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Easy Sudoku for 24/August/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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24/Aug/19 12:00 AM
HalT & all who follow!!
24/Aug/19 12:00 AM
1:59. Good Morning HalT, Denny and to everyone to come.
24/Aug/19 12:21 AM
guys & everyone!
A beautiful sunny, summer day!
Hope your day is as nice!
24/Aug/19 12:43 AM
I wonder how old pretty little Mikayla is now?
24/Aug/19 12:55 AM
24/Aug/19 1:24 AM
so close . . .
24/Aug/19 1:24 AM
24/Aug/19 1:24 AM
It's raining here and the temps have dropped! Finally!
24/Aug/19 1:46 AM
What a Cutie Pie!
24/Aug/19 2:18 AM
Hi, Mikayla!
24/Aug/19 3:26 AM
Ahhh - the intense heat has gone - sunny, yet a cool breeze - find your sun somewhere today!
24/Aug/19 3:27 AM
24/Aug/19 4:39 AM
Mikayla is very cute with that red rose in her hair!
24/Aug/19 5:05 AM
Hi cute Mikayla, beautiful photo
24/Aug/19 5:12 AM
Back home again. Nothing left but fond memories.
24/Aug/19 5:28 AM
...and a chance to claim your #22 from all those galumph imposters!
24/Aug/19 5:54 AM
Morning all,Mikayla sure is cute.
24/Aug/19 6:14 AM

There should be an appropriate greeting in there wherever you are in the world.
And wherever you are in the world you can attempt this PUZZLE and post me the results.


This week's Saturday More...
24/Aug/19 9:27 AM
Where's Keith? Cleaning the sand out of his toes, maybe.
24/Aug/19 9:33 AM
Ambling along.....
24/Aug/19 9:33 AM
24/Aug/19 9:34 AM
2:02 Good morning one and all.
24/Aug/19 10:31 AM
1:56. Good morning everyone.
24/Aug/19 10:43 AM
PUZZLERS. Both the people who have submitted so far have pointed out that there is no need for an A-N, but that there should be two A-As.
I thought I might have got one !00%, but alas no.
24/Aug/19 12:51 PM
Oh, apologies from Wombat's editor. I should check the published version as well as the original version.
24/Aug/19 2:28 PM
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