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Easy Sudoku for 23/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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23/Mar/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
23/Mar/10 12:00 AM
Good morning Chris.
23/Mar/10 12:01 AM
My clock shows 12:02
23/Mar/10 12:01 AM
Good morning John.
23/Mar/10 12:01 AM
John, Chiris, Nancy...Hello!
23/Mar/10 12:02 AM
1:48, g'day Scott.
23/Mar/10 12:03 AM
Sorry about the name change, Chris!
23/Mar/10 12:03 AM
Hi Shiela, Nancy, John (and Chiris, whoever that may be Shiela!)
23/Mar/10 12:04 AM
Not a problem Shiela!
23/Mar/10 12:05 AM
Good Morning to everyone and to you, Scott!
23/Mar/10 12:06 AM
Does he belong to you, Debby?
23/Mar/10 12:11 AM
Good Maen everyone. Off to China tomorrow for a grand tour!
23/Mar/10 12:27 AM
Oh, how wonderful! Have a fantastic trip, Lee!
23/Mar/10 12:28 AM
Shiela, no he isn't my Scott.

Lee, I hope you have a safe trip. It sounds like an interesting one! I am looking forward to seeing some pictures!
23/Mar/10 12:32 AM
2:10 Good evening all. I think this may perhaps be Deb from Queensland's son.
23/Mar/10 12:38 AM
When I return in 3 weeks someone will have to show me how to upload pictures. LOL
23/Mar/10 12:39 AM
Lee, I'm sure there will be plenty of willing people to show you. Have a wonderful and safe trip.
23/Mar/10 12:42 AM
Perhaps that should read "people willing to show you".
23/Mar/10 12:45 AM
23/Mar/10 12:46 AM
23/Mar/10 12:56 AM
Here just in time.
23/Mar/10 12:57 AM
That's a name from the past.
23/Mar/10 1:02 AM
Oh, I switched to this Avatar because of a comment on yesterday's tough.
23/Mar/10 1:03 AM
& one more in honor of CP.
23/Mar/10 1:03 AM
in and out - today is my and day - and then off to have dinner with the girls -- oh a charmed life I lead -- of course, the bathrooms with be cleaned between these delightful activities - enjoy your day
23/Mar/10 1:05 AM
Think I remember this pic from a long time ago. Good looking young man...Deb must be proud.
23/Mar/10 1:06 AM
You've seen the younger beardless face ... well, here's the older one.
23/Mar/10 1:06 AM
A handsome young man and a big, friendly smile to start the day. The type of picture to warm a mother's heart. Good Maen, good people.
23/Mar/10 1:08 AM

So much for our warm, sunny days. Drizzly and cool today.

You're not bronco bustin', Keith. Wombat bustin'?
Ride 'em cowboy!
23/Mar/10 1:10 AM
Good heaven's, now you look like John Lennon!
Quick change artist, is our Keith!
♪♪ Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away....♪♪
23/Mar/10 1:13 AM
Only one attempt at yesterday's puzzle, so I'm posting it again. I am nothing if not tenacious....

A census taker called on Mrs. MacPhee one day. He inquired if she had any children, and, if so, what their ages were. She answered that she would give him the facts.
"I have three More...
23/Mar/10 1:16 AM
I could think of a few other words to describe you, Batty ...
23/Mar/10 1:23 AM
Good Maen all!
Lee - have a fun and safe trip - sounds very exciting!
Keith - congrats! It is so weird seeing your face without a beard.
23/Mar/10 1:49 AM
You think Keith looks weird, Vici? I think he looks kinda cute!
23/Mar/10 1:58 AM
Warm, loving, benevolent, friendly, harmonious, cordial, gracious....
23/Mar/10 2:00 AM
Work on the puzzle, people!

I am taking my warm, loving, benevolent, friendly, cordial, gracious self off to lunch with friends....Bye.

23/Mar/10 2:04 AM
I like your new 'ride' Keith!
23/Mar/10 2:15 AM
A smarter census taker than me Kathy, mind you he had the number of the house and we don't!
23/Mar/10 2:19 AM
Kathy - are you SURE that's all the information needed to solve the puzzle?
Could be that's why I'm not a mathematician!
23/Mar/10 2:20 AM
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