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Easy Sudoku for 24/January/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen
24/Jan/10 12:10 AM
hello John
24/Jan/10 12:34 AM
Is everyone sleeping?
24/Jan/10 12:44 AM
Getting up slowly.
24/Jan/10 12:46 AM
Lisa from Panania
Saw your post on the end of yesterday's comments and just thought I'd add my 'have a great time' here.
Same goes for all the newcomers
Don't be strangers, come and say
24/Jan/10 12:56 AM
Evidently, species endemic to Sudokuland are susceptible to hibernation and estivation at the peak of the winter and summer months.
24/Jan/10 1:09 AM

Yeah, Plum - they like to sleep in, too...
24/Jan/10 1:21 AM

Perfect day / time for hunting wabbits. It's vewy, vewy quiet...
24/Jan/10 2:17 AM
Yea! It's here and !
From my window I don't see a cloud! After a week of the wet stuff, my students and I are ready for some sanity!
24/Jan/10 2:26 AM
To: None Today. You have a most unusual name...
24/Jan/10 2:27 AM
Well shosho, you had been asking for some wet stuff.
24/Jan/10 2:28 AM
But the meteorologists are predicting more rain starting Tuesday!
Why can't it rain when I don't have to leave my home? I love it when I can curl up on my sofa with a blanket about me and have a good book in my hands!!!
24/Jan/10 2:28 AM
Jerry, ever spend 6 hours with 24 students who haven't been able to play outside for days??? And due to team teaching, I am privileged to see 2 sets of 24 kids a day! All 48 unhappy not being able to run off their excess energy and antsy
24/Jan/10 2:33 AM
Oh jerry I could really appreciate some of your funnies right about now!
24/Jan/10 2:34 AM
Ouch! Nemmy her imperious majesty is hungry right now. Nipping at my ankles again! Ok, ok, I'm moving! Before I go anyone?
24/Jan/10 2:36 AM

Lisa! Good to see you posting!
24/Jan/10 2:37 AM
shosho, did you every spend months, at sea with, many men, all cooped up? It's about the same thing. Yep, the end result is about the same. We used to "hit the beach" and go "crazy-nuts"...
24/Jan/10 2:38 AM
Ok, shosho, I'll look. Ya might get a warm fuzzy, or a tear jerker though. (ya know what Forest Gump said.)
24/Jan/10 2:40 AM
24/Jan/10 2:41 AM
Don't shoot, Jerry!!!
24/Jan/10 2:43 AM
24/Jan/10 2:44 AM
24/Jan/10 2:44 AM
shosho, If this doesn't have you rolling on the floor, you're beyond help...

24/Jan/10 2:44 AM
Until Jerry comes up with a funny...would anyone like to try the puzzle from yesterday? I have several correct answers so far...

Place the same pair of letters onto both sets of
blanks to complete a common word. Each answer will have a different pair of letters.

1. F __ __ More...
24/Jan/10 2:44 AM
Mornin' Heidi. You snuck in while I was trying to help shosho.
24/Jan/10 2:45 AM
If y'all miss that one.... there are no words.................
24/Jan/10 2:46 AM
Oh, Jerry!
LOVE the woman rolling up the window and locking the door!
24/Jan/10 2:50 AM
A friend sent me the link. I hadn't laughed so hard in years.... Laughed 'til I cried.
24/Jan/10 2:53 AM
She was my favorite, too.
24/Jan/10 2:53 AM
shosho, thx for the coffee. I NEEDED THAT.
(not really THAT bad.)
24/Jan/10 2:55 AM
Guess I need to re-work the smilie. (get rid of the bottle, the rest is pretty accurate.)
24/Jan/10 2:57 AM
That got forwarded on to all of my homies, Jerry ...
24/Jan/10 3:11 AM
My son is a police chief. It's going to him.....
24/Jan/10 3:19 AM
Good Maen all!
Late getting here cuz I was sending that off to my friends, too, Jerry. Hilarious!
Also late cuz I was getting Kathy's puzzle done - thanks Kathy!
Heidi - very cute 22 score!
We have more snow this morning AND steady power!
The best of both worlds!!
24/Jan/10 3:27 AM
Beautiful mountain picture. It reminds me of The Grampians (which I visited on my trip down-under)...magical mountains full of kangaroo, wallabies, emus and beautiful birds. Unfortunately no koala as a bush fire whiped them out several years back. I understand they are in the process of bringing a population back sometime in the near future.
24/Jan/10 3:32 AM
VV, I'm Green with envy...
24/Jan/10 3:33 AM
Slow morning!!
24/Jan/10 3:35 AM
Sitting here trying for #5 on Kathy's puzzle - driving me nuts
24/Jan/10 3:36 AM
My first guess was ARafARt ... er, Arafat ... Jamie ...
24/Jan/10 3:39 AM
Thanks, Judy!!!
24/Jan/10 3:40 AM
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