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Easy Sudoku for 21/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Me first?
Good morning all! Looks to be a nice day in Jersey~
Good Maen! Second after Gath! Cool
oh well
1:48 One little mistake. Nice doggy!
1:57 Maen
Aaarg! Another dog!
2:02 My quickest ever.
2:24 Lovely green grass, beautiful scenery
good evening all.
Good Maen all.
Is this a Jack Russell?
another Dog.
Opps!!1 Forgot to push the start button hard enough. Had a good time going.
Good Morning!!
Is that Regina BC Canada??
Been a while since i did the puzzle, and i my time sure wasn't the best i could do, so i guess i will just keep trying. Hope all is well with everyone in sudoku land.
Good Maen to alll.
Flat land Saskachewan!!
3:43, not as good as some, but great for me!!
2:32 Hello to neighbour Mary! And another hellow to Wanda from Regina, Sask. And Maen to the two-faced dog in the photo.
point to ponder...
With humans it's abortion, but with chickens
it's an omelet...

Always take a good look at what you're about to eat. It's not so important to know what it is, but you might need to know what it was.
2:42 Cute dog
4:11 obviously I need another cup of coffee this morning!
Just wrecked MY breakfast, AP! LOL
Good Wednesday Maen, all!

Cute dog...
Flying Dog
A woman is out looking for a pet, and so she's trying the local pet shops. She walks into a small pet shop and explains her need to the attendant. He thinks for a moment and then says, 'I've got just the thing for you madam. I'll just get him.'
With that, he disappears into the More...
To Wanda, I'd better 'bone' up on my geography, I love Canada - family's going up to Harrison Hot Springs in B.C., wonderful resort,right on Harrison Lake, lots of activities and a fantastic spa. What's good in your part of the world?
HI Cathy from southern ontario. you never know we just might be neighbors. I live between windsor and chatham in a little town. Maybe we could meet up in the chat room one day for a chin wag. Have a great day.
By A Vet...
One of the questions constantly asked is : 'My Doberman is two years old. Is is true that they turn on their masters when they turn three?' - or - 'I heard that Shepherds turn on their masters when they are 6 years old.' - then there's - ' How old are Rotts when they turn on their More...
OldKickory. Surprised no one has bothered to answer you.

No, it isn't a Jack Russell.
1:35 - my best ever! Annie's Grannie - Harrison is lovely - be sure to splurge for a special dinner at the HHS Hotel - it's fabulous.
3:30 Slow today. Hi to all. Gath you are funny! I guess you could have cheated a little but feel sure you wouldn't do that!!
Pete - Where is your boat moored am thinking a good cruise is just what this girl needs, of course the massage oil is sounding rather tempting and the chocolate - well you More...
Good moen,we are having a beautiful day here.By way,the dog picture isnt all that bad.
2:12 One of my best times ever!
No wild guess on this puzzel.First i ever solved mistakes free but i want tell you how much time i spent.
Good Maen everyone...
Gath cheats... ...he knows the change over second. I love this site and all the extras....Thank you
haven't commented before but follow the conversations and always check out the jokes. this one has been around for a long time but haven't seen it here, and it IS a little late for the pirate day chat but here goes :
A 17th Century captain was sailing along with his crew when a pirate More...
Have fun exercising your prefrontal cortex today!
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