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Easy Sudoku for 23/December/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A Thought For The Day:

If you can stay calm while all around you is chaos then you probably haven't completely understood the situation.
23/Dec/13 12:00 AM
Christmas is all about giving.

23/Dec/13 12:00 AM
G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
detergent — a kick in the groin
And here's today's factoid:
The first synthetic detergents were experimentally produced in mid-19th century France.
23/Dec/13 12:01 AM
The dog days of winter?
23/Dec/13 12:02 AM
Wow!. Doug beat Kayo. I'm going to mark this day on my calendar.
23/Dec/13 12:03 AM
Good morning.
23/Dec/13 12:03 AM
I miss Kayo's early posts, guess she has other more important things to do!
23/Dec/13 12:05 AM
It's ice storm day here. The state of VT is advising us to stay of the roads. Based on what I see out my window, I agree with them.
23/Dec/13 12:05 AM
How on earth did Kayo post as late as 12:01?
23/Dec/13 12:05 AM
Good morning Kayo
23/Dec/13 12:06 AM
I'm not posting from home tonight. Slow service here.
23/Dec/13 12:07 AM
Serena - If you have to stay off the roads, does that mean that you have to drive on the sidewalks instead?
23/Dec/13 12:08 AM
Hooray for slow services !!!!
23/Dec/13 12:08 AM
I still wouldn't be able to leave my house because there are no sidewalks in my immediate area.
23/Dec/13 12:12 AM
Hmmmm, the conversation stopped. Everyone must be working busily solving those Sudoku puzzles.
23/Dec/13 12:12 AM
All my cookies are made, 3 sets of them are packaged in tins. I supposed since I'm not going anywhere today, the tree might make it up today. Anyone want to place bets on whether or not that actually happens?
23/Dec/13 12:17 AM
If your cookies are made and you are snowed in with no chance of going out, I'd say you are an odds on favourite to put the tree up today.
23/Dec/13 12:22 AM
23/Dec/13 12:26 AM
well, our forecast is iffy for the morning, planning on family gathering this afternoon, hoping to see if we can fit Al into the car with his new hip approving of it.
23/Dec/13 12:39 AM
I'm only here this early because the creak creak creak of a rolling walker woke me from my slumber. I would love to go back to that dream like state I was in when before that creak creak creak came and woke me to another day.
23/Dec/13 12:41 AM
would you mind passing a cookie down here, I would enjoy one with my coffee - thank you
23/Dec/13 12:42 AM

Where is Keith?
23/Dec/13 12:42 AM
Ta da Thanks Mymare for the 22.lol.
23/Dec/13 12:43 AM

Well time to be gone so Night Night all.
23/Dec/13 12:44 AM
You have a second day to work on your weekend puzzle. This will be my last puzzle until after Christmas folks.

1. Someone who cuts stone or wood-> a jug or pitcher
2. An Allen Ginsberg poem included in a book with ‘A Supermarket in California’-> in what state or condition
3. To More...
23/Dec/13 1:18 AM
I'm still up well before dawn, but too slow to have a chance for my number. Winter does that. Dog portrait is way too big to do as a jigsaw.
23/Dec/13 2:11 AM
I thought I would lead someone to the number - just w little gift from me
23/Dec/13 2:23 AM

Maybe it's the ''do'', but that pup seems to have a rather elongated head. Cute though.

We have another balmy day. It's supposed to get up into the 70's. I figured I would take advantage of the weather and wash the car, but it's raining. It sure doesn't feel much like Christmas time in these here parts.
23/Dec/13 3:44 AM
Although, according to the paper this morning, by the 25th, we will be experiencing MUCH colder temps. I hope it dries out by then, or I'll be skating around outside! Crazy weather.
23/Dec/13 3:48 AM
Lovely portrait of a lovely pooch.

We had a vicious storm last night. It sounded like a hurricane and water levels on our creek rose over 6 feet, causing problems. I don't think we'll dry out in a looooooong time. At least the ground is supposed to freeze tomorrow night.
23/Dec/13 4:16 AM
Looks like we're headed for more record highs here in central SC. It's already 78°F (25°C), and it's only 1PM.
23/Dec/13 4:52 AM
it is getting close, is everyone ready??
23/Dec/13 4:53 AM
Hal, how could it be 1PM in SC when it is only 12:55 PM here in FL? Do your clocks run a little faster up there? ;)
23/Dec/13 4:56 AM
Don't worry all easterners, there should be plenty of cold weather on the way. We were 70's on Thursday and now we are in the 20's. Bad thing is no snow just ice.
23/Dec/13 4:57 AM
We will be leaving for our daughter's in Charlotte tomorrow morning. Not sure how much time I'll be able to spend on the site for the next 6 days, so I'll take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May all your days be merry and bright, and may your Christmas be all that your hearts desire.
23/Dec/13 5:00 AM
I rounded off to the nearest hour, Kathy.
23/Dec/13 5:02 AM
Oh, yeah! I will post a disemboweler next Friday (Saturday). The theme will be ''Tis the season.'
23/Dec/13 5:05 AM
It's time people...
23/Dec/13 5:07 AM
... to say,...
23/Dec/13 5:08 AM
Goodbye page 1.
23/Dec/13 5:08 AM
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