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Easy Sudoku for 24/June/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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24/Jun/15 12:00 AM
24/Jun/15 12:00 AM
You're up early today, Keith.
24/Jun/15 12:02 AM
This was ''get up'' time while I was working. Sun's already up.
24/Jun/15 12:12 AM
Good morning people of the world.
24/Jun/15 12:23 AM
Today is a glorious day. It is the official day Morgan turns 6.
I know you all are just sitting on the edge of your seats to hear the story again, but I will just tell this morning's story.
24/Jun/15 12:26 AM
Same event as a few days ago but I don't remember if it's the same picture.
24/Jun/15 12:30 AM
Mommy Tale
Took M her morning beverage and kisses and told her, 'Happy birthday, my 6 year old and 2 hours.'
Her response, 'Silly mom, I am only 6 years old and now I am grown.'
24/Jun/15 12:31 AM
Only if that girl really new how fast this time is going, she would not be rushing this grown thing.
24/Jun/15 12:32 AM

259736 41

All alone in the today we have Doug W. He requested a million dollars. This is the closest I have.
24/Jun/15 12:33 AM
In honor of our traveling friend.
24/Jun/15 12:33 AM
Elijah had it in his head that he'd be all grown up at 6 too. Not sure what it is about that number.
24/Jun/15 12:34 AM
Well, I had more to say but my birthday girl has other plans for me. For some silly reason this child wants breakfast. A prepared breakfast.

(Serena, share all the mommy tales you like, I love them. Along with grannie tales and grampie tales).
24/Jun/15 12:37 AM
We have a funny ''turning six'' story, too. Last September, my youngest grandson, tired of using the bottle of no-sting baby soap, jumped in the shower and announced to his father, ''Dad, give me some MAN soap and call me a first-grader!''
24/Jun/15 12:51 AM
Morning all
Have a good day
24/Jun/15 1:29 AM

A little late today....had to run errands this morning.
24/Jun/15 2:03 AM
Without further ado.....poozle time!

Nine countries, each nine letters in length, are given below, but they have been split into chunks and mixed. Each chunk is used once. See if you can determine what the countries are. The hint will give one of them away.

ZIL ARG More...
24/Jun/15 2:07 AM
Came back to see ...
24/Jun/15 3:32 AM
Seems like a good time
24/Jun/15 3:33 AM
to make a run for it.
24/Jun/15 3:33 AM
24/Jun/15 3:33 AM
24/Jun/15 3:33 AM
, y'all! Day #2 of VBS behind us. I've got the theme song running through my head.
24/Jun/15 4:35 AM
'Give me some MAN soap and call me a 1st-grader' - OMG, Judy, too funny!
24/Jun/15 4:36 AM
When my son went to school full time, he informed me he was too old to pick up toys and ''the little one'' should do it. He was referring to his sister.
24/Jun/15 4:52 AM
1 minute before
24/Jun/15 5:00 AM
Found the purchased Father's day cards. Never thought they would be at the bottom of the birthday decorations box, though they were purchased on the same day.
24/Jun/15 5:10 AM
Man has started another project, that thought was still in the discussion phase and preparation has been done. He is painting the living room ceiling, or just trimming. I never know what he is actually doing. At the moment, I just cannot believe he is painting over furniture. You know, the furniture, which is still considered new.
24/Jun/15 5:13 AM
Oh, he must of heard what I was typing, because a drop cloth is now being laid. He did move the girls out of the way. You know the ones who thought Daddy was putting up a room size tent for them to play under.
24/Jun/15 5:17 AM
Watch the cats, Karen. We one time had kitty paw prints decorating our carpet when the cat decided to investigate the paint roller pan. It just got worse when we tried to catch him. He thought it was quite a fun game.
24/Jun/15 6:16 AM
My Mommy tale goes back to when my elder daughter turned six. When her friends turned up for her party she went and hid under her bed because 'she liked being five and did not want to be six'. Belinda will be 49 tomorrow.
24/Jun/15 6:33 AM
1:19. Good morning everyone.
24/Jun/15 7:04 AM
Morning all, cute outfits.
Wishing M a happy 6th birthday.
Love the 6th birthday memories.
24/Jun/15 7:13 AM
Good morning.
24/Jun/15 7:14 AM
Yesterday we only got to 35 posts.
24/Jun/15 7:15 AM
Anne asked was it possible we could finish the day only on Page 1.
24/Jun/15 7:15 AM
I, unfortunately, made that seem like a challenge and hope I didn't discourage people from posting. As June asked - do Gath's sponsors work on the number of posts?
24/Jun/15 7:18 AM
I apologise if I confused the situation. Personally I like as many posts as possible, it means there is a lot of chatter and, usually, happy repartee.
24/Jun/15 7:20 AM
I've worked my way down to here without even trying.
24/Jun/15 7:21 AM
24/Jun/15 7:21 AM
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