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Easy Sudoku for 24/March/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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G'day mates. Here's today's daffynition:
download — A crucial step in making a pillow.

...and here's today's factoid:
Within 2 years of use, one-third of a pillow’s weight comprises dead skin cells, bugs, dead dust mites and their droppings
I know this one may bring comments, so More...
24/Mar/13 12:00 AM
24/Mar/13 12:01 AM
Well the answers are in and for better or worse the papers have been marked.

1. Aside -> Side
2. Bling -> Ling
3. Cheat -> Heat
4. Dinner -> Inner
5. Erode -> Rode
6. Fable -> Able
7. Gringo -> Ringo
8. Holden -> Olden

Sarah My DC Gal More...
24/Mar/13 12:01 AM
And if my favorite pillow is 10 years old????
24/Mar/13 12:02 AM
24/Mar/13 12:03 AM
Kayo, that is probably why I have a padded pillow protector that is washed regularly!
24/Mar/13 12:03 AM
Hello, Kayo, HalT & Mr. Cee!
Still chilly, but better than the 14 inches of snow my mother has right now!
24/Mar/13 12:04 AM
Good Maen all...and Kayo - EEEWWWWW!
24/Mar/13 12:04 AM
Lucked onto my little buddies number! Shout out to Shosho
24/Mar/13 12:05 AM
...And hello to Vici, 5 kittens & June, too!
24/Mar/13 12:05 AM

Ok answers to my ''IP'' inbox please.

Yep they are Beheaders

Some are easy some aren't.

Nah just kidding. (They are all stinkers ;-)

1. Preacher -> Mayan language spoken in Guatemala

2. An More...
24/Mar/13 12:05 AM
24/Mar/13 12:07 AM
A very good comment for the photo, Vici!
24/Mar/13 12:12 AM
Good morning people of the world.
24/Mar/13 12:47 AM
I will use this smile since it is overcast again today,
24/Mar/13 12:53 AM

Well, I didn't have time to do extensive research on the poozle yesterday. Hence my score. I had ''windle'' for the ''cable, chain, rope attached to the anchor...'' and ''dwindle'' for ''wear away''.
This seemed reasonable More...
24/Mar/13 12:53 AM
The landscape guy should be here soon, have to get a plan on what we want to do with our little scraps of yard that is not grass.
24/Mar/13 12:54 AM
National Puppy Day
Toast Day
24/Mar/13 12:56 AM
The last day my sister will be in town, so we will be going to nieces for the rest of the day.
24/Mar/13 12:57 AM
I have no puppy and really don't like toast. Give me something better to celebrate Karen.
24/Mar/13 12:58 AM
How about give a toast, Sue?
Is that better?
24/Mar/13 1:04 AM
Off to an Easter celebration.
Should be interesting.
24/Mar/13 1:07 AM
Kathy (MD), don't feel too bad about yesterday's poozle. I spent about an hour on Mr. Google. Two answers came to me as I was typing my response to Mr. C. And I also ended up changing one of my answers. So My score could have been 5/8 instead of 8/8.
24/Mar/13 1:27 AM
A special tribute to CG's birthday on my page.

Happy birthday CG. I hope you are enjoying all your birthday freebies.


24/Mar/13 2:20 AM
I've suspected my pillow was why I sometimes wake up all plugged up (stuffy nose), but ... Sheesh!
24/Mar/13 2:28 AM

fellow puzzlers. I was expecting something gross from Kayo this morning as per her warning but I dont think anything would prepare you for that factoid!!! Might explain why the last lot of pillows i brought have a 'to be replaced by...' tag on them!!!
24/Mar/13 2:51 AM
Happy Saturday day off!
LA Sudokufest today:
Shosho, Kathy, Rob and I will meet up in Hollywood this afternoon. My job is to come up with a good place to have dinner (lots of choices)
24/Mar/13 3:42 AM
Good afternoon to all! That's a happy looking young chap in today's photo. Who is he?
24/Mar/13 3:53 AM
Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes my way either on the site or through e-cards. I appreciate them all and you folks are very thoughtful! Now I'll go check out Beehive's 'tribute' to me.
24/Mar/13 3:55 AM
Beehive, thanks for that, but quite honestly, I don't want the job. Just the birthday song is more then enough. Celebrate with me.
24/Mar/13 4:00 AM
No worries ol' mate
24/Mar/13 4:02 AM
Happy Birthday, Canuk Greg!
24/Mar/13 4:48 AM
CG - Check out Wikipedia about the ZENN car:


It had a range of 40 miles and was limited to 25 mph... BTW production stopped in 2010!
24/Mar/13 4:48 AM
24/Mar/13 5:06 AM
(wonder if she heard me???)
24/Mar/13 5:07 AM
Well, in a couple of hours, Katitude and her Robert will be meeting up with Aileen and me! And Keith, I thought of you when I got the tickets for the Hollywood Wax Museum! We're going to be taking a lot of pics posing with stars!
24/Mar/13 5:09 AM
Shosho -- sounds like Party time!
24/Mar/13 5:36 AM
Try to stay out of trouble this time...
24/Mar/13 5:36 AM
Or we might have to send Keith in for the rescue!
24/Mar/13 5:37 AM
24/Mar/13 5:37 AM
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