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Easy Sudoku for 23/October/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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back to the good old days, have a good day/night everyone.
23/Oct/16 12:03 AM
I do with there was an edit button...that first post could do with a bit of correcting but I wanted to get here first...just like the good old days when I was at paid work but none the less its
off to bed.......
23/Oct/16 12:07 AM
Check back to yesterday for a puzzle. Note the error in the earliest version. 🗿
23/Oct/16 12:25 AM
Just home from a barbecue tea at my daughter's place as my son is in town until tomorrow. He arrived last night so it was lovely all getting together this evening.
23/Oct/16 12:45 AM
1:59 Very slow but I'm also very tired. Good night one and all!
23/Oct/16 12:48 AM
from a cool but beautiful day in OK
23/Oct/16 2:11 AM
Curious. How long does it normally take for an Avatar to be reviewed? Submitted one about a week ago, no response.
23/Oct/16 2:27 AM

Denny, Gath is putting off reviewing Avatars for way longer than we would all hope. Sadly, we haven't been his first priority for a long time. I have one awaiting review as well, so hope he does it soon.
23/Oct/16 2:48 AM
Hi, Becky in the snow! ...and Keith, Denny, Sue, sleepy Anne, Wombat with a much needed correction, making his puzzle a snap, and Lizzy still adjusting to life as a retiree! Have a G'day everyone!
23/Oct/16 2:56 AM
23/Oct/16 3:25 AM
Anne, that was slow??? I'm hilariously happy if I could break the two minute barrier!!!
23/Oct/16 3:25 AM
23/Oct/16 3:57 AM
Morning all, Becky looking very happy.
Thank you all for the Anniversary wishes yesterday.
23/Oct/16 6:59 AM
Thanks for the reminder Wombat .
23/Oct/16 7:01 AM
Suzanne, Jack and LeeB.
23/Oct/16 7:05 AM
Becky is cute, but I don't see any snow.
23/Oct/16 7:20 AM
Good morning all. Hubby tallied our rain total for this year - 48'' so far. Massively wet and boggy!
23/Oct/16 8:26 AM
A beautiful day here. I'm going to make the most of it! Enjoy your day folks.
23/Oct/16 8:28 AM
Happy Saturday! One more vacation day before going back to work on Monday
23/Oct/16 8:59 AM
Hmmm, where's Keith?
23/Oct/16 11:19 AM
Kinda figured he'd be gallumping by now.
23/Oct/16 11:21 AM
Oh well, I'll take it.
23/Oct/16 11:21 AM
Sorry, Keith. I couldn't resist.
23/Oct/16 11:23 AM
Now, how can I irritate Judy?
23/Oct/16 11:24 AM
Wombat's correction makes his puzzle work, so go on everyone, do it!
23/Oct/16 12:07 PM
Night all.
23/Oct/16 1:16 PM
Uhhh, Hal ... are you still breathing??
23/Oct/16 1:55 PM
Spent a couple hours doing some yard work. Our cool morning heated up almost too warm for me to be out.
23/Oct/16 2:01 PM
23/Oct/16 2:02 PM
very today
23/Oct/16 2:02 PM
I will do my best to liven things up a bit
23/Oct/16 2:04 PM
23/Oct/16 2:04 PM
23/Oct/16 2:06 PM
23/Oct/16 2:06 PM
23/Oct/16 2:07 PM
23/Oct/16 4:21 PM
1:29. Good evening everyone.
23/Oct/16 7:00 PM
I'm late getting on, it's been a very busy day - a 32km run this morning, followed by two breakfasts (one just didn't do the trick!), out digging up the veggie patch, lunch, getting mulch, moo poo, and plants, preparing the soil, planting, mulching, watering, phew! Just sat down with a beer as a reward for all my hard work and realised I hadn't done the Sudoku puzzles - shock, horror!
23/Oct/16 7:01 PM
...and now we're so close I can't resist!
23/Oct/16 7:01 PM
23/Oct/16 7:01 PM
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