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Easy Sudoku for 21/August/2008


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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen
21/Aug/08 12:00 AM
Sudoku friends.
It was c-c-cold here last night! At least cold for August! Cat had to come under the covers twice during the night just to warm up
21/Aug/08 12:00 AM
21/Aug/08 12:00 AM
21/Aug/08 12:03 AM
2:46 what a cute picture!
21/Aug/08 12:04 AM
2:37 to you all from wonderful Beijing.
21/Aug/08 12:05 AM
2:10, hi and good night all.
21/Aug/08 12:07 AM
Everybody! What lovely Fallow Deer!
21/Aug/08 12:11 AM
ok..back home safe and sound, but still a lil bit confused sleeping pattern, will take some more time to settle ..
and the Bizarre video is kicked out from my page to be replaced by a wonderful piece(IMO)..just chk it and lemme know..
Pilots sure will like it..
so all pilots come and enjoy More...
21/Aug/08 12:20 AM
AWWWW - I love to watch deer. We have a very small Fawn hanging around our house with its mom. He is so playful and fun to watch!

Good Maen to everyone around the world!
21/Aug/08 12:23 AM
Morning all. Back home on my desktop.
Beautiful deer.
21/Aug/08 12:24 AM
Why are they called Fallow? (like fallow fields?) still spotted, but with horns,--- so are they young?
21/Aug/08 12:28 AM
all. Just woke up and decided to peek in. Must feed the cat and birds. Golly what a commotion they can make if I get up late!
21/Aug/08 12:49 AM

Greetings from soggy - but safe Marco Island, Florida. Tropical Storm Fay came ashore just south of us, but all is well. I even got a day off work! Woo Hoo!
21/Aug/08 12:56 AM
Helen... Fallow Deer is the name of the breed. They have those spots all their lives. The things growing on their heads are called antlers, not horns. Antlers are shed every year, and new ones grown... usually bigger than the previous years. Horns have bone in the middle, are made of compresses More...
21/Aug/08 12:58 AM
Nice picture! I'm wondering the same thing as Helen - - they must keep their spots because their antlers are too developed for a young deer. I got distracted this morning by a blue heron sitting atop a power pole in our neighborhood! Not something you see around here very often. Called the neighbor and we both took some pictures. Fun way to start the day!
21/Aug/08 12:59 AM
Good for you, Anastasis! We're getting tons of rain now, and the prediction is that Fay will hover offshore in our neck of the woods by tomorrow and possibly resurrect herself as a full-blown hurricane. Hope she fizzles out before then! In the meantime, we're hunkering down!
21/Aug/08 1:01 AM
Jane, Stay Safe - We'll be sending our thoughts and prayers up your way!
21/Aug/08 1:05 AM
When I hear about natural disasters happening around the globe, I'm always thankful I live where I do. Sure, the big quake could hit any time, but I've lived up and down the Northern California coast area my whole life, felt a few quakes, but nothing big yet. I don't envy those of you that live in hurricane area. If the wind doesn't get you, the flooding will.
21/Aug/08 1:08 AM
Jane do keep a weather eye on that TS. FAY has been called "the joker" by weather forecasters, cause she keeps fooling them where she will go next. She even did a most unusual thing and strengthened and organized herself to have a true eyewall, while over land. Not what should happen, More...
21/Aug/08 1:15 AM
That is scary. I hadn't heard that about Fay. Yes, take care all in the area.
21/Aug/08 1:16 AM
& I hope to get 22.
21/Aug/08 1:16 AM
Kieth, it is what you grow up with I believe, that makes you accept your weather. CA and the earth quakes, fires, and mud slides are not for me. A hurricane you know is comming and can plan according, well, except for one like FAY that keeps changing her mind, but even then, you know she is out More...
21/Aug/08 1:20 AM
Back in form Keith, you got 22,
21/Aug/08 1:23 AM
I think the expression is: Better the Devil you know.
21/Aug/08 1:25 AM
all - another cool day here - Thunder Storms forcasted. Perfect photo - as I look out at the yard and see 1 Doe and 4 fawns out back drinking at the watering hole.

21/Aug/08 1:32 AM
2:11 Beautiful deer. And yes, everyone in Fay territory, stay safe!
21/Aug/08 1:32 AM
Heidi - glad you enjoyed the COSTA RICA video. Did you check out some of the related videos? I left the video up for another day. Did you watch it on full screen? The quality of the photography is well worth it.

Mom is on a "Fam Trip" (familiarization tour) - checking out More...
21/Aug/08 1:40 AM
3:37 I've kept checking back this a.m. The chatter is down since we aren't even close to the top of a new page yet. Fallow deer of all ages are spotted. It's very common for people to wonder about them, since we're so used to spots being a sign of infancy in white tail deer. There are other breeds More...
21/Aug/08 2:20 AM
Keith I've lived practically all my life (the first six years were in Japan, Washington, and Utah) in southern California. I have experienced earthquakes, fire, and flood. But theses are sporadic and I am prepared for them.
21/Aug/08 2:21 AM
For all in those southern states having to suffer the vagaries of Fay, a prayer for your safety!
21/Aug/08 2:26 AM
But no one is prepared for the "big one", Shosho! (earthquake, that is) My mother lived in Arizona years ago, and she used to joke that one day she would have oceanfront property. If the "big one" does come, bye, bye California!!! Speaking of California, I may be blown your way tomorrow if Fay becomes a full-blown hurricane!! Maybe it's time to move back to the Midwest!
21/Aug/08 2:30 AM
No worries Jane! I'll get my biggest catcher's mitt and snagged you as you come flying by!
First time I'd have a friend arrive on the Air Fay!!!
21/Aug/08 2:57 AM
BTW Jane for the "big one" practically everyone I know out here has their earthquake can! (new clean trash can filled with emergence water, nonperishable food, meds, blankets, first aid, etc) in their garage! I even have a tent (for me and hubby) and cage to contain my scaredy cat!
21/Aug/08 3:00 AM
Oh yes we've have tornados here too! I now know where to put the kids in the classroom, that is if it's not a direct hit! And years ago we had snow, though the kids were mystified by the white stuff! It was just a slight dusting but did that excite everyone!
21/Aug/08 3:02 AM
Fallow deer are a European native found in most countries over the land mass. They were introduced to UK in/around the first century AD. They are what I thought all deer looked like when I was little.
21/Aug/08 3:14 AM
Shosho - you sound like a "scout" - be prepared.

Remember the days of the underground shelters, people were building in their back yard in the 50's. They were not a bad idea for storing things for earthquakes - but not good for floods, mudslides or a nuclear attack. Oh yes and the duck & cover drill in the event of nuclear attack.
21/Aug/08 3:14 AM
Shosho: Talking of Japan. I always remember the deer at Nara temple near Osaka. Of course they are spoilt by the visitors feeding them, so they are quite tame there.
21/Aug/08 3:14 AM
God has quite a lot of Weapons of Mass Destruction
21/Aug/08 3:15 AM
Thoughts are with the Spanish Capital tonight and all survivors and families of the dead.
21/Aug/08 3:15 AM
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