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Easy Sudoku for 23/September/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:21 Good evening everyone.
A pretty rabbit.
2:11 gotta carrot?
Cute Bunny!
First again
Awww . . .whose adorable bunny is this? We have 5 pet bunnies - but none with this coloring.
Something furry that is not a cat!!!!
OK, ANNE! What's the trick? How do you end up first every day on every level? Hm-m ... and what are you doing with/for Gath to receive this privilege????? LOL
4:36 today. Fuzzy wuzzy
No cat jokes yet? Bore me!
2:05 - I don't believe we got up in the cricket!
Judy - this time and two nights ago I just happened to be lucky, and after doing the puzzle. On 'hard' I just post a message because I used to try and get a description of my photos first before anyone saw them.
Chris from Canberra - did we win the cricket, at least that's one victory for tonight.
LOZA: Loved your directions to India!

HUGH: Yes, I'm quite sure that each of the Three Amigos heard the word, 'addlepated,' during your childhoods! Just a hunch ... :)
I know that, ANNE ... just having some fun with you! We all appreciated your timely comments on hard that elaborated upon the lovely photos.
Sorry Judy, I didn't mean to sound so serious. Must be late at night and my footy team lost!!
I don't mind seeing a picture of a different kind of pet. We sure are seeing a LOT of pet pictures.
Yes Anne, we did win. We were bowled out for 213 in the 49th, India were bowled out for 195 (I think in the 44th).
Good Maen everyone!

Quilter Mom, If I am at the game and wander into Nebraska territory will you protect me in my cardinal and gold colors?

Fiona, you better double check for that credit card and make sure nothing has happened to it
Looking for some help from y'all. My daughter has a student presentation to give in her microbiology class and, long story short, she is looking for synonyms for 'vomit'. (Barf, hurl, puke etc.) She's hoping for some local slang terms, and would also love some foreign language words. So there's the More...
ARLENE: Lovely topic over my breakfast, but ...
ralph, upchuck, toss my cookies, spew, spray,
blow chunks ...
Ehh, what's up, Doc?
Alene: tossing your cookies, calling Earl, losing your bisquit.
Judy: LOL I never thought about people eating. Sorry :-)
I had six kids - and a serious tendency to 'enjoy' morning sickness, but apparently I still don't know enough synonyms for her. Go figure....
Alene: Blowing chunks, tossing your cookies, praying to the porcelain god, waiting for o'roark to drive up in his buick (requires gutteral emphasis on the two operative words.)
I see Judy got some in ahead of me but, oh well.
It's easy to see here who partied in college ... :)
vomiting = vomissements, from the verb vomir = to vomit.
Not so nice dégobiller or aller au refil, dégueuler, faire renard.
Must add that I had to use a French/English dictionary to find most of these. These are not in my everyday vocab.
G'day All
Alene: add these to you list
Chuck, chunder, cry ruth, puke, after spray, retch, throw up, Huey, feed the fishes and
Techno color yawn!
Got to love the way you have started todays comments.
Good MAEN to everybody!
Alene: Trying to scare toilet.
And from Russian:
nouns - rvota, blevota
Verbs - rvat, vyrvat, blevat
2:02 Maen
good maen everyone!!!!have fun playin!!!!!!!
How about : Pea soup (a reference the movie Exorcist)
Great looking bunny. I see Judy's already zapped the three amigos this morning and we're off to a rousing start remembering college days. I have none to add that haven't already been offered.
3:11 Hi to all. What a topic for the weekend - I lost my hunger pangs all of a sudden.
More for the list: Pebbledashing, counting the carrots, Aeger- gra - grum (latin to be sick).
I'm so not hungry now!!
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