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Easy Sudoku for 23/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Best wishes to all.
23/Dec/15 12:01 AM
23/Dec/15 1:03 AM
Good morning to all! A fluff on the lawn!
23/Dec/15 1:14 AM
I enjoyed your photos Hal.
23/Dec/15 1:15 AM
Good morning people of the world.
23/Dec/15 2:08 AM
Good morning.
23/Dec/15 2:13 AM
Not much doing here - or here.
23/Dec/15 2:14 AM
I finally got round to putting up the Christmas tree yesterday.
23/Dec/15 2:15 AM
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.
Man and the girls took me out to eat and the best part about having a birthday this time of the year is to go looking at Christmas lights. Unfortunately we had a cranky girl, so did not see that many lights. The girl was not happy because she wanted to More...
23/Dec/15 2:15 AM
And decorating the lounge room with little trees from my collection.
23/Dec/15 2:16 AM
I have about twice that number of trees but Mr P said there were enough already - sigh. At least with my low energy levels I got some deone!!!
23/Dec/15 2:18 AM
In the morning, I did get to party with 22 of my favorite first graders. Whew that was the fastest hour ever. I had 3 simple crafts planned, 3 games and a snack. We were able to do one craft and 2 games and while we were eating our snack, lunch came in. Special day, so the children got to eat in the classrooms. Thankfully, my games and one craft can be held over till the next party.
23/Dec/15 2:18 AM
OH, CP how on earth can you wait so long to decorate? Granted I had to hold Man back to wait till after Thanksgiving, but I was so ready and I am still tweaking.
Though I think I am skipping Christmas, because preparation for a dinner party on the 26th has been planned. Man is doing everything More...
23/Dec/15 2:25 AM
Well, back to rearranging dust bunnies. Over night guest either arrive today or tomorrow. Might be Thursday. I am hoping for Thursday.
23/Dec/15 2:26 AM
Glad I dont work too many Tuesday nights, way toooooo busy for my liking!!!
23/Dec/15 3:22 AM

As much as I would like to put up a Christmas tree with my dogs it wouldnt last two minutes. Hubby and I go to visit grandchildren so there is nobody to miss the tree but me. Do have to remember to send my brother a birthday/Christmas day greeting!!
23/Dec/15 3:25 AM
I have done most of the Christmas present shopping, but I have no idea when Im going to get it wrapped!?!?!?! One Christmas I will wrap as I buy but it hasnt been this year
23/Dec/15 3:29 AM
Come on Keith, I cant do all this gallumping by myself......still got a few to go.
23/Dec/15 3:30 AM
Phantom, I always check yesterday's final postings before today's puzzles & chatter; so when you're missing I notice.
23/Dec/15 3:50 AM
23/Dec/15 3:51 AM
Good morning all! Keith's turn.......
23/Dec/15 3:51 AM

I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas before everyone gets too busy. Safe travels to those that are going somewhere. I'm only going 12 miles to my brother's home!
23/Dec/15 3:52 AM
Wonders of wonders, it rained last night! Beginning to feel this is like Camelot where it rains during the night only! Well, then I'll go to farmers market and buy some fresh fruits and veggies!
23/Dec/15 3:53 AM
Lizzy was the last one to post when I started my comment. Sorry, Keith!
23/Dec/15 3:53 AM
Happy Tuesday!
Still raining and 59deg F
Karen, sorry you didn't make it to the 'space movie' to see what all the fuss is about!
Hopefully, I'll see it soon, but waiting for the biggest crowds to die down (Yes, I do know the diff between Star T and Star W!)
23/Dec/15 4:01 AM
BC all decorating, card writing, gifting writing was complete, by November 1. Cards went out the day after Thanksgiving. Since my darling's arrivals, I am good to be done by Christmas day. I do have a step-sister who generally does not get her package till January or February or March. And my More...
23/Dec/15 4:40 AM
I have a dog with an attitude.
Called her to come and she came trotting into the room, saw the towels in the floor and made a b-line under the bed. When I called her again, she gave me a look, that said, 'Whatever.'
23/Dec/15 4:42 AM
Aileen, maybe my girl could take you. :)

A cousin-in-law, was shocked when he went opening day, during the afternoon, walked up purchased ticket, went into nearly empty theatre, 10 minutes before the show started.
23/Dec/15 4:44 AM
Phantom, If you need to take a break, we'll understand, kinda, but miss you.

We might even break into song - - -

''We miss you Phanty,
oh yes we do.
We miss you Phanty,
and we'll be true.
When your not near us,
We're blue.
Oh Phanty we
Love YOU!''

I'm not sure a world wide 'flash mob' would be a pretty sight.

23/Dec/15 4:55 AM
Those of a 'certain age' will remember the tune, if not the lyrics...
23/Dec/15 4:55 AM
I'm off.

Need to pick up 'meds' for the hound.

The hound also needs to be weighed to see if the 'weight watcher' goal has been met...
23/Dec/15 4:59 AM
Well, I am not sure who won that battle of wills. Shelby Lou is now clean and prancing around with a look that says, 'We should do that more often.' I am soaking wet and a room to clean.

Seems the older she gets, the less she wants a bath. But give that dog a muddle puddle or a pile of poop and she is your girl.
23/Dec/15 5:14 AM
Dating your self DorA. Bye Bye Birdie. A fun musical.
23/Dec/15 5:32 AM
Morning all, what a cute ball of fluff.
Babysat Bridei and Torryn last night while Mum and Dad went to see the Star Wars movie. Torryn not happy when Mum isn't in sight.
23/Dec/15 5:49 AM
Oh yes, Bye Bye Birdie was a favourite of mine.
23/Dec/15 5:52 AM
What an adorable puppy today.
23/Dec/15 6:43 AM
Am out visiting my mom at her nursing home. She's not into any conversation and I've run out things to say. So I'm on the site instead.
23/Dec/15 8:33 AM
On my phone so it's a big hassle to get bring up my smilies but I'll plug on to the bottom.
23/Dec/15 8:34 AM
Getting close . . .
23/Dec/15 8:35 AM
23/Dec/15 8:35 AM
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