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Easy Sudoku for 21/September/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:21. Aslow Good Morning!
21/Sep/18 12:05 AM
2:02 Good night all!
21/Sep/18 12:19 AM
21/Sep/18 12:19 AM
21/Sep/18 12:26 AM
21/Sep/18 12:30 AM
Weather forecast is in the comfy upper 70's until next week when I fear we may get our Indian summer. A sort of last gasp of summer, our Santa Anas winds from the Mojave Desert super hot and super dry. It get squished through the mountain passes so it become strong destructive winds.
21/Sep/18 12:33 AM
so close . . .
21/Sep/18 12:34 AM
21/Sep/18 12:34 AM
And a CP, too!!!
21/Sep/18 12:34 AM
21/Sep/18 12:35 AM
Everybody!! Anyone heard from HalT in last two days? Hope flooding did not affect him!
21/Sep/18 12:59 AM
Good morning Sudoku lovers.
21/Sep/18 1:17 AM
It was 33°C here this afternoon. It is also very dry. It is like mid summer not autumn

21/Sep/18 1:28 AM

Hal said he was fine, Denny. He is far enough inland that there wasn't a problem with flooding.
21/Sep/18 1:31 AM
21/Sep/18 2:40 AM
Have a good day everyone!
21/Sep/18 3:23 AM
21/Sep/18 4:16 AM
Doing fine Denny.
21/Sep/18 4:19 AM
We're fine here, too.
21/Sep/18 4:39 AM
No flooding, because there's been no rain.
21/Sep/18 4:40 AM
The huge ''Ranch fire'' that was very close to us became 100 per cent contained yesterday.
21/Sep/18 4:41 AM
21/Sep/18 4:41 AM
21/Sep/18 4:42 AM
Horses are one of my favourite animals. They get along with humans so well, just like these two in the photo.
21/Sep/18 4:48 AM
Good mAen, good people. In this instant world we have left off shopping for something we need next week only to discover it's 2-3 weeks' delivery across the board. So I have to spend time looking for other options.
21/Sep/18 5:01 AM
In other news, Fair weather has been fair weather up until now. Pop-up thunderstorms developing. Otherwise it's been downright midsummer-like: sunny, hot and humid.
21/Sep/18 5:06 AM
It's been nice to have a bit of a rest from business the last couple days. I actually read a book I've been waiting for. I discovered it had hit my library's 'New Mysteries' section.
21/Sep/18 5:07 AM
Today is Burl's birthday. He got a dentist appointment for his birthday -- and he doesn't even have teeth! His dentures get sent off for a fine fitting tuneup in a few months.
21/Sep/18 5:20 AM
And here's a cp. Got nothing else that's interesting to say. Just filling in a fifth post.
21/Sep/18 5:21 AM
21/Sep/18 6:07 AM
Morning all, great photo Wendy.
Started the washing yesterday only to have it start raining as I was putting the first load on the clothes line. Have clear skies this morning so back to the laundry I go.
21/Sep/18 6:08 AM
Viv, have a wonderful day.
21/Sep/18 6:09 AM
It's been raining here so much that the weather guys have been explaining what that big yellow thing is up there in the sky.
21/Sep/18 6:18 AM
1:34. Good afternoon everyone.
21/Sep/18 1:33 PM
Clearly someone newly take will take it away from me but I'll try for LPOTD
21/Sep/18 11:02 PM
Still lots of time left before LPOTD.
21/Sep/18 11:32 PM
I'm still here HalT. Glad that you're doing well in the aftermath of Florence.
21/Sep/18 11:58 PM
One minute to go.
21/Sep/18 11:58 PM
Is this one the LPOTD?
21/Sep/18 11:58 PM
Last of the day?
21/Sep/18 11:59 PM
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