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Easy Sudoku for 23/September/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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My grandson, Griffin, is the man of the hour today. While we were having our annual family gathering at the beach house in Florence, Oregon, we played Vowel Movement several times, either walking on the beach or sitting around the living room in the evening. I wrote down all the ones he came up More...
23/Sep/13 12:00 AM
Good Maen
23/Sep/13 12:00 AM
Vowel Movement Griffin
A quick reminder of the rules: the answers are word pairs, where the two words are identical except for one vowel change. The clues are definitions that should suggest the word pairs.

1. Plain toy
2. Tough rope
3. Branch pile
4. Disgusting plant
5. More...
23/Sep/13 12:00 AM
Good morning.
23/Sep/13 12:01 AM
Good Maen!

Happy NFL day to the US men.
23/Sep/13 12:09 AM
Good morning to all!
23/Sep/13 12:12 AM
‘It’s been quiet’ Answers:
1. trails and rails
2. usage and Sage
3. tides and Ides
4. nailed and ailed
5. clocks and locks
6. osteal and steal
7. eposes and poses
8. aloft and loft
9. Orange and range
10. spools and Pools
11. outmost and utmost
12. sears and More...
23/Sep/13 12:14 AM
Keith, your ears were probably burning with Judy's comments about you and statues!
23/Sep/13 12:15 AM
Not Drinking Answers:
1. theme and Them
2. idea and ide
3. hairy and Hair
4. bully and bull
5. (tape and tap
6. mica and mic
7. hardy and hard
8. worthy and Worth
9 Dolly and doll
10. tryst and trys

Lizzy, in with a good effort, 8 for 10
HalT, sweeps in with More...
23/Sep/13 12:16 AM
Um ... that's not all that was burning.
23/Sep/13 12:19 AM
Kathy, I won't debate Michigan versus Michigan State, but MSU lost yesterday because they couldn't catch the ball AND they were playing against a team with more men of the field, namely the officials. There were a lot of bad penalties assessed in that game.
23/Sep/13 12:19 AM
23/Sep/13 12:27 AM
Good morning people of the world.
23/Sep/13 12:33 AM
National White Chocolate Day
Elephant Appreciation Day
First Day of Autumn
23/Sep/13 12:35 AM
Well, so much for two days when it was possible to do the jigsaw. Love the little turtle. Many years ago I was on Heron Island when the turtles were hatching. We spent a lot of time collecting those that were heading for the building lights instead of the sea and releasing them in the water in the morning.
23/Sep/13 12:37 AM
Keith, it is very obvious why you are a proud Grandpa.
23/Sep/13 12:38 AM
Yippy! A caption.
23/Sep/13 12:52 AM
Survived the party. My crazy boys want another one. Elijah says he wants to do one with a chocolate theme. For some reason a bunch of sugared up kids does not sound like my idea of a good time.
23/Sep/13 12:54 AM
Karen. I didn't realize fall was officially upon us. At least you didn't say we had to appreciate it.
23/Sep/13 12:55 AM
I don't like whit chocolate, so I won't be appreciating that either. I went on a tour of a chocolate factory once and they said it was a man made confection. Didn't like it before then either but knowing it wasn't really chocolate made me feel better.
23/Sep/13 12:56 AM
Never have been able to get excited about white chocolate.
23/Sep/13 12:57 AM
23/Sep/13 12:57 AM
I like elephants but I forget why.
23/Sep/13 12:58 AM
I should mention that every once in a while, Griffin's picture as a toddler with chocolate all over his face pops up on the Parent's Page.
23/Sep/13 12:59 AM
Knowing that a soon to be 12 year old created your puzzle doesn't make me feel better about only having 1.
23/Sep/13 1:00 AM
I wonder if that is one of Jim from Jupiter's pictures.
23/Sep/13 1:07 AM
everybody. Happy Fall to some & Happy Spring to the others. Is there an official First Day of Spring in Australia?

Time for a new avatar for me. If it weren't for the Univ. of Michigan I might never have met my best friend (& husband!) Rob.
23/Sep/13 1:08 AM
A Jim from Jupiter picture, perhaps.
23/Sep/13 1:10 AM
John from MI - would you care to tell us which of the two big universities in Michigan is YOUR favorite?

Keith - your grandson is obviously a very smart boy! Is he the younger of the two? How old is Stefan?
23/Sep/13 1:11 AM
Yes, Griffin is the younger of the two. Stefan is 14, and just entered his Freshman year of high school.
23/Sep/13 1:17 AM
23/Sep/13 1:27 AM
Oh, Serena, have you not heard the news? Chocolate comes from a bean, so it is considered a vegetable. You should be so proud that your youngin wants a vegetable party.

As for a Fall day, yesterday and today, are beautiful days to celebrate.
23/Sep/13 1:30 AM
Aw, what a cutie pie! Hope it made it to adulthood!
23/Sep/13 1:31 AM
Wow, Keith, Great genes and up-bringing always comes through!
23/Sep/13 1:33 AM
Luckily for me, I'm a picky chocoholic! Will limit myself only to good dark, dark chocolate. Otherwise I'd be as wide as I am tall!
23/Sep/13 1:34 AM
National White Chocolate day and Elephant Appreciation day, I come up with White Elephant in my head!
23/Sep/13 1:44 AM
Have I scared everyone off the site???
23/Sep/13 1:45 AM
Hope not but it is rather lonely here . . .
23/Sep/13 1:46 AM
so close . . .
23/Sep/13 1:46 AM
23/Sep/13 1:46 AM
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