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Easy Sudoku for 21/May/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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hello world!
21/May/08 12:00 AM
21/May/08 12:00 AM
Good Maen everyone! Sue, Fiona...
It's begun! The builders started demolishing my deck today in order to add a room! Kinda sad to see it go!
21/May/08 12:01 AM
Fiona... what were the words to yesterday's "riddle".
21/May/08 12:02 AM
here are the words I was looking for yesterday in the teaser:
21/May/08 12:02 AM
patience Shiela!!!
21/May/08 12:02 AM
Good Morning all ... so where is this photo taken?
21/May/08 12:04 AM
Here's today's question:
What seven-letter, one-syllable, past-tense verb becomes a seven-letter, three-syllable, past-tense verb if you change its fifth letter from an H to a T?
21/May/08 12:06 AM
I think that's a hard one!
21/May/08 12:07 AM
I hope you all have an amazing day/night wherever you maybe in this wonderful world of ours.
21/May/08 12:07 AM
Ello. I'm up, playing, where's everyone else?
21/May/08 12:07 AM
good morning world. enjoy your day!
21/May/08 12:08 AM
Lovely shot. Good morning to your part of the world.
21/May/08 12:09 AM
I'm still here,

What is it you are playing?
21/May/08 12:11 AM
Hi Angie. How have you been?
21/May/08 12:14 AM
3:01 (brain in my armpit today). Lovely view.

Thought for the Day:

It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.
21/May/08 12:15 AM
Fiona, I think most of your are hard ones! Always congrats to those that get them, I think my record is two only (and there may have been misspellings!)
21/May/08 12:17 AM
Good evening everyone. A beautiful photo, is it perhaps in Canada?
21/May/08 12:17 AM
Ello Twin,
Doing very well here thank you, yourself?
21/May/08 12:17 AM
Happy birthday to Bianca, have a wonderful day.
21/May/08 12:19 AM
french freda? is that like a freda froggie? and isn't todd a male...like Fred? he never gave me the impression he floated for the 'other' team...

and so does that mean bertie that I'm not who I think I am?

Nite all xxx
21/May/08 12:19 AM
Mornin' all ... and andré. Got to love the mountains.
21/May/08 12:22 AM
???too many questions, billy!!
21/May/08 12:22 AM
1:47 everyone.

That is a very interesting photo. What are we looking at?
21/May/08 12:23 AM
are there jamie??
21/May/08 12:24 AM
Playing being night nurse!!
21/May/08 12:32 AM
It's all in the name billy. Fred has been toying with the name Freda for some time... I sort of had him sorted but Todd holds a special place in his lungs... and he told me late last night that Auntie billy was gorgeous so I got him a small framed piccy of you to put by his bowl... it's hard dealing with a love sick fish, I may need therapy... well more xx
21/May/08 12:33 AM

Fiona, there were so many words that would fit in yesterday's puzzle! THEN we had to contend with that pesky "pool"! It never occured to me to put the two OO's together I did have IMPLY and UMPIRE correct, though More...
21/May/08 12:33 AM
Good afternoon Keith.
21/May/08 12:33 AM
Look! CP's pretening like she's working!
21/May/08 12:41 AM
Yep, that's about right Kathy! Despite the full moon, we only have one cutomer at the moment, and she's asleep!
21/May/08 12:46 AM
Busy place this mornng. With the change in weather (high today will only be in the 60's - after a week of 90s to 100):


Hope you reward yourself with the first 2:45 minutes of the video with More...
21/May/08 12:47 AM
2:01 Maen! Is that Lake Louise, in Alberta? Gorgeous photo!
21/May/08 12:50 AM
I wish I could say that was my summer home.
21/May/08 12:53 AM
TAG YOU ARE IT!… is back

Ok.. Remember late last year we all played Tag, and unfortunately we lost all those posts due to the big Site Crash. So here we go again…

Rules: you have to post on here what your responses are.
You must tag 2 people (post on site who you have More...
21/May/08 12:55 AM
Ok, I will get us started:

Name the song you danced to and sang to in front of the mirror, using your hairbrush as a microphone. And did you ever get caught doing it?

Loved to sing: Puppy Love by Donny Osmond, and was caught by my brother.

How old were you when More...
21/May/08 1:00 AM
And with that I bid you all a very Goodnight from moi.
Have fun Sudokuland!
21/May/08 1:03 AM
That is Prince of Wales Hotel at Waterton Lakes National Park - Alberta, Canada. Not my pic - but have been there and recognized it immediately.
21/May/08 1:03 AM
Drat! I tagged Keith too! And Fiona.
Let me pick again....
21/May/08 1:03 AM
Ding Ding -

All aboard

21/May/08 1:05 AM
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