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Easy Sudoku for 22/December/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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⛄️good Maen - got a list of places to be - things to do - I have my plan! 💃🏼
22/Dec/16 12:06 AM
mymare & all!
Sun isn't up yet - not sure if it'll be sunny or overcast!
THREE/FOUR days till Christmas!
22/Dec/16 12:12 AM
Good morning- it's creeping closer!
22/Dec/16 12:17 AM
ohh-eee - a gorgeous orchid! Thanks for your skillful photography, Kate!
22/Dec/16 12:26 AM
.......and except for that pesky '4' it would have been a straight 1->9
22/Dec/16 12:28 AM
22/Dec/16 12:38 AM

22/Dec/16 12:40 AM
Apparently, Hal doesn't know if he's coming or going.
22/Dec/16 12:40 AM
22/Dec/16 12:41 AM
1:29 Good night one and all!
22/Dec/16 12:57 AM
Good morning, and just a quick hello.
22/Dec/16 1:01 AM
Just to clarify regarding my sister: I should have said 'I hope there's no cancer' as it appears I misled some folks. We hope to know tests results before Christmas o the causes of her issues are still not known.
22/Dec/16 1:04 AM
Back later to work the puzzles.
22/Dec/16 1:05 AM
...and as CP pointed out on yesterday's page 2, perhaps we can enjoy the rest of this day with no further ruminations concerning frolicking bovines
22/Dec/16 2:23 AM
Grey skies here, just perfect for a trip to the dentist's later.
22/Dec/16 2:42 AM
Beautiful cymbidium orchids.
Dental appointment in my near future, too (amidst all the Christmas shopping/cooking/baking/mailing)
22/Dec/16 2:52 AM
My family starts showing up this afternoon. I wanted to take this last opportunity using my computer (I will be relegated to my Kindle) to wish all you wonderful people and may More...
22/Dec/16 3:39 AM
22/Dec/16 3:54 AM
Morning all,beautiful orchid, thanks Kate.
22/Dec/16 5:31 AM
Merry Christmas to all and a happy 1984 to all my fellow Americans.
22/Dec/16 5:53 AM
I've just been taking a trip down memory lane, I saw that Heidi was online so went to visit her page and leave a message. I then went strolling through her photos and the memories they brought back. I would have left a few comments but even though I'm logged in to the site I have to log in every time I want to comment,why !
22/Dec/16 6:23 AM
22/Dec/16 6:23 AM
For Keith.
22/Dec/16 6:24 AM
Missed by that much, well done Darwen Jim.
22/Dec/16 6:25 AM
Good mAen, good people. SO much Christmas stuff happening here. Taking a break for myself to come see that others are enjoying the 'daze' leading up to the holiday!!
22/Dec/16 8:41 AM
Amelia, you will find Heidi commenting on SA11.
22/Dec/16 9:01 AM
Read back over the past few days of posts since I last posted. I'm wondering about two things:

What happened the answers Skye and I sent to Kathy's Try Not to Google poozle?

Can I move somewhere where I can just casually buy over 10 lbs. of prawns to take care of lunch?
22/Dec/16 9:05 AM
Skye is having a nut oil reaction today. You'd think chocolate oranges were safe, but now that we look at ingredients, there is shea oil in the candy. Doesn't anyone make nut-safe chocolate?
22/Dec/16 9:07 AM
We've still got Christmas crafting to do, so it's Heigh Ho Ho Ho, off to work I go ...
22/Dec/16 9:09 AM
Good Morning All.
Cloudy, overcast day before the heat returns.
22/Dec/16 10:10 AM
Amelia, that is so odd it's worth asking Gath. Use the Contact Us link on the top menu line.
22/Dec/16 10:44 AM
Somewhere, tomorrow, the day, will be 4 seconds longer.
22/Dec/16 11:08 AM
A casual 10 lbs. of prawns for lunch? You'd be in good company Down Under, Plum.
22/Dec/16 11:58 AM
Longer than what, DOA?
22/Dec/16 1:11 PM
Night all.
22/Dec/16 2:50 PM
And DoA, down under the day will be 4 seconds shorter.
We bought 5 Kg (10 lb) of frozen prawn last week. Cheaper then than waiting till this week. We will thaw them on Christmas day. We won two 1/2 hams and I bought a knob of cooked turkey today. With some salads that will be our Christmas lunch More...
22/Dec/16 4:51 PM
We did most of the last minute shopping today. The shopping centres will be packed for the next couple of days.
22/Dec/16 4:53 PM
The day, Hal, The day...
22/Dec/16 5:19 PM
Liz from Cairns

22/Dec/16 5:50 PM
suzieq from usa
22/Dec/16 5:50 PM
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