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Easy Sudoku for 22/October/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Hi, all!
22/Oct/18 12:00 AM
2:08 Good night Wolf and all who follow.
22/Oct/18 12:14 AM
Hello, Wolf, goodnight, Anne - another day awaits for the rest of us!
22/Oct/18 12:44 AM
Wonder whether anyone found leaf- color?
We have very little and they are all still clinging to the trees ... very late for gathering leaves!
22/Oct/18 12:47 AM
and goodnight everybody
22/Oct/18 1:10 AM
22/Oct/18 1:36 AM
22/Oct/18 2:38 AM
22/Oct/18 2:39 AM
Shiela? Hal? Did either of you find any vibrantly-colored leaves?

Do any of you Sudokuists live where your leaves are displaying their Autumn color display?
22/Oct/18 2:48 AM

Wombat, no need to apologize. I just figure it's a typo and try to figure it out. I've gotten some pretty odd answers that way. What ever letters I have left, I go for it. DIM GIRL was a perfect example. Gave me a chuckle.
22/Oct/18 2:49 AM
Not sunny.
Hope your day is filled with that shadow-making stuff!
22/Oct/18 3:35 AM
Joyce, Nope! There was very little color in the Smoky Mountains - just a hint in the higher elevations.
We did have perfect hiking weather, though! We only hiked 12 miles this time due to my ankles, but I wore my ankle braces and arrived home without further injuring my ankles! It's very frustrating not being able to hike more!
22/Oct/18 3:45 AM
No, Joyce. Seems we were a bit early for the fall colors. Did see some nice waterfalls though.
No hiking for me. Too many years of smoking.
22/Oct/18 4:02 AM
If there are any smokers here in Sudokuland, PLEASE STOP!!!
22/Oct/18 4:04 AM
Grrrr! That lion is scary! Ian.
22/Oct/18 4:57 AM
1:00 seems like that should have gone faster
22/Oct/18 5:26 AM
Morning all,the King of the cats.
Started Wombat's poozle when the stom hit, must go back and finish it today.
22/Oct/18 6:09 AM
Glen, enjoy your two day celebrations.
22/Oct/18 6:11 AM
I'll echo Hal's advice. I can no longer hike for the same reason. No fun.
22/Oct/18 6:41 AM
I'll saunter with Peter.
22/Oct/18 6:42 AM
But I'd rather gallump.
22/Oct/18 6:42 AM
22/Oct/18 6:43 AM
I read a detailed explanation of why our trees have not changed color this year. Too much water and too many warm days is the very short version of the explanation. With frost already occurring in high elevations, there may not be the usual fall color display, to the dismay of communities that More...
22/Oct/18 8:36 AM
Here is what I read:

‘We’ve never seen anything like this’: Fall foliage is still missing in action across the Mid-Atlantic - The Washington Post
22/Oct/18 8:40 AM
22/Oct/18 12:01 PM
I took a drive south today to pick up some chairs and a table someone was selling. I drove further into the mountains. The aspen appear to be done, and their leaves have dropped, but the cottonwoods gave be a beautiful orange show. Today was the last day for the local train That keeps going onto the fall for the leaf-peepers.
22/Oct/18 12:04 PM
22/Oct/18 12:05 PM
There are several narrow gauge trains that are left over from the mining days of Colorado. Of course the most famous is the Durango-Silverton. Georgetown has a nice one that is short and sweet.
22/Oct/18 12:07 PM
1:58. Good Evening, all.
22/Oct/18 12:34 PM
Another lovely Ian photo from China today.Thank you Ian.
22/Oct/18 12:47 PM
Hello Wagdy, there was a very interesting documentary on Cairo on T.V. last night. back!
22/Oct/18 1:00 PM
all. Our fall colours have been very pretty, but not quite as vibrant as usual. The 6 sugar maples lining both sides of our laneway are still spectacular though. I love this time of the year, but it is getting cold. We're expecting -7c tonight (19F). It must be almost time to head south.
22/Oct/18 1:17 PM
I'll have a 'Bud' and toast to Glen. Glen
22/Oct/18 2:34 PM
1:30. Nice time Pikers! Good evening everyone.
22/Oct/18 8:06 PM
22/Oct/18 11:59 PM
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