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Easy Sudoku for 23/January/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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ALL - from So. Oregon - dark out there at this hour - we shall see what the day brings.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend!
23/Jan/11 12:00 AM
To all.

23/Jan/11 12:00 AM
Good morning
23/Jan/11 12:01 AM
BBQ at Bronie's at lunch time. Should be good as always.
23/Jan/11 12:01 AM
West coasters are up early today.
23/Jan/11 12:02 AM
Good Maen, everyone! Eve, G-h, Dorthea...
23/Jan/11 12:02 AM
Have fun, G-h! Wish I could be at Broni's, too!!!
23/Jan/11 12:03 AM
Hey here comes Michigan. We will think of you Shiela. Maen Eve and Dorthea.
23/Jan/11 12:04 AM
Don't forget 4KQ Shiela.
23/Jan/11 12:05 AM
There is five of these dogs on our block. They all get out of their yards and the all bark. I am beginning to dislike them.
23/Jan/11 12:07 AM
Jerry I need my coffee.
23/Jan/11 12:08 AM
Yappy little critters Dorthea. I'm with you.
23/Jan/11 12:09 AM
GH Your weekend is 1/2 over. While our is just begining.

Us west-coasters are looking for a good weekend, while the northerners would be best to have lots of wood a nice fire, lots of hot chocolate (or coffee), some good books, family fun time with the old board games or old-time card games. Let there be the warmth of the hearth, family, fun & of course a lot of love and sharing.
23/Jan/11 12:09 AM
Good Morning, Cinnamon!

Good Morning everyone!
23/Jan/11 12:10 AM
Yes it's half over Eve. We now have unbearable humidity. BBQ should be good with lots of Sudoku friends.
23/Jan/11 12:12 AM
Morning all - what a cute doggie. This was a very easy puzzle.
23/Jan/11 12:12 AM
We have unbearable c-c-cold, G-h!
23/Jan/11 12:13 AM
It's 9°F here (-12°C).
23/Jan/11 12:16 AM
Google says -14 C
23/Jan/11 12:18 AM
Da** thats cold.
23/Jan/11 12:20 AM
Congrats on no1 Eve.
23/Jan/11 12:20 AM
23/Jan/11 12:21 AM
Yes, it's t-t-tooo c-c-cold, G-h!!!
23/Jan/11 12:21 AM
Got it. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
23/Jan/11 12:21 AM
Congrats, Grass-hopper! (If I hadn't been so busy shivering, I might have beat you!)
23/Jan/11 12:22 AM
It's Saturday morning Shiela back to bed and have a sleep in. Spoil yourself.
23/Jan/11 12:22 AM
Add 'en' to 'beat', please!
23/Jan/11 12:23 AM
Thanks mate.
23/Jan/11 12:24 AM
Sounds very tempting, G-h, but hubby is already up and moving!
(Monthly recycle day, here in our township.)
23/Jan/11 12:25 AM
1:27. Hi all.
23/Jan/11 12:28 AM
We get a recycle bin picked up here each week.
23/Jan/11 12:28 AM
Hi Chris, Missed you on easy for a few days.
23/Jan/11 12:29 AM
23/Jan/11 12:29 AM
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi 2 out of 3
23/Jan/11 12:30 AM
It has warmed up to 7° (F) here this morning! BRRRRRRR!!!!
23/Jan/11 12:31 AM
Hi G-H, been a little busy and getting back into an early-morning exercise routine to get rid of those extra xmas kilos has played havoc with my sleep patterns.
23/Jan/11 12:33 AM
Good Maen to a very cold morning
23/Jan/11 12:34 AM
Canuk Greg - I bet it is colder up your way?
23/Jan/11 12:36 AM
My plans for the day......to stay warm!

Have a great day everyone!
23/Jan/11 12:37 AM
You are lucky that Christmas doesn't fall in the cold season, Chris! Hubby runs (I used to) during winter, but when it's snowy and icy, it gets a bit dangerous with cars sliding all over.
23/Jan/11 12:37 AM
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