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Easy Sudoku for 23/December/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's medical daffynition:
Anti-Body - Against everyone

...and here's today's factoid:
There are 336 dimples in a regulation golf ball.
23/Dec/12 12:00 AM
Good morning Kayo.
I will believe you about the dimples. I will not be counting to check! I do not play golf anyway.
23/Dec/12 12:03 AM
I just saw an ad for a golf ball whose dimples were not exactly the same and they said it would cause better stability. I wonder if true and I wonder if legal.
23/Dec/12 12:21 AM

What an exquisite picture........Have a good day all, hope all the presents are wrapped and under the tree already and you can relax into the lead up to the big day!!! not long now..........
23/Dec/12 12:36 AM

Just a quick stop-in to wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas!

23/Dec/12 12:49 AM
Happy Saturday!
It's 42degF outside, 63degF inside at 7:12am; time to put on some socks and make some hot tea
23/Dec/12 2:13 AM
23/Dec/12 2:34 AM
Magnificent rose!!! Is that Chrysler Imperial?
23/Dec/12 2:36 AM
It's 28℉ here and it's late morning. Isn't today the first full day, officially, of Winter? ☃
23/Dec/12 2:40 AM
Our local tractor dealer is having his customer appreciation Christmas party in just over an hour. I'm going, but I won't be eating much. I never learned to like country ham.
23/Dec/12 2:43 AM
I'm actually and finally organized for Christmas! All the presents are wrapped,( and the ones going elsewhere are all mailed) and under the tree. Except for the dog's chew toys. I still need to put those under the tree. The menu for Christmas dinner is planned, and ingredients ready. The entré is leg of lamb.
23/Dec/12 2:48 AM
The title plural, the picture is singular.
23/Dec/12 2:48 AM
Keep those medical daffynitions and factoids coming, Kayo, please. They're entertaining, thought provoking and great conversation starters.
23/Dec/12 2:51 AM
Oh, good. I got Shosho's #8, my birthday (10th) and lucky #13!!!
23/Dec/12 2:52 AM
Why does baby girl insist on emptying the recycling bin?
23/Dec/12 2:53 AM
That question was rhetorical. The Christmas question is, do you send out cards?

We do. Although recently I figured out that if you do photo cards you can have a closing printed so you don't have to sign them.
23/Dec/12 2:55 AM
Serena, She is recycling it.
23/Dec/12 2:56 AM
Heidi, Yes. Today is the first Full day of Winter. Winter started 11:12AM Universal Standard Time yesterday.
23/Dec/12 2:59 AM
Neil, So does the recycling bin go under the category of 'non-traditional' toys now? I always wonder why I buy them commercial toys.
23/Dec/12 3:02 AM
23/Dec/12 3:06 AM
23/Dec/12 3:06 AM
This college student pulled off something that would make Fiona proud (Not)

You may have to read the story to get it. Then pay special attention starting at about the 19 second mark..

http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/student-pulls-off-awesome-graduation-prank-174930285- -abc-news-topstories.html
23/Dec/12 3:07 AM

Another late start for me in Sudokuland. This time the laundry is to blame.

We do send out Christmas cards, Serena. I sign them by hand, but I do print out address labels. THAT'S a time saver!
23/Dec/12 3:14 AM
Stormin' like a mother here...lots of wind and rain, but the snow is a couple thousand feet higher in elevation :0(
23/Dec/12 3:15 AM
Maen all!
Guess we'll all have to pay off those credit cards now...
23/Dec/12 3:18 AM
The answers to yesterday's poozle: 1. bassoon 2. toffee 3. keelless (see, Peter?) 4. appellee
5. Walloon

Winners, Heidi, HalT, Peter (the ''doubting one''), Greg (the '' minus one''), Mr. Cee, and Serena will be enjoying a musical interlude by the famous virtuoso, Greg Orian Chant, More...
23/Dec/12 3:32 AM
And for today......

Can you decipher this:


Answers to the ''Baby, yes it is!'' inbox, please.
23/Dec/12 3:45 AM
What a beautiful red rose , Peg. Well, I'm no longer dreaming of a white Xmas. We have loads of snow ,now, after a big storm that's still going on. Taking to the hills the day after Xmas. YAY!
Merry Christmas to everyone .
23/Dec/12 4:01 AM
23/Dec/12 5:09 AM
Heidi, that's Queen Anne's 13 (0f Albany)! I think she and Keith were the earliest claimers of lucky numbers!
23/Dec/12 5:28 AM
Serena, bet baby girl thought that was a clever idea until she saw the expression on your face!
23/Dec/12 5:31 AM
Wow we hit cold (well cold for us Southern Californians) below 50º (we went down to 47ºF, 8.33ºC) I've pulled out all my long sleeve shirts and long pants and put away all the shorts and tank tops! But it still is warm enough to steam up my glasses when I stop running!
23/Dec/12 5:34 AM
No way are we going to get a white Christmas! A wet one perhaps. The weather forecast here is rain for the days around Christmas EXCEPT on Christmas. Get that! We'll have a partly cloudy day instead.
23/Dec/12 5:36 AM
To all my Santa's little helper friends, try to calm down and even though you don't get everything done by Christmas there are 364 days to do so! Don't be
23/Dec/12 5:39 AM
23/Dec/12 5:49 AM
I used to have cards sent, most of my shopping done by the beginning of December, the tree up and the house trimmed, cookies baked. Then I got married and had kids.
23/Dec/12 5:51 AM
I'm back...for a while. My sister's friend looked at the pooter and took down some numbers so he could order a part, then let me have it til the part came in.
23/Dec/12 5:52 AM
Greetings from beautiful Portland, Oregon, where the sun is shining on this first full day of winter in the northern hemisphere.
23/Dec/12 5:53 AM
Hi, Jim. Long time no see! Are you back for good?
23/Dec/12 6:02 AM
Is Karen or HalT around???
23/Dec/12 6:02 AM
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