51 a great time for me
Good morning, Jenny.
Arrived home to 2 1/2' of snow and 15F Saturday night; more snow Sunday; but today is 43F so far and all is melting. Watch out for flooding!
Maen, all. Festive Mardis Gras! Wow, June, what a fantastic opportunity to see these magnifiscent ships. I've only seen pictures of any of the great liners and even the pix are fantastic. What a sweet baby!
1:39 Maen Hi Jenny
everyone...Have a great day and OZ...
Have you recovered from the trip Dave? Did you get a chance to see the photos?
yes i did,LK!and really loved it..awesome...i just cheered silently as you came down as near as WA..never mind,we shall have one when i make my trip to Boston again..
I am sure we will do it again soon ap!
I pray that she has not been abused.
Morning pensive Jenny. Something about the picture manipulation didn't work right.
Hi Moon!, must be nice to be in the company of the sun and stars
2:54 Hi to all. Pretty little girl.

Thought for the Day:

Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up.
2:14 Psychedelic Jenny? A lovely little girl. Warmer temperatures here today, but the snow is lasting. Someone has just jogged by my window wearing shorts. (No, it's not that warm ...)
Word for today is:


Define away my friends and remember creativity and silliness is encouraged!
Happy Birthday to Carol/Punta Gorda. Hope it is a good one. (Kathy did say it was the 20th didn't she?)

Ed; thinking of your FIL today x
Rotomontade: a refreshing summer drink made from the Rotomont, a citus fruit grown only in the Austrailian outback.
Alphabet of the day'R'
RADIUM, n. A mineral that gives off heat and stimulates the organ that a scientist is a fool with.
RAILROAD, n. The chief of many mechanical devices enabling us to get away from where we are to where we are no better off. For this purpose the railroad is held in More...
Rodomontade - The French word meaning to 'Moon while traveling on the road in a motorized vehicle' and it is illegal in Canada right Keith, Canuk Greg, and Dave AZ/OR?
Rodomontade--the device which clamps onto a toilet seat, used by Rodo Rooders to solve noxious plumbing problems.
Rodomontade: A selection of clips from Japanese anti-nuclear horror movies from the 1950's.
Maen, Bright Eyes!
I thought I said MAY 20 for Carol's birthday, but maybe it was a typo. If so, sorry!

Have added a few more pictures of the Punta Gorda get together on my page. It finally feels like Florida here again. We had two nights of hard freezes which turned many of our plants brown & ugly now. They'll come back in a couple months, but meanwhile yards look pretty sad.
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