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Easy Sudoku for 25/February/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:03 Good night one and all.
25/Feb/20 12:10 AM
1:55. Good night, Anne. And Good Morning to those of us on this side of the Line.
25/Feb/20 1:13 AM
Just to continue last night's conversation for an instant, in British Columbia and other Canadian provinces, we've had the 'Enhanced Driver's Licences', since 2008. They too were introduced in response to 911 and as part of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative signed with Mexico and the US, etc.
25/Feb/20 1:23 AM
tom & all to follow!! Night, night Anne!
25/Feb/20 1:50 AM
25/Feb/20 2:44 AM
Good day all - interesting conversations & commentary to end yesterday's chatter!
25/Feb/20 3:45 AM
'Almost' a straight 1-9
25/Feb/20 3:50 AM
25/Feb/20 3:52 AM
Thank you Joyce for pushing me to my fav number!!
25/Feb/20 3:53 AM
Morning all, the one time we have been to Margaret River it poured rain.
25/Feb/20 5:40 AM
Regarding yesterday's chatter,I've noticed that we have to show our license for proof of id more often these days.
25/Feb/20 6:00 AM
25/Feb/20 6:20 AM
Wendy ,for the lovely photo of Margaret River. Love the reflections .
25/Feb/20 6:27 AM
I've been awake for over an hour and can't get back to sleep. Something must have told me that number 13 was waiting for me.
25/Feb/20 6:27 AM
How's that for bad timing.
25/Feb/20 6:28 AM
1:17, not quite a straight 1->9 but still reasonably fast. Good morning everyone.
25/Feb/20 6:48 AM
Morning. So close, Anne.
25/Feb/20 7:28 AM
Congratulations to Judy, Joyce, Peter, Sarah, Kathy, Wombat (assisted by Mrs Wombat) and Amelia who all completed the puzzle. I thought it was going to be a fun quick puzzle but how wrong can you be? Turns out it was a SGMAD puzzle. Back to the usual next week
25/Feb/20 10:14 AM
Mr Cee re your comment yesterday.
What 'proper' ID to board domestic flights?
We have to show our DLs now. In WA supposedly DLs incapable of being copied are already issued and have been for some time. For old farts without DLs then photo ID is already required and that of course leaves More...
25/Feb/20 10:36 AM
♫Standing on the bridge at midnight, ♫♪
♫Throwing snowballs at the moon, ♪♫
♪And she said …….. ♫♪
25/Feb/20 11:16 AM
Where's that Keith fellow?
25/Feb/20 11:17 AM
25/Feb/20 11:48 AM

Monday 24th February.
Arachnid – Gets plenty of responses to his questions. That should keep him quiet while he digests all that info. His brain will hurt, no doubt.
DevilOrAngel – Buying again…at the bar that is.
Arachnid – Throws the toys out of More...
25/Feb/20 11:57 AM
Here ... here. Am I too late? Oh bother.
25/Feb/20 12:43 PM
NAPLAN tests identify whether all students have the literacy and numeracy skills that provide the critical foundation for their learning, and for their productive and rewarding participation in the community.
25/Feb/20 2:30 PM
Oh, for heavens sake, Arachnid - I didn't memorize your grading system acronyms, so back to review just when they were listed (Feb 16!) - so now I know:
Strewth, give me a drink (SGMAD) - Hmmmm - soo, I'll join in with a Bloody Mary when it's 33-time!
25/Feb/20 3:13 PM
Thanks, Sarah - I had no idea what Australia's NAPLAN tests were; guess they are similar to student assessment tests in the US for mathematics, reading, science and writing competency.
25/Feb/20 3:40 PM
The biggest NAPLAN fall out is that the teachers think it is a test of their competency. As if!!! Being a long time in the commercial world we were continuously assessed for our efficiency and for the life of me can not see anything wrong with that. The lower socio economic category schools tend More...
25/Feb/20 4:58 PM
And Joyce, how disappointing you did not give the grading references your highest priority for recall
25/Feb/20 4:59 PM
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