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Easy Sudoku for 23/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Up early this morning (7am) in Dallas.
23/Nov/15 12:00 AM
Now I've done the Sudoku.
23/Nov/15 12:19 AM
I guess Barbara and chocolate lover are out fighting fires. Happy Birthday to them, anyhow.
23/Nov/15 12:22 AM
OK, midnight Monday morning is rather hard.
23/Nov/15 12:31 AM

Dont fear Wolf, not all of Australia is engulfed in flames. The fires taking life and property you are probably hearing about are in Western Australia in the south east of that state.
23/Nov/15 12:37 AM
Happy Sunday!
23/Nov/15 1:15 AM
I was up early enough to have tried for first this morning, but somehow I found other things to do instead. How could I have had such mistaken priorities?!!
23/Nov/15 1:34 AM
Jim might have been OK with this one because it's in focus and exceedingly cute ... naw, probably not.
23/Nov/15 2:03 AM
Good morning.
23/Nov/15 2:50 AM
No fires in Sydney or Canberra, Wolf.
23/Nov/15 2:51 AM
wolf, I am curious - where are you going on your visit to Australia?
23/Nov/15 2:54 AM
The week starts again - and with it the usual round of appointments.
23/Nov/15 2:58 AM
But I do feel I am making progress. Only my neck and shouder to improve now! I'm still looking like the hunchback of South Canberra, but I'm hoping it's not permanent.
23/Nov/15 3:01 AM

CP - I'm glad to hear you're feeling better other than that stubborn neck and shoulder area. Hopefully you'll get better news about yours than Canuk Greg got about his.
23/Nov/15 3:10 AM
To that smart alec Peter, it was 1978, not 1878, when I went down the Mississippi River. I'm pretty sure you've got at least a couple years of age on me, so be careful there!
23/Nov/15 3:13 AM
Was baby Rune a gift from Santa? He sure is cute in that Xmas stocking.
23/Nov/15 4:27 AM
Little girl was born the week before Christmas so I took a picture of her lying in her stocking. Hubby and Elijah wanted to hang it with her in it. I wouldn't let them.
23/Nov/15 6:42 AM
Morning all, a bit nippy today had to put a jacket on.
23/Nov/15 6:55 AM
Good morning everyone.
23/Nov/15 7:14 AM
Off to give the boat a quick run this morning.
23/Nov/15 7:14 AM
Having trouble to getting the speed to show on the fish finder. It comes on at random times. No good when you are trolling for trout.
23/Nov/15 7:16 AM
Keith? 22 is mine, all mine!
23/Nov/15 7:17 AM
Cathy I hope you get some relief for your neck and shoulder soon.
23/Nov/15 7:20 AM
Lovely day. Off for another Christmas Lunch.
23/Nov/15 7:28 AM
... a little slow checking back in.
23/Nov/15 7:58 AM
Good afternoon to all! I'd like to find that kitten in my stocking.
23/Nov/15 8:08 AM
A little slow here today. Maybe everyone (like me) were watching the Ottawa Red Blacks football game.
23/Nov/15 8:09 AM
And yes, OTTAWA WON! We are on our way to the Grey Cup game. One heck of a close game, decided with less then a minute left by a 93 yard touchdown pass to give Ottawa the win. Yippee!
23/Nov/15 8:12 AM
Lizzy, I'll be in touch.
23/Nov/15 8:13 AM
One more for a famous cereal post!
23/Nov/15 8:13 AM
Seem to have spent the last four days socialising and eating out... Had another engagement after the Sudoku lunch yesterday and wasn't going to eat... guess what..I did...Too much..
Maybe I need a juice day today.. will mull over that with my toast & vegemite..
Off to see Oddball More...
23/Nov/15 8:56 AM
For those of you that haven't heard of 'Oddball'-
Oddball is based on an incredible true story about an eccentric chicken farmer who - with the help of his granddaughter - trains his mischievous dog Oddball to protect a wild penguin sanctuary from fox attacks in an attempt to reunite his family More...
23/Nov/15 8:57 AM
Have a good day everyone
23/Nov/15 8:58 AM
23/Nov/15 10:42 AM
Finally the Time Warner repair guy came and now I have internet service again!!! Two and a half days without, oh the withdrawal pains!!!
23/Nov/15 10:43 AM
Now catching up with the world! And connecting!
23/Nov/15 10:46 AM
Now that I'm here, might as well turn the page!!!
23/Nov/15 10:46 AM
don't see anyone challenging me!
23/Nov/15 10:47 AM
I guess I better hurry!
23/Nov/15 10:47 AM
23/Nov/15 10:48 AM
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