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Easy Sudoku for 21/February/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A Thought For The Day:

God must love stupid people. He made so many of them.
21/Feb/14 12:00 AM
Just listening to the rain
21/Feb/14 12:01 AM
Oh, I thought I would tag on to yesterday - we'll, I guess that day has passed - on to a new day - bowling this morning
21/Feb/14 12:03 AM
Auto type - when I want we'll I will request it - well
Is well - oh, I see it's the space bar that is doing it
21/Feb/14 12:05 AM
mymare - What did the rain do to your computer?
That didn't make any sense to me!
Looks a bit spacey to me!
21/Feb/14 12:24 AM
No sun out there today.
Think mymare's rain is heading our way...
21/Feb/14 12:26 AM
We need a ''Hang Loose'' smiley.
21/Feb/14 1:34 AM
21/Feb/14 1:59 AM
The following questions were set in last year's GED examination
These are genuine answers (from 16 year olds).

Q. Name the four seasons
A. Salt, pepper, mustard and vinegar

Q. Explain one of the processes by which water can be made safe to drink
A. Flirtation makes More...
21/Feb/14 2:05 AM
Yikes! It's snowing 'to beat the band'... AND it's thundering and lightening outside!
What's going on? Mother Nature is a bit mixed up....
21/Feb/14 2:23 AM
Neil... the test was enlightening!
21/Feb/14 2:28 AM

Neil, I guess if you were a teacher reading those you'd have to laugh.....then cry.
21/Feb/14 2:32 AM
I'm not sure if I believe all of those. Some are too clever to seem real. The dumb ones, I believe.
21/Feb/14 2:46 AM
Glorious photo...and it was even possible to do the jigsaw!
21/Feb/14 2:51 AM
Not a fluke... More snow & lightening. Weird weather, here!
(I'm turning off the computer.)
21/Feb/14 3:03 AM
OMG! No posts from 4:05 yesterday to midnight?? Where did everyone go?
21/Feb/14 3:14 AM
21/Feb/14 3:24 AM
Neil, I loved the one about the seizure and especially the teacher's note ( your note?).
21/Feb/14 3:26 AM
There really is some home grown wisdom in some of those answers! At least they can think laterally.
21/Feb/14 3:33 AM
I particularly like the condominium.
21/Feb/14 3:33 AM
Come on Keith! Setting it up for you!
21/Feb/14 3:33 AM
Good morning to all! The Canadian women just became the first team ever to win every game they played in the Olympics and take the gold medal!
21/Feb/14 3:48 AM
I guess you mean that Curling was the only 'game'
they 'played' in Greg? Congratulations to The Canadian team. I watched the semi between GB and Switzerland. A very interesting sport. A winter version of the lawn bowls that I play.
21/Feb/14 4:07 AM
Greg - I'm confused. Isn't the Canada vs. USA hockey game just now starting? Or are you talking about some other sport?
21/Feb/14 4:13 AM
I'm watching the women's skating. Truly a beautiful sport. I'd actually like to see the Italian Carolina Kostner be a surprise winner of the Gold! Or at least take a Silver or Bronze.
21/Feb/14 4:21 AM
Kathy, Carolina Kostner looks just beautiful on the ice. I love watching the ice skating.
21/Feb/14 4:37 AM
Well done yu Canadians!
Greg one of our TV stations has just sent their morning weather girl to Canada to do a promo. She's at a ski resort and it is just pristine and beautiful. No wonder you have such pride and love for your country.
21/Feb/14 4:39 AM
Yes, it was CURLING, and yes, I am watching the Canada - USA women's HOCKEY game. Go Canada!
21/Feb/14 4:51 AM
Very pretty.
21/Feb/14 5:39 AM

1) scab, scam, scan
2) tinder, hinder, cinder
3) graze, grace, grate
4) stave, slave, suave

In the today we have Canuk Greg, Judy, Kathy, and Sarah. for all.
21/Feb/14 5:41 AM
Skipping the logic today.

Please add the middle word - this word should correspond with the words on each side of it.

Example - rain - coat - tail

1) Sewing ______________ Gun
2) Laser ________________ Sale
3) Gravel _______________ Bull
4) Fire _________________ More...
21/Feb/14 5:42 AM
21/Feb/14 6:29 AM
Morning all, love have the captions back.
Beautiful picture too.
21/Feb/14 6:30 AM
I've switched over to the hockey now, Greg. What a game!! Go USA!
21/Feb/14 6:38 AM
Congrats to the Canadian team & condolences to our American gals. They must be crushed to lose the game after being ahead 2-0 with only 3 minutes left in the 3rd period. That's sports for you. The thrill of the win & the agony of defeat.
21/Feb/14 6:59 AM
Good morning everyone.
21/Feb/14 7:10 AM
If we don't get rain in the next week, this summer will be drier than last and that was record dry!
21/Feb/14 7:11 AM
Loved those exam answers, Neil.
21/Feb/14 7:12 AM
Can I beat Shoshi?
21/Feb/14 7:12 AM
Way down at the bottom.
21/Feb/14 7:13 AM
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