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Easy Sudoku for 22/June/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen!
22/Jun/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
22/Jun/10 12:00 AM
I thought the prey was "squeaky"!
22/Jun/10 12:02 AM
HI all! Lots of birthday wishes round the world today, but especially to my beautiful daughter - have a great day young lady!
22/Jun/10 12:10 AM
2:46 to you all from Portland, Oregon, where summer is rumored to have started. Yesterday's high was 15 C.
22/Jun/10 12:11 AM
Bet I won't get many answers to today's puzzle! Answers to the 'summer's here!!' inbox please.

Can you take three letters away from a four-letter word and manage to have it mean the same thing?
22/Jun/10 12:12 AM

Happy Birthday, Carla!
22/Jun/10 12:37 AM
Grrrrrr! (It took me 31 minutes to get on the Sudoku site today!)
That said...
Good Maen, everyone! It's a beautiful sunny day here in Michigan. It will probably be hotter soon, but beautiful at the moment.
22/Jun/10 12:38 AM
It is the Summer Solstice on our side of the world today.
22/Jun/10 12:40 AM
Squeaky is CUTE!
22/Jun/10 12:42 AM
Oops! Forgot to change avatars!
My little pig is celebrating Carla's birthday.
22/Jun/10 12:46 AM
I wonder... Squeaky as in 'Clean' or Squeaky as in 'Mouse'?
22/Jun/10 12:47 AM
Fiona offspring! (Is it Carla?)
May all of your wishes come true!
22/Jun/10 12:50 AM
I bet you get more answers than I did yesterday, Fiona! BTW, I have seen that one before, so I will pass on sending an answer....

The evidently waaay too difficult answer to the evidently perplexing puzzle:
Some are a sports term (par)golf
Some could be drawings (art)
Four are More...
22/Jun/10 12:57 AM
Squeaky as in that what he sounds like? Good morning all.
22/Jun/10 1:06 AM
Fiona and Kathy - it is summer, my mind doesn't want to work that hard! I will leave it to CG.
22/Jun/10 1:15 AM
It's my youngest daughter Celeste's birthday today. She was born on the 21 of June. Her daughter was born of the 21 of Dec. and Nest's husband was born on the 21 of Sept. Weird .
22/Jun/10 1:17 AM
Squeaky reminds me of my Pipa who died so long ago. He/She brings back many pleasant memories.
22/Jun/10 1:21 AM
Dorthea - there still is the 21st of March - did you forget someone?

all from SUNNY So. Oregon.
22/Jun/10 1:22 AM
Dorthea's offspring - Celeste! May all your birthday wishes come true, too!
22/Jun/10 1:27 AM
Slow morning?
22/Jun/10 1:33 AM
22/Jun/10 1:33 AM
Well, I guess I accomplished something today - need to go use the weed eater before it gets too hot today.
22/Jun/10 1:34 AM
STILL nobody here?
22/Jun/10 1:52 AM
A 20-minute CP?
22/Jun/10 1:53 AM
Now I really am off to get dressed and do yard work.
22/Jun/10 1:53 AM
22/Jun/10 2:25 AM
Travel day, today, but before I go...

To: fraz, Scrappingmami, MichJJ and edal. Also Carla and Celeste.

TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday To Ya… More...
22/Jun/10 2:35 AM
22/Jun/10 2:38 AM
hi to all you wonderful people.........have a great day!
22/Jun/10 3:24 AM
Our heat index is at 107℉ and climbing. This is supposed to be the hottest week of the year.
22/Jun/10 3:39 AM
Good afternoon to all! Okay now. Nice and easy. For over three years I have been asking people to find the hidden cat in the photo. Anyone want to try today?
22/Jun/10 4:30 AM

Well done Graeme McDowell from Northern Ireland, the first Irishman to win the US Golf Open!
22/Jun/10 4:33 AM
Well, the World Cup is on and soccer rules the airwaves. So.....

A medical professor had just finished a lecture on the subject of mental health and started to give an oral quiz to the first years. Speaking specifically about manic depression, the senior doctor asked, 'How would you More...
22/Jun/10 4:35 AM
Just for Fiona......

What do you call a Scottish player in the first round of the World Cup?

The Referee.
22/Jun/10 4:36 AM
One day in Bavaria, the seven dwarfs went off to work in the salt mine, while Snow White stayed at home as usual to cook their lunch. However, when she went to the mine to deliver their lunches, she found there had been a cave-in, and there was no sign of the dwarfs.
Tearfully, Snow White More...
22/Jun/10 4:37 AM
I'm looking forward to meeting Lynne and Keith. They arrive here in Ottawa on Thursday. My first international Sudoku visitors!
22/Jun/10 4:39 AM
Greg, I hope you have picked a few statues for Keith's posing! How nice that you get to meet.

We will have highs in the mid-90's this week, Heidi. I'm afraid to check the heat index! lol

Good jokes today, Greg!
22/Jun/10 5:10 AM
Greg, Enjoy meeting Keith and Lynne. My visit to your neck of the woods was before " Sudoku". Was there such a time?
22/Jun/10 5:34 AM
to all those celebrating today, including Carla and Celeste.
22/Jun/10 5:37 AM
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