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Easy Sudoku for 22/February/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morningto all
22/Feb/08 12:00 AM
I hope you are all having a great day/night where ever you may be in this wonderful world of ours
22/Feb/08 12:01 AM
I'm first and it is sunny today.
22/Feb/08 12:01 AM
Good morning all! Sunny, but chilly, 7*F! School break is almost over, then back to the busy schedule. Hope everyone has a great day!
22/Feb/08 12:03 AM
Good morning, Orianne, Angie, and Stella. Just popped in to say Hi! Will be back later!
22/Feb/08 12:06 AM
Maen, everyone in Sudokuland!
The weather cooperated and last night we saw a very nice full lunar eclipse here. Usually when one is predicted, the weather does not cooperate, but this time it did! Yippee!
22/Feb/08 12:18 AM
Good Maen to all - got in too late to work the puzzle - off to my morning duty. Back later to read comments and work puzzle. Drizzly day in Texas - missed the eclipse last night.
22/Feb/08 12:23 AM
Hello Millie, and do whom do you belong to?

has been updated to:
The Doors - Riders of the Storm, enjoy.
22/Feb/08 12:26 AM
Good Maen
22/Feb/08 12:27 AM
22/Feb/08 12:30 AM
Jamie has taken an early start or is Gus getting ready for St.Patrick?
22/Feb/08 12:33 AM
Good Morning to everyone around the world and to you Millie. You are beautiful!

It is cold here this morning. 0 (F) Brrrrrrrrr. But.....the sun is shining brightly!
22/Feb/08 12:35 AM
lovely Dog!
22/Feb/08 12:36 AM
Whither the Weather

Come hail or shine
Mine heart is yours
Earth wind and fire
The great outdoors
Donder and blitzen
wave on the shores
Sasha Distel
I'm sure he snores
I love my brollie
Lost on the moors
splish splosh splash
I've wet my draws
where art my More...
22/Feb/08 12:39 AM
G'day/nite all..
ans to yesterday riddle is
If the first is true, then the second must be false, which makes the first false..
CG and Angie(w), right on dot..
22/Feb/08 12:40 AM
Shiela, yes the weather cooperated here as well. Not a cloud in the sky, so I could see the eclipse right outside my bedroom window! It turned a lovely orange!

Updated my youtube (finally) to "Miracles" by Jefferson Starship. Enjoy!
22/Feb/08 12:52 AM
G'Morning Everyone. Angie, my dear twin, great youtube. Anu, thanks!

It's very cold out there today. Currently -15F (-26C) High later +15F (-8C).
22/Feb/08 12:56 AM
Pff tp bowling this morning - then off to work ---- Enjoy your day, Mary
22/Feb/08 1:12 AM
2:33 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Laughter is a tranquilizer with no side effects.
22/Feb/08 1:23 AM
Hi All, way past my bedtime.
22/Feb/08 1:27 AM
Looks like we are having another day without sunshine, that is one of the things I don't like about winter. Off to a doctors appt be back later.
22/Feb/08 1:28 AM
I checked to see if Millie is listed on the Pet Page in the Forum. She isn't, but I discovered that Gail has a cat named "Judy!" Meow!
Not too much action on the Pet Page lately ... we'd love to hear about your animals!
22/Feb/08 1:35 AM
"Laugh until your heart overflows." A message in a Dove chocolate heart!
22/Feb/08 2:07 AM
22/Feb/08 2:23 AM
Millie has such a loving face.
22/Feb/08 2:38 AM
2:09 Maen! Woof.
22/Feb/08 2:55 AM
Good Maen all! I have dutifully added my pets to the pet forum. Finally reloaded my picture gallery (pics were lost due to the server problems last month) and added 2 new lunar eclipse photos from last night. Not spectacular, but that's what I got. Very cold here today, was 8 degrees (-13.3 C) when kids went to school, now it is up to 17 (-8.3C)!
22/Feb/08 2:57 AM
For all you teachers and former teachers out there, I have put Taylor Mali (a slam poet) presenting his poem "What Teachers Make" on my You-tube. There are a few different versions out there, you may want to search out some of the others. Warning: one bit of bad language at the end, and an obscene gesture in some of the other versions.
22/Feb/08 3:08 AM
Good Thursday Maen, all!

Am enjoying my day off already, with a quick Sudoku and reading what's new w/y'all!
22/Feb/08 3:09 AM

Answer to yesterday's puzzle: Continue the series: ottffss_ _ _ e n t
All are the first letters of numbers 1-10
Anybody (besides Greg) get it?

22/Feb/08 3:13 AM
It was cloudy here last night, so I missed the eclipse. Bummer Actually, it was snowing. We only got a couple of inches. It's already melted off the cars this morning and the roads are clear. My kind of snow storm!
22/Feb/08 3:18 AM
Thanks for letting me know about the Pet Page! Didn't know it was there! (My cats are now there.)Will have to take time to read it all later.
22/Feb/08 3:20 AM
Just checked my e-mail! Angie (W) also had the correct answer!
22/Feb/08 3:22 AM
hi all, just looking out the window and admiring the results of a long Sunday planting bulbs a few months ago; daffodils and crocus giving a splash of yellow and tulips and hyacinth peeking out of the soil ready to flower next month. Spring has arrived at last!
22/Feb/08 4:07 AM
22/Feb/08 4:29 AM
22/Feb/08 4:34 AM
2:26. Good Maen to All.
22/Feb/08 5:02 AM

1. Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking you up in the morning.
2. Alfred Hitchcock didn't have a belly button.
3. A pack-a-day smoker will lose approximately two teeth every ten years. More...
22/Feb/08 5:04 AM
Good maEn everyone.
Too cold this evining in Cairo
22/Feb/08 5:29 AM
Timer 00:03:32
22/Feb/08 5:29 AM
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