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Easy Sudoku for 22/June/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning
22/Jun/11 12:00 AM
Good Maen from Stinkin' Hot California! It should be a lot nice up the mountain on that cool lake...hope there isn't still snow blocking the roadway to the lake!
Phantom - just love reading your summaries.
22/Jun/11 12:00 AM
I am off to Adelaide for a visit in the middle of next month. I haven't been home for ages so I cannot wait.
22/Jun/11 12:00 AM
Good morning people of the world.
22/Jun/11 12:00 AM
World Handshake Day
First Day of Summer
22/Jun/11 12:01 AM
What a precious picture...sure hope they all made it to maturity!
22/Jun/11 12:03 AM

Just back from a wonderful couple of days in Yosemite. It was beautiful, as always; and the waterfalls were magnificent. The summer crowds are there in full force. While we were there, there was a full out search for a missing hiker going on. Don't know if they found him. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.
22/Jun/11 12:04 AM
22/Jun/11 12:14 AM
Baby birds are so homely, they're adorable!
22/Jun/11 12:35 AM
Happy Tuesday!
22/Jun/11 12:39 AM
everyone from the very warm west coast of USA ...
I do believe summer has finally arrived....
22/Jun/11 12:58 AM

Happy First Day of Summer!
(For some of us, anyway)
22/Jun/11 1:06 AM
Good Maen, good people. Little Plum has a week of dress rehearsals and performances - including some solo lines in songs - and she's come down with a cold! Just got back from getting Zicam rapidmelts. Hope they help. Prayed for her this morning. Now putting her on prayer chains. The show must go on!
22/Jun/11 1:15 AM
I have had a message from Frazzled Fiona. It seems she is up off the couch and running around as if being chased by a 130 pound cat. She says her plate is completely full and, on top of that, she is really busy. She will post yesterday's poozle winners after she cleans her plate and is More...
22/Jun/11 1:17 AM
Those baby wrens are so sweet. I've just had some baby cardinals come to feed with their Dad and I love to watch them. Then of course there are the Eagles...so I guess Summer has arrived.
22/Jun/11 1:22 AM

What does this mean?

i i
o o
o o
o o

Answers to the "Perhaps more sleep" inbox, please.
22/Jun/11 1:27 AM
to all as it would apply.
22/Jun/11 1:41 AM
What is going on? It is mid-morning here in the US and 22 hasn't been taken advantage of? I think I can arrange something.
22/Jun/11 1:42 AM
G'morning all. The long lazy days of summer already? You all have usually blown well past 22 by now.
22/Jun/11 1:43 AM
I just made a terrible mistake. We are going grill some meat today and I started to clean the grill. I noticed some leaves under the grills and figured I had better clean that out.
22/Jun/11 1:44 AM
Ahh Jackie, great minds and all that....
22/Jun/11 1:44 AM
I shall continue. I didn't want a fire you know.
22/Jun/11 1:44 AM
My,my and on my first day back with a huge pile of my own swearing to do and Jackie is setting a bad example...
22/Jun/11 1:46 AM
ah ha, I got it! Hi Shannon. So, when it landed on the ground at the back of the grill... there were eggs in the nest. So sorry. If I had known the grill would have been roped off and declared a nature area. Well, we would not have used it at least.
22/Jun/11 1:47 AM
At least you will be outdoors. I see an ankle shackle reaching out from the laundry room...
22/Jun/11 1:47 AM
Pity, really. We feed the birds and will not have a cat because we like to watch the birds. But, building a nest in a gas grill was not the best choice location. We do have bird houses for them.
22/Jun/11 1:50 AM
I guess that is better than lighting up the grill without knowing they were there.. along with starting a fire because of the dead leaves and such.
22/Jun/11 1:51 AM
i should do the puzzel. I was so excited to have a chance at '22' I decided to make a run for it first.
22/Jun/11 1:53 AM
But, a CP is possible as well!
22/Jun/11 1:53 AM
And that should be as it should be.
22/Jun/11 1:54 AM
Are the eggs still intact? Maybe you can just put the nest nearby...
22/Jun/11 1:55 AM
Ta Ta, y'all
22/Jun/11 1:55 AM
I slept in again, and y'all tromped right on through 22 without me.
22/Jun/11 1:59 AM
It would really be a shame to celebrate the first day of summer by swearing in the house all day. There is a nice breeze going...maybe if I open the windows wide enough the breeze will move the dust around enough to eliminate a few chores.
22/Jun/11 1:59 AM
... but I got Jerry's 33.
22/Jun/11 1:59 AM
Hey Shannon, welcome back.
Are you off auntie duties for a while?
22/Jun/11 2:02 AM
Kitty has been cooped up in the house during my absences and would love a 'sniff around' outside, but there is a rash of messages telling me that we have a new resident in the neighborhood...a mountain lion!
22/Jun/11 2:03 AM
Shannon, no, they all were broken. Now that I have done the puzzel I feel even worse. But, I didn't know. Happy first day of summer to everyone.
22/Jun/11 2:06 AM
My machines have stopped for the day. They will resume their duties after the sun goes down. Makes my bought cool air, worthless, if I run those machines during the day. Which is sad, since I only have maybe 3 loads left to do and by tonight I will have 4 or more.
22/Jun/11 2:07 AM
I should get a thrill out of my efforts. Hold on.
22/Jun/11 2:07 AM
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