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Easy Sudoku for 24/November/2018


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Maen, all!
24/Nov/18 12:00 AM
Good Maen, good people.
24/Nov/18 12:00 AM
Easy, fun and, ah, 1->9 today.
24/Nov/18 12:04 AM
2:16. 'Morning all!
24/Nov/18 12:08 AM
24/Nov/18 12:16 AM
24/Nov/18 1:09 AM
24/Nov/18 2:37 AM
24/Nov/18 2:38 AM
all. I'm not fond of shopping, so I won't be out for Black Friday, but hubby has been gone for several hours. I guess it's laundry and cleaning for me today. I'll do almost anything to avoid the stores today!
24/Nov/18 2:46 AM
24/Nov/18 3:06 AM
Hope you all have sunshine in your lives!
24/Nov/18 3:40 AM
I finally succumbed... I went shopping on Black Friday!
(I bought our Christmas Tree. I guess there is a shortage of Fraser Fir trees this year, so I didn't want to take a chance and miss out on getting the height that I wanted.)
24/Nov/18 3:51 AM
I refuse to do the Black Friday nonsense, too, Snowbird. I fell for it once, years ago, to try and find some all-important toy that one of the kids could not live without. It was a horrible experience. There was a long line to get More...
24/Nov/18 3:56 AM
I've never wanted anything badly enough to subject myself to the Black Friday madness. Shopping in general is not something I enjoy, more of an unavoidable chore.
24/Nov/18 4:10 AM
24/Nov/18 4:28 AM
I guess the Christmas tree place really doesn't count for 'shopping on Black Friday' since we were one of two customers shopping there!
24/Nov/18 4:57 AM
I don't Black Friday but after I dropped Skye off at work late this morning I went into the local box store to look at their flyer and see if anything worth buying was still available a few minutes before noon. I found something advertised that I would have purchased if it had been in stock, but More...
24/Nov/18 6:00 AM
No, Christmas tree lots don't count, Shiela. The earlier you get the tree in water, the better!
We used to get the tree early, bring it home, cut off a couple of inches from the trunk and stick it in a bucket of water for a week or so. I replaced the water as it sucked it up. When it was time More...
24/Nov/18 6:11 AM
Morning all,pretty girl in today's picture.
This year was the first time I've seen Black Friday sales over here, we have our main big sale on Boxing Day.
24/Nov/18 6:12 AM
Keith's attitude regarding Black Friday has always been mine - I've never did any kind of shopping on this day of madness!
24/Nov/18 6:22 AM
We spent the entire day yesterday in the kitchen with family creating dish after dish of Thanksgiving fare - hardly had any energy left to lift our forks, but we were very hungry, the flood was delish, we had scads more than we needed, - but the best part was the comradery, being together while we 'created'!

Hope everyone had as grand a day as we of Thanksgiving and family-gathers!
24/Nov/18 6:28 AM
What is the it that the pretty girl in the photo is talking about?
24/Nov/18 6:40 AM
Hahaha - wanted to correct my grammar, but waited for those '22' folks to pounce if around... now it's just ridiculously funny … my double negative; suppose a correction is not necessary any longer!
24/Nov/18 6:54 AM
Hi Folks, For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving too fully and who are feeling jaded this morning, might I suggest relaxing with a 3&4 poozle. It is well known for causing people to tear their hair out, and in some cases generating headaches, but they will only distract you from your other More...
24/Nov/18 9:22 AM
That's the regular Saturday poozle above, but it isn't as easy to recognise as usual - the introduction was too long.
24/Nov/18 9:25 AM
1:41 Good morning one and all!
24/Nov/18 1:13 PM
1:08, a nice easy 1->9. Good afternoon everyone, finally getting to sit down after a hectic morning with two runs (neither big, totalling 12 kms) then the band had a gig at 11:30.
24/Nov/18 1:14 PM
Wombat, I always look back over yesterday's comments! But I generally don't reply there after the date change.
24/Nov/18 3:38 PM
Thanks Saltie it is good to know that you look back. It sometimes seems like a waste of time to post after about 4pm, but the fact that at least one person looks back makes me feel better.
24/Nov/18 5:17 PM
Peter, You, Plum and Wombat gave me a chuckle.

Yeah, Wombat, I go back to see what I missed and on occasion, find a gem...
24/Nov/18 5:45 PM
Yeah, Wombat, I usually look back. Then again that's when I post most of the time.

The Phantom used to complain about that.
24/Nov/18 6:22 PM
The Wallabie play the Poms tonight. Not very confident - just have to stay out of Mo's way if we lose.
24/Nov/18 6:24 PM
Might as well have a pint of Tennents Lager - frae bonnie Scotland, ye ken!
24/Nov/18 6:25 PM
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