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Easy Sudoku for 22/March/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning everyone.
22/Mar/14 12:00 AM
Good Maen!
22/Mar/14 12:00 AM
1:48. Good night all.
22/Mar/14 12:02 AM
A Thought For The Day:

If procrastination was an Olympic sport, I'd compete in it later.
22/Mar/14 12:02 AM
22/Mar/14 12:10 AM
Disemboweler time. One has six answers.

1. Heavy ______, repast, prefix meaning bad or badly
2. Meal’s last course, Gobi is one, ten in Czech, active ingredient in insect repellant, a hallucinogenic drug, an acute episode of delirium usually caused by withdrawal from alcohol
3. More...
22/Mar/14 12:15 AM
Nice closeup.
22/Mar/14 12:15 AM
...and it's Friday here!
22/Mar/14 12:51 AM
( ^ For Shosho!)
22/Mar/14 12:52 AM
hope all is well in your world.

Im not great on birds but Im thinking (with the help of Mr Google) this bird is a Yellow Rosella (platycercus elegans)from Australia. Im sure Kate will set me straight if I have erred.
22/Mar/14 12:53 AM

1a. gander
2b. ranged
3b. garden
4b. danger

1b. fortes
2b. softer
3b. foster
4b. forest

In the today we have HaltT, Kathy, Judy, Jeanine, Lizzie G (1st set), and Dottie R (1st set). For your gardens
22/Mar/14 12:58 AM
Lizzy G, there are a lot of bird lovers on this site. I figured someone would label it sooner or later.
22/Mar/14 12:59 AM
So beautifully colorful.
22/Mar/14 2:54 AM
22/Mar/14 3:35 AM
Thank you, Shiela!!! Here's some flying your way!!!
22/Mar/14 3:36 AM
What a beautiful bird this morning. Wish we had some like it, here.
22/Mar/14 3:50 AM
Good afternoon to all! I agree Jacalmi, a very pretty and colorful bird.
22/Mar/14 4:01 AM
I have family arriving later this afternoon to help me celebrate a special day. I think I've got the place clean enough, but I'm sure I forgot something.
22/Mar/14 4:03 AM
Close enough?
22/Mar/14 4:07 AM
Seems so to me.
22/Mar/14 4:08 AM
Anybody coming along?
22/Mar/14 4:08 AM
22/Mar/14 4:08 AM

Nice picture Keith.
And, on 3/22 no less......
22/Mar/14 6:37 AM
22/Mar/14 6:38 AM
From Kathy:

''We went for a lovely canal ride in Margaret & Gordon's boat 'Aimless' on Tuesday morning, had a delicious lunch at their home afterwards and then went to Red Manna Restaurant for dinner (or 'Tea') that evening. The next morning, we drove up to Fremantle to catch a ferry to More...
22/Mar/14 7:27 AM
It's a green rosella parrot. We have a lot of them around here- they are currently employed as apple destroyers.
22/Mar/14 7:40 AM
Good morning everyone. I was too turned to her the calves last night, but they're quiet this morning. They should settle down now.
22/Mar/14 7:41 AM
Auto correct?
22/Mar/14 7:45 AM
I learned a lesson about the 'if you do this, you'll be the draw to win'. My internet provider has 5 Samsung phones as the carrot to get people to toughen up their passwords. Small print warned that it may affect modem router password. I thought nah - mine aren't linked . They have different passwords. Wrong! Took me an hour to get the help I needed to get the internet back.
22/Mar/14 7:46 AM
Lovely Rosella!
22/Mar/14 7:51 AM
Definitely auto correct. That made absolutely no sense - so kindly disregard it and I'll put myself in the naughty corner for a while.
22/Mar/14 8:32 AM
Hehe, not your fault, but having posted similar nonsensical gibberish myself, I've learned to reread ''one more time'' before I click Submit.
22/Mar/14 8:53 AM

Hey Sacky, meant to say thanks for the mulberry links and that we made the Beauty Point/Queenstown trip in a fairly easy 3.25hrs. Good but windy road all the way.
22/Mar/14 11:15 AM
Well done, Peter. That was a fair drive - your Tom Tom is more accurate than Apple Maps. It's handy to know. Are you showing the mulberry the axe?
22/Mar/14 11:28 AM
Good morning one and all!

I hope the girls are enjoying their stay in Cairns.
22/Mar/14 11:32 AM
Jane has gone off on a day trip and Kathy stayed behind to recharge her batteries.
22/Mar/14 1:03 PM
Did you really want to leave it there, Sacky ?
22/Mar/14 1:30 PM
I thought the site had lost the Page numbers !
22/Mar/14 1:31 PM
Anyone else lurking
22/Mar/14 1:31 PM
Or can I get a BOPP/TOPP ?
22/Mar/14 1:32 PM
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