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Easy Sudoku for 23/April/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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23/Apr/16 12:00 AM
23/Apr/16 12:00 AM
23/Apr/16 12:00 AM
Hey Denny.
23/Apr/16 12:00 AM
G'day all.
23/Apr/16 12:01 AM
Hi, Keith! ...and all those who follow today!
23/Apr/16 12:01 AM
Wow - it took me that long to check-in ... Hi, Hal and Denny.....
23/Apr/16 12:02 AM
Good morning people of the world.
23/Apr/16 1:07 AM
In my getting informed it was nice to see some newbies and oldies drop in.
23/Apr/16 1:09 AM
Looks like we are going to have sunshine long enough to cut down the jungle that is supposed our yard, for the next few days, before the return of the rains. We have had daily rains, but nothing like what Houston is experiencing, so I have no complaints.
23/Apr/16 1:12 AM
Well maybe one. Stray Kittie brought me a slithering gift. I know rattle snakes travel in pairs, wonder if others do too?
Walking outside is not a fun experience for me at the moment.
23/Apr/16 1:15 AM
I am off now to either do something productive or get something to eat. Neither really sound very appealing to me, but unfortunately both need to be done and if I do one, we can totally forget about me doing the other. And if I do the other, it is really totally useless to do the other.
Oh my hard life.
23/Apr/16 1:19 AM
Happy Friday day off!
I rainbow photos
Karen, I am happy to have only little lizards that frequent my yard, and not snakes
23/Apr/16 1:31 AM
23/Apr/16 1:57 AM
Aileen, I love Texas and so must take all that comes with living in a great state.

Yes, I am 100% sure many would not agree, but they will not change my opinion.
23/Apr/16 1:58 AM
I get the occasional Western fence lizard, very good at protecting us from Lyme disease. Haven't gotten a snake, although, at the nature preserve, a block down the road, there are garter and gopher snakes but they like it there enough not to get the roaming urge!
23/Apr/16 1:59 AM
On another topic, I have debated about mentioning this, but public intoxication is bad.

Oh and HalT, it is Break Dancing, not Break Wrist or Break Face and I am pretty certain and just wishful thinking, that Break Dancing is a thing of the past.

Just teasing, hope you are not so achy today.
23/Apr/16 2:01 AM
I like California because I'm within 10 minutes from the beaches, 30 minutes from the mountain ranges, and live within an occasional desert. It does rain here but like in Camelot at night but we wake to the wet sidewalk as evident.
23/Apr/16 2:02 AM
I wonder why it is called break dancing? Were you suppose to break something while dancing?
23/Apr/16 2:03 AM
Well KEITH!!! Pay attention! I'll give you until the time I finish medium level.
23/Apr/16 2:03 AM

Id better not mention that I keep reptiles for pets 5 snakes, (all non venomous) two bearded dragons and a turtle.... each to their own !
23/Apr/16 2:06 AM
And Sue, I have prepared the perfect cure all, well for everything.
Salsa. I have no idea what I did to this batch, but it has knocked my sinus woes out. I like hot salsa, but no so hot I will never be able to taste anything ever again. This batch, a little warmer, but I can still eat other More...
23/Apr/16 2:09 AM
Oh, Lizzy I do remember you choice of pets, which I think of shoes, when you mention them.
We had two bearded dragons and I named them Purse and Shoes. They just stuck their tongues out at me.
23/Apr/16 2:12 AM
Shosho, I am around this morning, do you really think I would wait for him!
Ha, no way.
23/Apr/16 2:14 AM
As for Break Dancing, I think it was the challenge, that you did not break something before the end of a song. Other than that, I see no purpose for it.
23/Apr/16 2:15 AM
Good morning.
23/Apr/16 3:03 AM
Was up late last night having dinner and much chatting with our new house guests.
23/Apr/16 3:05 AM
This time, one of my bestest friends and her hubby.
23/Apr/16 3:06 AM
Our friendship goes back 36 years, so there was much reminiscing, and memories of babies and small children - you get the picture.
23/Apr/16 3:08 AM
Hello to all. Sightings around my yard: my two chipmunks, one blue jay, three squirrels, four robins, six blooming narcissus, two red tulips and ... a dandelion.
23/Apr/16 3:11 AM
Lovely rainbow photo today. The clouds are pretty special, as well.
23/Apr/16 3:12 AM
They are in Canberra to go to a friend of theirs 60th birthday party, but are staying with us as we have room at our inn. We're just loving the opportunity to catch up, and will get to see lots of them between the other celebration.
23/Apr/16 3:12 AM
Not quite awake yet, 1:54.
23/Apr/16 5:19 AM
Morning all, did anyone find the pot of gold.
23/Apr/16 5:53 AM
I went to sleep to the sound of torrential rain last night, best nights sleep I've had in a while. Still raining this morning but not so heavy.
23/Apr/16 5:58 AM
Good morning all.
23/Apr/16 7:13 AM
Send some of that rain our way - we are really desperate in Tassie!
23/Apr/16 7:14 AM
We only got 2 mls on Thursday. Had to water the vegies yesterday.
23/Apr/16 7:16 AM
Enjoy your day folks.
23/Apr/16 7:16 AM
New page??
23/Apr/16 7:19 AM
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